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  1. IMO, pixel shader effects have a much greater impact on visuals than having a few extra high quality textures. The x1950xt has the best pixel shader performance of any card in that class and price range, hands down! so I say, turn down those texture sizes, and crank up those pixel shaders! youll have better IQ and faster performance !
  2. 48 pixel shader pipelines > 256mb of extra memory btw, my statement was only if you were thinking of getting something like a x1950pro 512mb or 7950GT 512mb. of course if you get an x1950XTX you'd have the best of both worlds
  3. my modstream 450 has no trouble with my x1950xt @ 668/980. my +12v line according to smartguardian drops to about 11.55v during full load using the AtiTool 3d test. that is within tolerance, and smartguardian reads low anyway. Now if I go dual core ill definitely upgrade my PS
  4. I intend to keep my current system parts and go dual core opteron. this DFI board reminds me of my old Asus days when they were very stable boards and had super overclockability, no way I am changing right now.
  5. just to update, my dfi board is still running strong, it even still has the original fan on the northbridge! ya know the one that everyone says breaks down fast! woof Can I slap a dual-core Opteron in my board? I've been thinking of getting an Opty 165 for it since they are getting rather cheap.
  6. for a powersupply that expensive, if they're using caps that cheap, they must be laughing all the way to the bank. So far my modstream has worked well, hopefully no leaky caps
  7. I just celebrated my 2 month anniversay since the installation of my Ultra-D. I've not had one BSOD since day one. I never changed anything about the chipset cooler. This board has been fantastic, and it's FAST
  8. his PS should be fine. I have no problems with a modstream 450. chipset temp, is that idle? mine idles around 42c
  9. I have uccc chips on my mushkin, no problems in the orange slots. both sticks booted up first attempt, no trouble since.
  10. I've not had any trouble out of my dfi board. I put it together almost 2 months ago, it's never crashed. I've been 110% satisifed with it. I guess it's just another one of those unsolved mysteries.
  11. I have that memory. I run 260mhz with the settings below. just remember memory quality can vary week to week, so what works for one may not work for another. the mushkin is good and fast memory. I get 7300mb/sec according to sandra Voltage 2.5v + .3v Command per clock (CPC) enable CAS latency control (tCL) 3 RAS# to CAS# delay (tRCD) 4 Min RAS# Active Timing (tRAS) 8 Row Precharge timing (tRP) 3 Row cycle time (tRC) 7 Row refresh cycle time (tRFC) 16 Row to row delay (tRRD) 2 Write recovery time (tWR) 2 Write to read delay (tWTR) 2 Read to write delay (tRTW) 3 Refresh period (tREF) 3120 DRAM bank interleave enable/disable DQS skew control auto DQS skew value 0 DRAM drive strength auto DRAM data drive strength auto Max Async Latency 8ns **DRAM response time normal Read Preamble time 5.5ns Idle cycle limit 16 Dynamic counter diable R/W queue bypass 16x Bypass max 7x 32 byte granulation disable
  12. woah dude, you're running 300 htt and a 4x HT multi? you're very daring. lol
  13. that's true about newegg shipping. i've always wondered about that. and now they use UPS, and they are hell on packages. I swear they must use a trash compactor to sort packages. Fedex was much better
  14. not worth it, not unless you can get full price back out of your ultra-d. the ultra-d is tried and true mobo, a class act
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