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  1. Item is SOLD. Mods, please close thread.
  2. Thanks for the bumpage! I really like this chip, almost wished I hadnt gotten the FX-60 because even on water I'm struggling to keep the FX 3GHz stable. I bought the FX at a good price and in the mindset of getting phase change cooling. I've actually considered just selling the FX and keeping my Opty as I probably wont be gettting a vapochill anytime soon, and who knows if my FX will have a cold bug... I really don't see much difference from the 200Mhz increase. But anyway, thanks for the compliment
  3. Opteron 170 0546 XPMW I have owned the chip since March but have only used it for approximately one month. I came across a good deal on an FX-60 and purchased it. It will come with the HSF in the retail box. Chip runs great, never been pushed past [email protected] on water. Ran prime stable at this speed/voltage 24/7. Excellent chip!! Got 9629 3dMark06 @ 2.75 Ghz. Asking $320 Shipped to lower 48 states and Canada. http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/3329/3dmark0696299gn.jpg Paypal, money order or certified checks accepted. Shipping will be through Fed-Ex. Email: [email protected] XFire: technics614 Ebay
  4. No problemo. Though I shant take all the credit. By the way, Im still running on the Nvidia Lan contoller. Firewall is running as well, just without the intelligent application manager. Everything seems to be running great now. Glad I could help! :nod:
  5. Well I can tell you what its NOT doin. It not intelligently managing anything on my computer, thats what its not doing.
  6. Nvidia drivers in Add/Remove programs. Select change, ethernet, u should see the option there for intelligent application manager. If not, just totally uninstall the ethernet components. Then reinstall, but uncheck IAM.
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