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  1. When Power button is pressed, absolutely nothing happens. No fans spin, no activity, just stone dead. I did not try jump starting them at all. I did however go buy a temp PSU to test, and everything started up just fine. The PSUs weren't old at all, the 450 being less than a year, and the 520 almost 2 years. It's just really strange that both would just die. They are both surge protected, but who knows. Luckily they are both still under warranty and have already been RMAed so I just have to be patient.
  2. I obviously have to disconnect all PSU cables from everything else correct?
  3. i'm not sure i'd want to do that. I'm afraid it may void my warranty if I end up sending it in. Is there anything else I can try besides things I've tried? Like I said I'll buy a temp PSU to test and we'll go from there.
  4. I'm not sure how to jumpstart a PSU. These are the only 2 PSUs I have unfortunately. I just tried removing the battery and clearing CMOS for 30 min. with no positive results. I may pick up a new PSU tomorrow to test if that's that is the case. Both PSUs are still under warranty so I'm not so upset that I'd have to shell out for new PSUs.
  5. It's running a SmartPower 450W. Yeah Yeah I know minimum 480W or whatnot, but it has always run fine and like I said is less than a year old. So I don't want to hear , oh you're underpowered, cause I know. This is not the case with what is in my sig though, so...
  6. on both systems? highly unlikely. The other PSU is less than a year old. The common denominator here is the mobo and bios.
  7. i'm having similar issues, ecept with 2 computers which just happened to die a week apart with same problem. I'm getting the impression that Ultra-D's are scheduled to die by reading all the similar threads, jk.
  8. OK, first off I have one issue going on with two computers. Mine in my sig and another with the same motherboard. Both are/were running 406BTA Bios i beleive. One with XP Pro the other with Vista Ultimate Then one day, the computer not in my sig just stopped working, won't power on at all, press the power button and nothing, not even from the hard switch on the mobo. Then maybe a week later (today), the computer in my sig won't turn on, same issue, get absolutely nothing. I tried clearing cmos with the jumper for like 10 min and still nothing. It's very odd that both systems would just bam stop when they worked perfectly fine the day before. So my feeling is it's the Bios somehow. Is there another way to clear the cmos better or anything? what can I do? Couldn't be any kind of virus could it? I clean my computers on a weekly basis and it's always just harmless stuff like cookies that are found. the government? I'm really frustrated what can i do. Ram LED is also dimly lit and one status LED is on.
  9. OK i'm having the exact same issue, except with 2 computers!!!!!! They both went stone dead a week apart, wtf?? What's the issue?
  10. Ok well I seemed to have fixed it, updated drivers, cut the power to the system for a few minutes, gave it a few blasts of air, and it's up and running again.
  11. I'm having a similar issue. I tried updating the drivers, but still no go the port just blinks on and off, connecting and disconnecting every second. i can't even see the nvidia ethernet in the BIOS, all I see is Marvell. So what's goin on here?
  12. So prime only ran for 53 min. and you think 2650 is your max? Your max is when you can run prime stable for at least 8 hours without errors. Like Praz said those voltages are getting a little high without better cooling. I don't think you'll be able to go much higher with that 3200 with just air.
  13. Use ArctiClean!!! I absolutely love this stuff. It cleans off any thermal material very well. Ever since I bought it I wondered why I did so long without it.
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