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  1. whilst in windows with my spare drive i have taken off everything from those 2 drives it says under disk management "149.06gb unallocated"
  2. i have 3 different types of xp 32bit cds (all different) and 2 different xp 64 bit cds (both different) which all work fine
  3. yea had it all set up right cause wen i boot with my spare drive i can c that raid0 setup and it is working and i used the right driver versions for their windows and pressed the f6 wen needed to and installed both the drivers that it needed
  4. i always put my system back to stock wen i do a windows install.
  5. no wen i was installing it onto the raid0 it was only those 2 drives in i took out my old drive, i only put it in now to get on dfi-street.
  6. i did clean them both wen i put them in as secondary to my old drive with windows on it and set it up as raid0 again and it reads it fine wen i use my old drive to boot up
  7. i cant use the windows installer to format them cause it goes to a bsod just before that screen shows, but the drives are already clear cause i used another drive to boot up into windows and formatted it there (it detects the raid0 in the windows from the other drive)
  8. the drives are formatted cause they are new but yea i am formatting them
  9. hey guys i bought myself 2x samsung spinpoint 80gb sata 2 drives for raid0, so i tried installing windows xp 64bit and during the installation it came up with errors of files that cant b copied both the cd and floppy disks work fine but it complained about "nv raid.cat, nv ata.cat, ks.sys and a few others i thought that it might have been because the 64bit version of windows has a lack of drivers and so on, so i decided to just use the standard 32bit version but it wouldnt install on that one either it would load up fine until the screen just before where u select the partition to install windows then it comes up with a blue screen saying windows has detected an error and has shut down to prevent damage or something to those lines. i know the drives are fine cause we tried them in my friends pc with a asus mobo and installed windows fine on raid0 with his system, i have followed all the instructions and got the latest raid floppy drivers but still no luck, can anyone help me please. thnx
  10. hey guys ime thinking of moving over to X64 but i cant find the X64 drivers on the dfi.com website for my mobo, where can i find the drivers for it please???
  11. have a look here for ur model and then it will tell u if ur's has vivo on it unfortunitely u never game enough info on ur gfx card for me to look it up as there are around 9 xfx 7900gt versions.
  12. i have taken off my overclock to minimize the cause and still have the same problems and for "Is errata123 disabled in bios? seemed to help me, stability wise." i will try it and get back to ya.
  13. i am using MP11 with those drivers u posted earlier and ime not sure of the error screen just goes blank then the blue memory dump screen comes up and within a sec or 2 it is done then my pc restarts. not enough time to c. and i put my pc overclock back to standard cause i thought it might have been the reason for the problems.
  14. ime using the X32 i have noticed that it happens allot wen playing music.
  15. i often have the problem where windows crashes and then does a memory dump then restarts. also my wireless connection goes into limited connection then everything that has to do with the wireless card locks up. even device manager. does anyone else have this problem and do u know why???
  16. i still dont have my 7.1 sound and ive also noticed stuttering wen playing MP11 but didnt take much notice. i have an external 5.1 sound box (usb) for use with my team speak wen playing games but for some odd reason if i use it after about 5 - 10 seconds of sound coming through it, it just stopps. it has a light on it that flashing wen it is in use but that also goes dead. and i tried running MP11 through it to test it and wen it stopps working media player also locks up. it is really weird. anyone have any idea?
  17. ime in mapperly nottingham. and yea i have been to that sherwood forest aswel and have got photos of that tree. i live about half an hour from sherwood forest.
  18. i installed those driver from u and still no luck with the 7.1. i have a 5.1 surround sound and want it to work propperly.
  19. with those audio drivers will i b able to use the 7.1 of my onboard sound cause with the drivers that i downloaded with windows it didnt.
  20. i just installed windows vista 32bit and i cant get my 7.1 surround working. is there any drivers that i can get for my dfi board that will work???? it is the onboard sound also the smart guardian wont install. how can i get that to work. and last for now a friend told me that vista bet2 will only work until july 2007 is this true???
  21. i have the same psu and i have no problems with it doing that.
  22. thnx allot ill give it a go. new edit. thnx it worked.
  23. how can we get aqua mark to run. i have asked before but i got the answer that aqua mark doesnt run on ati cards but just about everyone on the overclocking database that has got ati cards have run it including u angry gamers. how do u get it right?
  24. as u can c i have a perspex case so ime trying to keep the cables as low as i can. which means i dont really want to use it but if i must i will. u say i SHOULD. if i dont can it cause a problem???
  25. hi guys i just wanted to find out. my mobo has 2 power connectors the molex and mini molex plugs. ime currently only using 1 of them (molex) my pc is running fine and i done all my overclocks with it. am i supposed to use both power plugs??? will it make a difference. ie can overclock maybe a bit more???
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