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  1. Hi There is something wrong. My 4200+(2.2ghz) oc to 2.6ghz. Temp reaches 70+ when playing game. However the heat pipe on my cooler(see sig) feels cold when I touch it. So is the base of the cooler. This has never happen before. I always have the same rig and the temp never went above 55 before. I've tried both CoreTemp and Mobo Monitor 5 both report 70+ Help!! I've replace the Artic silver on the cpu twice now. It's still the same.
  2. Hi I've been using 2x512 Dual channel OCZ RAM for a while now in my overclocked system. I want to upgrade the Ram to 2 gig. Does that mean I have to Re-Overclock it all over again?
  3. The Mobo won't power up anymore. I've plug another 24pin PSU and it power up fine. Then I've tested the Hiper's 20 pin in a 20 pin system and that boots fine too. So I came into the conclusion that the 20 pin works. But the 4 pin doesn't. Also when I plug the Hiper 580 into the DFI board. Only 1 orange light near the lower left hand corner came on on the board. But when I put in the other fully working 24 pin PSU. That light and another near the Ram slots came on. So that's how I came to my conclusion. Did I missed something?
  4. Thanks for all your help. I've now decided to invest in another PSU instead.
  5. Hi, yesterday my Hiper 580 PSU's +4pin on the 20+4pin power supply stopped working. I've just purchased a 20 to 24pin adapter for it so I can still use the remaining 20 pin to provide power to the system. However my system is Overclocked from a X2 4200+'s 2.2ghz to 2.6ghz. There is also a nvidia 7800 GS GFX card although that's got it's own power supply plug into it. Apart from these, the things I can think of that draws power from the board is a Sound Blaster Audigy and 2x512 Oz DDR ram. Question is, will the 20 - 24 pin do the job since I do have an OK-ish PSU?
  6. Hi all, I have a problem that has plagued me for the past 13 months. I own a DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR http://www.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_s...TYPE=LP&SITE=US Also a Akasa AK 920-2 Evo-120 CPU fan http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/126791 However, the heat pipe of the Fan get in the way of 4th RAM slot(Closest to CPU). Please does anyone known of another Good Fan that doesn't block the 4th RAM slot?
  7. http://www.thermaltake.com/product/cooler/...14/cl-p0114.asp this is the asaka i've got.. Mack27: How often do i have to change the AS5?
  8. Hi, is this the BT you guys talking about? http://www.thermaltake.com/product/cooler/...14/cl-p0114.asp The asaka AK 120 is similar in design...however these cooler only works with case laying flat down because heat travels upward in the cooler right?
  9. Hi, I live in the UK and this summer is getting a bit hot(for uk that is). it's mid night now and the room temp is about 27c. My AMD 4200+ was over clocked from 2.2ghz to 2.4ghz. I've got a p-180 case and a asaka AK 120 fan. when i am encoding some videos and playing Titan Quest at the same time, the cpu temp went up to 56c! Do you guys have to lower your temp when it's at summer time? is 56c a safe temp? my idle temp never went below 36 before.....
  10. thanks for eveyone that helped me on this problem. i've now manage to get the cpu running a 100%. and it sucessfully passed 8hr of torture test.
  11. Hi, here is the spec of my computer AMD 4200+ FDI Lanparty Ultra-D (24/11/05 bios) 2x512 OCZ dual channel performance PC3200 RAM Gainward Goes like hell 7800 GT 300 sata maxtor drive audigy sound card hiper 580w type-r psu When I oc to 2600mhz dual prime won't hit 100% cpu usage. Anyone know why? it's always on about 53% when I check with ctrl+alt+del. I am at the first part of my OC process. I follow the OC guide here and is on the part to test the max CPU speed. superpi and occt and all 3dmark passed. prime runs too, but i don't know why it isn't using all the cpu resource. I am running dual prime in 2 diffrent folders. Please help....
  12. I have a Hiper Type-R 580 just tested out the Ram B in another machine. no reaction there either and Ram A works fine one machine 2. so i assume that ram b is really faulty. Will send them back to OCZ to get a replacment. And I don't have all 4 power connectors connected at the time of testing (just have the the 20+4pin power). I don't think it's got to do with power supply(hopefully)?
  13. Hi, just build a new system but having trouble with 1 of the 2 rams i got I've got a NF4 SLI-D mobo, the rams are Dual Channel OCZ (OCZ4001024PFDC-K) (2X512MB) 1 GB DDR PC-3200 400MHz Revision 3 Perfomance. Let me name the rams RAM A and Ram B When I put both rams in (2 orange or 2 yellow slot) the system just won't boot with 3 red light and beeps. When i use ram A only the system boots, but when i use ram B only the system won;t boot and the mobo gets stuck on 3 red leds with beeps. Tried Ram B in every single slot on it's own. just keeps beeping when ever it's in. Does this mean Ram B is not working? Or I missed somthing in the setup. Actually they send me these rams by mistake. originally ordered a single 1024 OCZ ram PC3200. Is dual channel better or 1 piece of 1024 better? Many thanks for reading this post
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