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  1. "roundup more than 0.5" thats a CPU error, if it was something like got "got .423425, expected 438665" it's memory. PS: the numbers in the example are just made up, but you get the point. It's your CPU, you probably need more volts. So specify, your vcore, vdimm, etc, etc..
  2. Large FFT's test RAM only... Thats why it didnt stress your CPU, and it didnt fail for a while Small FFT's test CPU.. Blend test both. custom (default) and changing memory to whatever you need, is like BLEND, but with only the allocated ram. you should run BLEND or custom to test full system stability. This is how I run my custom: I allocate 800MB per core, since I have 2gigs. with 1 gig, do 400MB per core. And finally with Single core 1 gig, do 800.. and so on, get it?
  3. the ninja comes with that backplate, and it has a peel off on it to glue it to the mobo.. DONT, use the stock backplate (get longer screws) or dont take the paper off the glue stuff.. I have the ninja on my expert, it kicks butt...
  4. yup, no prob.. Im only using 1.41vcore @ jsluk cool, glad you got it sorted out.
  5. If you look at the other thread I posted, I 100% agree with the "annoying part" its definitely sensitive to any slight changes.. I was having a lot of stability issues, and my CPU was failing prime even at previouly stable settings. but at soon as I left the ram on auto, it all works @ 270x10 1:1. the wierd thing is that if I leave them on "auto" and then read them in windows via a64tweaker and manually set them after in bios, it becomes unstable, so either something is messed up with the bios, or a64tweaker isnt reading the values correctly. (probably the 2nd)
  6. Thanks. Well, I must've been changing something I shouldn't have. for now I left the ram @ auto in most of the settings I wasnt too sure about. so far, its rock solid. 270x10 1:1 Not sure what caused the instability, but hey, its running like a champ now (primed for about 4 hours with no issues), so no need to mess with it too much. I'll leave all night tonight to be sure. I also figured the volts thing. This mobo has so much better power delivery. On my Neo2 the vocre would fluctuate a lot, in this expert it hardly ever changes, load or not. :nod:
  7. safe mode, then disable it from starting automatically A64tweaker did nothing to your board.
  8. the raptor is SATA, and my other 250gig is SATA as well, so no slave or master. Thanks for the help though, this seems like a great board, but really quircky There is one new thing on this mobo that I forgot to mention... Why is there two voltage controls for the CPU, well 3 with the percentage one.. CPU VID STARTUP VALUE: CPU VID CONTROL: CPU VID SPECIAL CONTROL: I've been using just the "CPU VID SPECIAL CONTROL" with 107% (1.43vcore BIOS)
  9. Nope, I definitelly know to stay away from that stuff (CnQ and TT)... I dont get what you are saying about the ram timmings, Im making sure I use the correct things. aka, TREF to TREF, TRCD to TRCD, etc from values others have posted. And I know all setups are different, but Im sure its the CPU becoming unstable, as it does it with a divider or without. There is one more weird quirck that I've found. In the BIOS when I setup the BOOT order, and make my boot drive the primary its weird, because it doesnt find it. I have to make it secondary (yet under boot config "del key" at post) it shows them inverted, so making it secondary in BIOS works lol.. Im just puzzled that changing something like different vcore combinations via percentage or cpu vid make it so unstable (even if its the same volts) and then going back to the previous stable config doesnt work even though everything is the same as before when stable. It all goes back to normal when I reset to defaults.
  10. Hey guys, First of all, I'm new to the forum... ( I lurked a bit when deciding to go the DFI route) I always heard good things from my friend about these boards. You guys have a great community here :nod: Now, let me get to the point. I recently did the jump to PCI-e. I previously owned an MSI NEO2 AGP, in which I was able to hit a really stable O/C (24h Prime) with my opteron @ 1.42vcore with my same gskill's @ 1:1. (same PSU). I did all the necessary things, like HT link @ 3x, cpu multy manually @ 10x, necessary vcore, vdim, etc. The timmings I was running on the neo were 3-4-4-8 When I first got my Expert, I figured I would at least give it a try out of the box to see if "it ran" @ 270x10 1:1 and it did beautifully. (primed for 12 hours fine with bios 12/07) But as soon as I started testing the ram timmings and the different voltage options, everything goes haywire, and my chip isn't even stable @ 2.4. I'm definitely not a noob to overclocking, just to DFI boards. But it seems that if I touch anything, I loose stability really fast, and even if I set it back to what it was before the instability, I dont get it back, unless I reset to defaults. (then it works again like nothing @ 2.7) I know its not the mem crapping out, because I tested with the 100 divider and the cpu still crapped out way under its normal limit and with more volts. but, again... when I reset to defaults, it runs peachy. Im on the orange ram slots if it helps any. Thanks and let me know if you need more info/. Also, I searched the forums to see if I could find a thread that listed all the little quircks about this mobo (kinda like the awesome thread @ xtreme for the NEO2 that tells you not to use certain sata ports, or ram slots, etc)
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