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  1. Well - the pc didn't last the night However it was a reset (with no error message) rather than a shut down. I've since had the pc running all day long and then had a 3hr gaming session with no shut down. So even after that stupid reset over night, i'm very hopeful the psu replacement did the trick. Hopefully this is the end to an incredibly annoying and time consuming problem. The Tagan is to be RMA'd. Thanks for all the help everyone, it's been greatly appreciated. Cheers ej
  2. Have you tried adding extra fans targeted onto the graphics card to see if it's a heat issue? I know it's obvious sorry, just reaching at straws for you.
  3. Lol thanks man Crazy - that's the same thing that was happening to me on clocked settings after it had been on for ages. Maybe try leaving it off for an hour and then trying again.
  4. I just updated my thread - but to hit the high points: After installing a new hiper 580w type-r power supply this afternoon it's been running 3d games for about 9 hours and it hasn't shut down yet. I'm hopeful but having managed to get it to run for 4 hours on the Tagan without shutting down i'm going to leave it looping on 3dmark06 overnight. If it survives till the morning then i would say problem cured. Crazy nate did you actually manage to get your friend's psu into your pc or have you not tried a different psu yet?
  5. So my hiper 580w type-r finally arrived today. Installed it at lunchtime - restored my clocked settings which were basically the bleeding edge OCZ suggestions. I have had world of warcraft running in the background since 1pm - then switched to some Age of Empires 3 at 6pm and then have been looping 3dmark06 since 8pm. It's now 9pm and there is no sign of a shut down. It's too early to properly tell whether it's cured it but the signs certainly appear to be hopeful. I'll update tomorrow and let you know if it has successfully survived the night of 3dmark06 looping - which the tagan never managed. Fingers crossed that it was the power supply then.
  6. Cool, let us know how it goes. I'm very interested to hear if the psu solves it. At least by leaving mine off for a couple of hours before each major use - i've had two uninterrupted four hour Age of Empire 3 / Battlefield 2 gaming sessions. How weird is that? I wonder why it craps out only if the pc has been on for more than four hours? There can't be anything that takes that long to heat up
  7. I've noticed that mine seems to be able to survive for up to 4 hours if i use it from cold - i.e. after having left it off for 2 hours. I'm still hoping that it's a psu issue and not a temp one. I mean what can heat up over 4 hours and then crash .. and then cools down in 2 hours? Like you crazy my voltages and temps all appear to be in normal operating tolerances. Really weird. Have you replaced the psu or tried with a different one?
  8. hey mate, thanks for the reply :-) i just replaced my old memory with brand spanking new ocz gold 2x1gb and it still does it. ocz is memtesting for hours no problems. the only things i havent replaced in the system are psu and cpu. I bit the bullet and ordered a hiper 580w type-r - but unfortunately no delivery on easter weekend Discouragingly someone with a similiar problem on another thread just had to rma his cpu.. if i did that it would mean i've built an entirely new system from the one that i had originally purchased. I'll update the thread when it arrives and let y'all know if it fixes it or not.
  9. That's seriously bad news mate. I have the same shutdown problem as you - I've literally replaced every single element of the system bar the psu and cpu. I broke down this afternoon and ordered a hiper 580w type-r. (OCZ Powerstream was my first choice but I couldnt find a decent uk supplier that I knew and trusted). Tagan have been VERY disappointing in their RMA process. I emailed on multiple occasions, starting from a week ago today and the best result i have had from them was from their sales department who said they have forwarded my rma request to their uk reseller - but still no RMA number or response!? No phone numbers or contact details at all - very frustrating. Anyway I hope that the psu cures all my ills but unfortunately I secretly harbour the feeling that it will still shutdown - just as yours had. That's seriously bad news, I'm sorry to hear it both for your sakes and mine. Keep us informed. Thanks and all the best of luck in a fast rma and working cpu.
  10. After bios tweaking last night the situation just got worse and worse with blue screens appearing into the mix - even though i was reducing the settings back to stock rather than overclocking. I put back the bios settings that had been the most stable - but these now produced bsod. I returned it to optimised defaults and underclocked the cpu - but it was shutdown city IN windows - not even 3d.. and one shutdown in the bios even!? So now i have setup an alternate pc to use while I wait for a new PSU - however after leaving the broken pc off for 20mins - then turning it back on, it's now running OCCT for over an hour with no crashes, whereas two hours ago i couldnt use windows for more than 5mins on idle!? What an annoying problem
  11. I have this same shutdown problem and it's driving me crazy. See this thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=47598 I have replaced the mobo, gfx card and memory.. removed all peripherals and reinstalled into a clean build. All of which produced various fluctuations in the frequency of and duration before shutdown - but none cured the issue. The latest theory as stated in that thread is that it's a bad PSU problem. I notice you have an Antec - if i remember correctly people have discovered problems with them and certain boards - might be worth a search on the forums to see if you can validate that theory. Another option is to stick some extra fans in and see if that helps, if it does then it's a heat issue. Good luck.
  12. I installed x64 to try and solve a pc problem i'm struggling with.. anyway so far it's all been ok except: no nvidia wdm drivers for vivo - which means no webcam. azureus turns off my second monitor whenever it's launched.. weird lol saitek x45 joystick 64bit drivers don't allow calibration - which renders them unuseable with custom software and custom button settings. other than those niggles it's sweet as a nut. the only thing of course is that I don't really see any gain or benefit from using winxp x64.. so am sort of considering returning to 32bit if i can get my problem sorted and dont mind another reformat. so in conclusion, it's fun to be on x64, apart from some specialised niggles you might discover for your particular config but ultimately is there really that much to gain from it?
  13. Thanks Mobo mate for a definitive answer. I've literally replaced every component in this system looking for that elusive trouble-maker - with PSU and CPU the only unreplaced elements left. I mean i understand that bios-tweaking affects stability, but if it's even crashing when everything is stock AND the cpu is underclocked then it's just doing my nut and i'm tearing out what little hair i have left. No reply from Tagan RMA still.. i only have 20pin 450w with no pci-ex connectors so it's either order a new one or wait for rma. Thanks again - I will make serious strides in the psu replacement department. Cheers ej
  14. The problem had originally started on winxp sp2 - i upgraded to winxp x64 with clean drivers and minimal install in the hope it might cure it. 3dMark01, 3dMark05 and 3dMark06 all cause shutdowns. Prime95 hasn't caused any shutdowns.
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