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  1. ok i have the same mobo as the op.... and recently bought another 2gb of g.skill pc4000 for a total of 4gb. My problem is when i put them in my pc wont boot up, i changed the settings in the bios to 2T, now it boots up but freezes on startup.. Can someone pls help me.. what other settings can i change in bios to get windows to boot. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everyone, I’ve got a DFI LanParty UT eXpert NF4 SLI-DR motherboard, and was interested in upgrading from 2GB of ram to 4GB. I’ve currently using my G.Skill F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ in each of the orange slots. If I was to buy another pair, would they work if I had them in the yellow slots? Only reason I’m asking is because when I fist got this motherboard and ram, I put the ram in the yellow slots and it didn’t work, I had to put them in the orange slots. So will running 4x 1GB sticks in each slot work? Thanks for your help guys.
  3. Hey mate, unfortunately I still received errors with Prime95 using those settings you gave me. On another forum someone said that I might have been unlucky and 1 of my ramsticks might not be able to go above 250Mhz. So I have just decided to go the opposite direction and see how tight i can get the ram, something like 2.5-3-3-8 then put it on a divider. But thanks for your help anyway, was greatly appriciated.
  4. Thanks so much xtw1ster. Your a champ!!!:cool: may I ask though, why is a divider being used with only a 8x multiplier, why not use the 9x and just go 1:1? But anyway thanks so much for this mate, I’m gona go try it out now, fingers crossed. Thanks again.
  5. Thankyou so much mate, that would be greatly appreciated. It’s just so weird and very frustrating that I’m prime95 & Memtest86+ Stable at 250Mhz, but as soon as I increase by 1Mhz to 251Mhz, I get errors. But anyway thanks again. I better go change my Voltage, I’ve got set at 1.84 atm.
  6. xtw1ster would it be possible if you could please write down your RAM settings so I can copy them into my BIOS. I know I might not be able to get 279Mhz 1:1 like you have, but all I’m aiming for is 278Mhz 1:1 Or do you have any links that give the exact settings that I need to input into my bios? I would really appreciate this man; I’ve been pulling my hair out over this, finding it really frustrating. Thanks.
  7. Ok I’ve been trying for 2 days now trying to get this overclock with no luck. The RAM is what is definitely stuffing me up; I can get the CPU to 2.5Ghz by itself with no errors on stock volts, which means id love to be able to get the RAM to be stable at 278MHZ. I have been using a low CPU multiplier to find the RAM limit. But I can’t get the ram past 250Mhz without getting errors in Prime95. Which means it must be the settings that I’m using that are causing these problems. It has to be. These are the settings I’m using- BUS SPEED- 260MHZ V-Dimm- 2.8V CAS Latency- 3.0 RAS to CAS Delay- 4 RAS Precharge- 4 CycleTime- 8 bank cycle Time (TRC)- 15 Command rate- 1T Everything else ive left on auto. Please guys I’m desperate for help.
  8. Thanks for your help xtw1ster!!! Much appriciated. Rather then using that A64 twaeker cant i just input all that data into my DFI Ultra bios so it will always be permently set like that?
  9. Hi guys, After building my new PC about 4 months ago, today I decided to finally overclock it as that was the was my original intention for the system. The overclocking seemed to be going very well except that I’m getting an error within the first minute of Prime95. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can fix this error??? Maybe I need to change some ram settings? Here is my system specs- AMD Opteron 165 Socket 939 Dual Core G.Skill F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ 2GB DFI LanParty UT eXpert NF4 SLI-DR 1. LDT/FSB - I set this to Auto 2. I locked the PCI-e to 100 3. CPU/FSB - I set this to 9.0 as my processors multiplier is set to 9 4. I set the RAM divider for 1/1, timings for my RAM which are 4-4-4-8. I’m currently on 267MHz FSB Also it’s worth mentioning that I could'nt surpass 250Mhz until I changed my ram timings to 4-4-4-8 from its original 3-4-4-8. Im prety sure it’s my Ram settings that are the problem because Prime95 dosnt fail when stressing the CPU, only fails when doing the Blend test that stresses the RAM aswell. Anyway all help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Thankyou RGone for that information. Much appriciated and very helpful. Why is it that when i have a single ramstick in the first Orange Slot and run memtest, i get no errors, but when i add a the second ramstick to the second Orange Slot for dual channle mode, i get thousands of errors? EDIT- while posting this i checked the second ramstick byitself and to my suprise it only 1 min i had already 127 errors. So i now know that one of my ramsticks is faulty (not both of them) Looks like i will have to return it.
  11. Yeah i havnt changed any of the Ram settings in the Bios. these are the settings- -FSB Bus Frequency- 200Mhz -LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio- Auto -CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio- Auto -DRAM Voltage- 2.66v -All settings under DRAM configiration are set to Auto. Im not sure if it a faulty ramstick because I tested 1 of the sticks by itself in the first Orange slot (DIMM2) and ran memtest- Not a single error after an hour of testing. The ram just dosnt work in the second Orange slot (DIMM4) So maybe the motherboard is faulty???
  12. Hi guys, I built a new computer system 3 months ago, and ever since have been experiencing random crashes. I also get blue screens that last for less then a second then the system restarts. Also during some games or while burning a DVD, I get errors and it says the application has to close. Also some large files that I download from the net, particularly zip files are corrupt and don’t unpack properly. These problems have been driving me crazy and at first I thought it could have been a corrupt OS instillation so I installed a fresh copy. That didn’t work. Then I tied installing the OS onto a new HD and that didn’t work. Finally someone suggested I run memtest 86+ and to my surprise at the end of all the testing I had over 7000 errors. Does this mean I have faulty RAM? Or could it mean that the motherboard ram controller is faulty? Or maybe my Bios settings are wrong? My motherboard is- LanParty UT eXpert NF4 My ram is- G.Skill F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ 2GB (2x1024MB) PC4000 I’ve also done a few tests- I took out all the ram sticks and inserted just 1 stick into the first Orange slot (DIMM2) and ran memtest- Not a single error after an hour of testing. I then took that ramstick and inserted it into the second Orange slot (DIMM4) and when I turned the PC back on, it started to make a loud Beeping sound every 2 seconds and it wouldn’t boot up. While testing a single ramstick in the yellow slots, the first Yellow slot (DIMM1) ran memtest for 5 mins then froze. The second Yellow slot (DIMM3) had the same problem as the second Orange slot (DIMM4) and when I turned the PC back on, it started to make a loud Beeping sound every 2 seconds and it wouldn’t boot up. So basically while using only 1 ramstick, the first Orange slot (DIMM2) is the only slot that works in memtest without a single error. I’m really desperate for help, I would love to solve my ram instability problems. I’m not sure if there are any settings I can change in the bios that would help. All help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Whats a good safe voltage that wont shorten the lifespan too much.
  14. Dosnt anything over stock voltage (1.35v) shorten the lifespan of the optey 165?
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