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  1. The PC shop here normally would just warranty your items for 1 year, even though the items clearly stated 3 or 5 years warranty. Should the items broke down on the 1st year, they won't charge you anything to get it RMA. But should the item broke down in 2nd or subsequence years, they will charge you for the postage fee of sending the items to and back from supplier. In my case, I myself have to sort things things out with the local supplier, who no longer carry this brand. The local supplier can't seems to work things out with new official OCZ local distributor. So on next monday I myself will need to call to the official OCZ local distributor!! If they agree to give me a replacement, then I will get it by next week. However should things don't work out with official OCZ local distributor, the local supplier had agreed to send it all the way to Taiwan. Gonna take a few week for this.
  2. Yeah, I did ask them if it's possible to get my replacement from their distributors in Malaysia. I asked my OCZ RMA guy. He replied "I don't know give them a call to see what they could do for you." What's the use of been official distributor while they won't bother to support local user? OCZ also didn't bother to tally their support with local distributor and instead ask me to do it myself.
  3. I'm from Malaysia. Getting new OCZ GameXStream 600w cost probably around USD 125. I got my Powerstream 520w less than 3 years ago from one of local supplier. When my PSU kong out last month, i called this local supplier but they says they no longer deal with OCZ product. So they don't have any replacement for me. Although there are other OCZ local distributor here, but it seems they won't warranty those unit are not sold by them. Now I can only pray that the local supplier whom I bought this PSU will send it to US or Taiwan.
  4. Sorry guys if I'm too tedious here but postage from my country to US could cost almost over USD50. Just trying to make sure everything is ok before i spend 50 buck sending my PSU back to OCZ. Of course I also do appreciate OCZ's free upgrade.
  5. LOL... Guess I will settle with OCZ600EVO. Thanks fellas.
  6. They had offered OCZ600EVO to me. I tried requesting for current OCZ model but denied. They replied:- "Your 520ADJSLI is end of life as well. We are upgrading you to one of our most dependable power supplies that we build." Is Evostream more dependable than current OCZ's ModXStream Pro and GameXStream?
  7. I was wondering whether I should accept End of life product as replacement. OCZ also has current modular PSU such as ModXStream Pro 600W. How does these 3 range Evostream, ModXStream Pro and GameXStream compared to each other?
  8. My OCZ Powerstream 520W just kong out. I have contacted OCZ for RMA. They offered OCZ EvoStream 600W as replacement. But this replacement PSU is already End Of Life product. Should I take this or asked them for current model such as OCZ GameXStream Power Supply 600W? Please Advise. Thanks.
  9. i have just read "http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10785" thread. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10785 ok..so 20-pin is big no no. yfital> hmm? are u sure? coz just no i test the OCZ psu on another mobo but also facing boot problem.
  10. hi...i have try using my P4 20-pin PSU to test boot my mobo...successful every single time. when i test the OCZ PSU on my P4, it will work one time and fail another. so i guess it should be the PSU problem. I wanna ask if it is ok to use an ordinary AVF 400W 20-pin PSU on my DFI? i'm not sure whether it is 400w true power, true power could be lower than that. No OC at the moment. I use optimized default setting. will it burn my hardware?
  11. ok...i'll give it a try. It wont fry my PSU, right?
  12. this morning when i shut down my pc, only 1 yellow led is lit. the one near the ram is not lit. but when i push the power button, it lit but no boot. then i turn off psu, unplug power cable, wait till all yellow led off, plug back, push on button. no boot. p/s memory already set to 2.8v
  13. i think i get it for RM550. last time I have tried taking out the mobo, connect nothing but just psu, ram, and graphic card. still the same. now it is back in the casing.
  14. Bios >06/23/2005-nf-ck804-6a61fd49c-00 4 power connectors< checked 1 ram on orange slots nearest to edge of mobo< checked 2.8 v < normally after boot up, i'll set to Load optimized default and didnt bother about others. right now i has just set to 2.8v. don't dare to shut down yet cause just spend 10 minutes booting up by rapidly pushing power button on motherboard a few time in quick manner. hmm...i think yesterday i manage to boot up with the same way.
  15. 8 hours cmos clear, still the same. thanks Sharp, i'll let u know when i get home.
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