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  1. Mmmmm perhaps your cheap PSU that came with your $39 case is part of the problem?
  2. Only tested it with SuperPi for an hour. I only got it up and running for him and left him with all the testing tools/programs and told him to maunualy set the voltages (bet he left it on auto and never ran any of the tests after I went home). What I was wondering was the ram not booting at the settings it had in 1T mode. The stock settings are strange (3-3-2-8 2T) and pehaps that is the issue as I see most people have a mild OC and 1T on the same ram with 3-3-3-8. To be honest I would have never bought that MB myself and to top it off he has an Ultra PSU....that really scares me. I plan on going over to see how he is doing and make sure he set the voltages this Saterday. I may try to get the ram up some in speed and drop the cpu multi as when he rips a dvd and converts to Divix he said it hits 61C.
  3. I saw TWO DFI Experts online for $140 July the 2nd if you want a MB that will still use DDR1.
  4. My brother ordered a Optron 180 and a 2 X 1GB set of RedLine. He has a Asus A8N-E (I found TWO DFI Experts online but he thought $140 was too much...oh well,they will be gone the next time I look). I set it up and on stock volts he is running 1:1 with the ram @ stock settings and 250Mhz making the CPU run @ 3Ghz. Both cores are stable....but the RAM settings say it is running at 2T and changing it to T1 it locks up durring boot. Is this normal for this ram/cpu (my first 2 core CPU setup)? EDIT: This is the ram (stock settings 3-3-2-8 and volts) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146034
  5. Sorry but this is not only funny it hits the nail on the head:
  6. ZOldDude

    New CPU

    Yes the prices on all the AMD chips have gone down alot over the past four months. They "might" still go down but I am with you here that the may not. I do know that the AMD public stock has droped in only a few short months from $22+ per share to $15......but now may be the time to buy. AMD has always had long term plans and if you have been following the tec reports you would know that AMD also has rights to Z-RAM and other things that will come along with it's "delayed" 65NM chips. Talking stock buys is not the subject of this thread however. Right now today you can buy a 90NM Venice Optron for dirt cheap....and Optrons OC like nothing else in the AMD line. As you said you dont expect the price to drop....so for the thread starter or anyone else with a 939 system CLEARLY this is the time to upgrade if they have an old system and want more for basicly no costs over last years prices. Let the dual core upgrades happen when they have a real life need to meet software and their prices come down...alot more than they have. Believe me they will. Untill then almost everything can be done faster with a OC single core vrs a OC double. It is just how the software is aready written. That however will be changing but not all that soon vrs prices and performance. I would bet/say the next big window will be in four years time. PS: ANGRY GAMES.....old people like myself (72) need a spellchecker pls!
  7. ZOldDude

    New CPU

    Yes there are a few things that in fact do take advantage of more than one core...and they do run alot better. The point I was trying to make lays in that word "few". Basicly programs for..us the common user.. in both games and apps that use more than 1 cpu core are the same as programs that use 64 bit programming. Next to none. Now if I had put off my -want- for the system in my sig for just 8 months I could have saved over 50% on the CPU,$40 on the MB,$90 on the gfx card. In fact I WOULD have put off building it if yet another of my Asus based XP 3200+'s had not died on me at the time. I have never had an Asus MB live as long as 3 years so I wanted to go DFI.....and I might as well also go with a 939. I have 6 Asus MB based computers (out of the 7 in this house) and they are ALL running on warrenty referbs...one is on a 2nd refurb...and the refurb that this system replaced is still in the box. No more Antec 550 PSU's for this old man as well! If I spent the same on the CPU today (along with the saveing on the MB/GFX) I -could- have an Optron 154 with money left over......but I would never see any of my games or apps run faster outside of a raw benchmark even running it @ 3.2/3.3 Ghz. All 1 core CPU's currantly OC higher than a dual core given the same starting speed/brand. I really think that the 939 systems are far from being 'dead' and in fact can still give the newer DDR2 systems a real run for the money if not beat the pants off of them and for 100's of $ less in most cases. Getting back to the guy who started this thread....he has a 939 system and for as little as $69 can have it running @ basicly 3Ghz. I think we all would have wanted to do that two years ago....and two or so years from now when programing gets up to speed a dual core system will be (as I said) dirt cheap so buy it when you need it is how I look at it.
  8. ZOldDude

    New CPU

    First off are you sure you want a dual core cpu? Not much uses both cores is why I ask and if you basicly into being a gamer you can save ALOT of money. When the time comes you NEED dual cores to run games the prices will have dropped to "dirt cheap". The Optron 146 in my sig runs @ 2.950Ghz on stock volts. When I got it as a new BOXED set (for the 3 yr warrenty) May 2006 it was $149......now they are $77 and I saw some OEM's for $69. The Optron line has the full 1MB cashe,run at a bit less volts and seem to always OC better and cooler than the desktops. I expect the setup in my sig to be able to play all the games at the highest res my old eyes can see for another 10 years unless I have a part failure in the system....and I don't expect the PSU to be the part that fails!
  9. Why? Why bother with Vista even if it had all it's DRM removed? It is still bloated and it will still run all your games and apps slower. Tomshardware posted some test results this week showing just how much slower things run in Vista vrs XP...and none of the games or apps tested had any of the new DRM encoded protection. PROTECTED software will take alot longer to even load let alone run. On the first page I said "Vista is for people who don't know better". It is still that way and no patchs or "hacks" will ever change it.
  10. Those "extra" wires in the computter case are use on some INTEL boards...don't worry about them.
  11. See what happens when you unplug the Silverstone 120mm intake fan. If the temps drop then put a fan contoller on it. Also try the same thing with the side fan. More fans are not always better. With case airflow you can get the same cooling as a non-chilled water system IF you have the airflow correct...in-out flow in a dirrect line across the PWMIC/CPU/RAM. The system in my sig has a 950Mhz OC and runs just 2C above room temps. The 7900GT runs 21C above room temps while benchmarking it for an hour.
  12. The SI-120/128 are the better ones as you also cool your regulators,ram ect at the same time. In a CM Stacker case with the rear fun guard removed and Silverstone FM-121 fans for both cooler (SI-120) and case my Optron 146 overclocked to 2.950 runs 2C over room temps. The PWMIC runs 3C over room temps. I used the "grey goop" that came with the cooler and read temps with Smartguardian. I also have a crossflow fan that I never use...when I do the CHIPSET temps drops 2C ,the CPU stays the same ,the PWMIC drops 1C....but my 7900GT comes up 1C. I also find (at least with my case) that cutting the fans back as much as 1,000 rpms does not change the temps.
  13. Well it looks like we should all make sure we have all the service packs and updates saved/slipstreamed then. To be honest if I lost all that stuff the only thing I would need for a new system build would be the last copy of DX9. If Microsoft wants my system to become a spam-bot then why should I care if they no longer do? "Smooth move Bill."
  14. You can "fast format" in 10 secs but that is only clearing the MBR and not realy "wipeing" the drive of info. Look on Newegg and for $19 you will find an adaptor that plugs into PATA/SATA and notebook drives with the other end a USB connector. You should be able to crank out 1 drive every 60 secs or so as they will be setting on the workbench. With a handful of these adaptors and 1 helper you might hit 120+ per hour and would be about 250 man hours...but you would really have to hustle and this does not take into account getting them in/out of the DVR. Let us all know how this turns out.
  15. As long as the drive still spins then SpinRite 6.0 should refresh it. Run it on each drive and then see if raid will work. If not it may be the controler. I used to have a raid-0 one time....never again!
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