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  1. Just like to say thanks for the guide on replacing the TP for AS5. Wipped out my board, popped the little barbs back in the holes, wiggled off the fan and cleaned the paste off. The paste on mine was grey and solid. Put a rice granual of AS5 and gently rotated the fan on the chipset.Then pushed the pins back in. Job done. Whilst I was at it and putting the board back, made sure a GOOD clear path from the front 120 fan aimed at the chipset. Temp on load was showing 47 oC before now dropped to 33 - 37oC Also fitted my Koolance 300g waterblock on the FX60. Temp was showing 40 - 50 idle - load before. Now dropped down to a happy 28.3 Oc, probe on waterblock to LCD on watercooler shows 2 deg different from the Nvidia Mon so im happy with that. My board is different to some as i dont have the molex above the NF4, but an 8 pin next to the main psu socket. Also I have 5mm gap between GPU and NF4 fan. Plent of room :-) Cheers peeps Gwoolie
  2. Cool, so I got it right then !! It does run smooth and I got a 3Dmark05 score of just short of 12,000 Just need to sort out my Koolance W/C block on the FX60 now. The backplate need spacers on the Koolance conns to pull it through and screw down. Then we can be a fan down !!!! Cheers
  3. Hiya, Im a noobie to Dfi M/B's, but not to PC's Have built up my new rig and have a question about memory slots. My first boot, i could not get the m/b to boot so I moved the memory around. This was origanally 1Gb Crucial mem, 3200 pro Moved it to slots 2 + 4 to make it boot. Now got some mushy redline memory and want to confirm the best slots, or any problems with slots know by forum. H/W as in my sig BTW hiya gang
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