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  1. ok is this true about the gameXstream , can i please get your opinions
  2. yea when i get the money im going to buy a OCZ powerstream 520w but for now i have a aspire 420W =( =( =(
  3. ok lately my computer has been acting up, the screen will flash and its like my computer is skipping "heart beats" b/c the monitor will flash black for 2-3 seconds flash back for a sec and the flash black for 2-3 seconds again, i know its not the monitor or vid card b/c when my computer does this i watch my G-15 monitor and it gives me a Cpu usuage meter and that will also skip too. Another thing my computer will do is it will just shut down randomly , i will be doing somthing and in the middle of it boom it will just power down by its self =( can anyone help my with thesse problems?
  4. thats sweet thank you for doing that for us
  5. everytime i try to tweak my memory even if i try to tweak the cas latency to 2.0 my computer locks up and i have to clear cmos if i tweak one thing for mem settings it does this , does anyone know what my problem is?
  6. what modding tool should i use to cut a window into a case? im guessing a dremel but with what cutter?
  7. how much for the radiator, fans, resevoir, and pump?
  8. ok which one would be better for gaming though?
  9. G15 all the way, that is what i have and i also use the G5 mouse which is sweet
  10. i found a Saitek Cyborg Graphite Joystick for 9.99 on Woot.com this morning i thought it was a great deal http://www.woot.com/
  11. ok anymore suggestions, i am lookin for the best $200 or so gaming GPU i can get
  12. ok that looks like a great deal anyone else have any suggestions?
  13. i have no clue which card i should get the 6800gt or the 7600 or does anyone else have a better suggestion about which video card i should get that is around $200
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