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  1. ive let the battery drain for 24hours last night.


    the rig has bee nout of the case with just barebones attached since the start.


    I'm going with a dead motherboard at this point, and i've resat the CPU and resat the ram maybe 20 times, in every slot possible.


    I've tried useing Corsair XMS, my OCZ, and some A-Data ram. No luck.


    I've gotten some "8J" looking things a few times...but thats it, i've also tried a few PCI video cards.

  2. Specs:

    DFI LanParty LT P35-T2R


    4GB (2x2gb) OCZ Reaper HPC CL4

    ATI X850XT PCI-E

    Antec Smart Power 450w


    This is my first Intel rig, anyway, my concern is my PSU doesnt have the 8-pin 12v (or 5v - whatever connection that is, by the CPU) Instead it has the 4 pin. However the manual clearly states if your powersupply doesn't have the 8pin connection, just plug the 4 pin in.


    What happens is I turn on the system, with the Power button on the MB. No DIAG LEDS turn on, fans spin, everything runs.. No POST/BIOS, the machine turns off, then turns itself back on. Still, no video.


    I'm about to go to frys and buy a new Power supply just to rule that out, or try a PCI video card. Any help ASAP would be great, thanks in advance.

  3. Okay, I've been researching this issue for months now. No joke. I've read threw all the guides on this site too. So trust me, i've done the research.


    Just curious if anyone has any luck with this ram and certain memory settings. PLEASE tell me. My ram can't do anything over 250FSB. It won't at all. I have the default memory settings right now in the MB but have tried other things.


    Or does it sound like i need new memory? If so, what should I get that can do 280-300 FSB.


    Gskill HZ?


    Thanks for the help.

  4. Do it for sure, i currently have a 3800+ X2 and I'm loving it. It was a massive step from a 3500+ (I only had the 3500+ for a few days, returned it for this X2 when i saw a combo deal for the same price i paid at a local shop) and if you're getting a 4200+ or 4400+ Id go with the 4400+ 1m Cache each core.


    You'll love the power these chips have... Its pretty amazing.


    Id make sure you have the hotfix and AMD drivers. Disable Cn'Q and you'll be fine.

  5. Well i went to the local store and they only carried experts, which i found kind of stupid :( I called everyplace around here, and no luck...So i went ahead and with GREAT sceptisim

    ordered this




    But guess what? :) Im on it right now, and its seems much better than the old SocketA ones i tired..


    :D I've every happy right now, but i dont think im quite ready to try and crack up my dual core :)

  6. 1. The BIOS is very extensive. To me that is a good thing since it allows for maximum adjustability.


    2. Your CPU and GPU look a-okay. The RAM might be an unknown factor. Kingston has had problems according to the people in the know. I use my Kingston BH-5 with no problems at all, but if you have some other chiptype (mostly of the value type) you might have problems. Since they are DDR500 I will however guess that they have TCCD or something on them, which should be fine.


    3. There are auto settings that will use the SPD settings from the RAM. However it is very recommended that you set the timings yourself.

    The easiest way to start is to Load default settings at stock speed, then use a utility such as A64 Tweaker in windows to be able to see what value all timings (including the "AUTO" ones) have, write them down, and set those manually in the BIOS. After that it is just up to you to experiment for maximun performance.


    4. I don't think so. There are the usual patches to apply in Windows and such, but nothing I know that is specific to the motherboard. I am not a DC user to someone else will have to fill you in on this.



    I should just say that the Lanparty Ultra-D I have is incredible. The design is made so that it will start with almost any settings. that means that if you have entered some wrong timings or such, there is no need to clear CMOS and crawl on the floor, you can simply enter BIOS again sicne the board always seems to start. Getting it to boot with incorrect settings is hard of course, but it is a very smooth process of changing settings, unlike my old NF2 Abit board were the slightest wrong setting would result in beeping, and me wasting 10 minutes clearing CMOS every other time.


    The Expert seems to have much more issues than the Ultra-D, so if I was to buy my board again, I still would choose the Ultra-D. Do you have any specific reason to go Expert?



    Hope it helps. :)



    That was very imformative thanks.

    My reason for going with the expert is because thats the only one a store around here carries, as far as im aware, and i don't wanna order online, cause if i dont like the board its a much longer process of returning, than instore. I'll go on the DFI website and see if i can find a store that has a wider choice.


    What do you think of the LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR Package(I assume this is the non-expert one) Cause that actually comes with some stuff i need, for around the same price as the expert...


    Im guessing the expert has that noticable difference in the PCI-E Arrangement where theres extra space?

  7. Hello, I'm currently using a ABIT KN8-SLI and due to my case layout (Lian Li V1200. Reverse ATX) My North Bridge has been over heating.


    So I currently have two options. Give DFI a try AGAIN (I used a DFI LP on my Socket A way back and HATED it)


    or just change the cooling on my Abit KN8-SLI to something more active, rather than the heatpipes cause they're upside down now.



    I read threw some of the tutorials on here. So just before i run down and return my Abit Kn8 To try a DFI LP Expert SLI..


    1. Are the bios really weak still ?

    2. Does my system look like ill have any problems?

    I forgot to add my 480 Watt Antec PSU in my sig.

    3. From what i've read, you need to setup the Ram Timings yourself. I don't have a problem with this, does this mean there are no "Automatic" settings.

    4. Anything different i should know being a Dual-Core user?



    Thanks for all the support and help. I'm really kind-of iffy giving DFI another try again after my experiences in the past.

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