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  1. Lian Li PC-75 full tower with 120mm blowhole ready for water cooling. Includes rhebous controller. $170 Corsair valueselect DDR 400 dual channel 1Gb. Comes with blue anoidzed vantec heatspreaders. overclocks fine. $70 Polarflo TT waterblocks (1/2" ID fittings) CPU (blue anodized)- comes with universal and lga775 mounting plate. Also comes with extra o-rings and parts. (these are nicer than the current polarflo blocks which use lucite tops). $45 Chrome universal chipset water block- $45 Black universal VGA water block- $40 dual floppy bay clear reservior- $15 Black nec dvd burner- $35 Mousepad- $20
  2. I have a range of polarflo tt waterblocks http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...8859#post488859
  3. Sorry I was out of town the other day and couldn't check this. Responding to PMs.
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