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  1. I bought just one new 512 stick. And right now i run the new one with the working old one, so that may very likely be the problem, they are not matched pair. But i have memtested them without errors. i will se if they work better in single channel. EDIT: yes it is the memory. I tested a single stick and could run my old config with no problems. i tryed to put them in single channel ( the orange and yelow slot near the edge ), but couldĀ“t load into win. The screen where xp is supposed to load is just black and nothing more happens.
  2. Hi My rig (se sign) has always been overclocked, for the most time @ 264x11 1:1 2.5-3-3-8 2.9v. it has been quite stable for some time now, 8-10h in prime95, never any BSOD or hangups. Anyways... 2 mounths ago i started having major stability issues. after some testing i found out that one of my Ballistix allways failed memtest no matter what voltage or settings. the other ram was OK. So i bought a new Ballistix 512 ram, to somehow match the other one. The new ram as expected dident OC as well as the old one. So i lowered the clocks, did a prime95 run and it seemed OK (i did a clear COMS after the ram switch). Then after ~2 weeks, suddenly i gott a hangup in a game, directly after the reboot i did a prime95 run... 1 min error... :eek2:. I rebooted again, and after 1-2 min and did a second prime95 run (the same clocks). 1h+ stable... what the **** i thought, a bug or something, and cancelled the prime run. Than some days later, the same thing happens.. this time i lowered the clocks and it seemed ok. But after some time again the same thing. so i started to test out different settings but i could not gett it stable no matter what.. the only thing that seemed to help is to lower the clocks. Bumping upp the core voltage also seemed to have a poitive effect. The temps have never been above 51c and the vcore.. max 1.42v (cpu-z) Now it is very bad, recently i tested 220x11 1:1 3-4-4-8 2.9v and 1h error in prime 95. The memory seems stable in memtest, i runned 8x250 1.1 3-4-4-8 2.9v without errors. but @ 11x250 3-4-4-8 2.9v it has problems to boot. It seems that the system is getting more and more unstable over time. I tested Optimized defaults in bios but thay are totaly unstable. what is wrong... is the cpu busted or is it the bios....
  3. Okej.. I get it. Its not a big deal afteral, I managed to push those ballistix to 270 2.5-3-3-7 @2.8v before thay failed in SuperPI. so if thay are prime stable @ 260-265 thats enough for me. Another queation: How low can i run the LTD/FSB Frequency without any performance hit. is 260x3 (780mhz) okej or should i keep it over 800mhz.
  4. I realy just tested the 166 and 150 and asumed everyone below didnt work. I tested 133 and 140 and they worked. it seems its only the 150 and 166 divider that dont work. didnt test the lowest. I was also wrong when i said that if i change the divider in windows with A64 Tweaker, i can then run 166 with no problem. I noticed that it will BSOD after a while. JDMJOSH: are u saying its the mobo causing this problem?
  5. I have now flashed to 704-2bta, everything went okej. But i still cant use the 166 divider. I do some oc testing now to see if i can get some more mhz on the mem. it seems that this bios is little better for my mem. meby i wont need the 166 divider anyway. but it realy sux cuz some day when i want to max the cpu i will need that divider any idea what could cause this?
  6. Hi when i try to run with divider 166 or below the comp fails to boot. I want tu run 290x10 with divider 166, the mem would then be 241. the cpu is not the problem becouse i could boot at 273x11 (3000mhz) but the mem runs to high with 180 divider. the strange thing is that i can change the divider in windows with A64 Tweaker, i can then run 166 with no problem. but i cant change it in bios, then it will not boot. so i think it must be a bios problem anyone has experienced this?
  7. which date is 704 bios from and which bios is it based on?
  8. Hi I have 2x512 PC3200 ballistix and i am using bios 623. the mem max out at ~240 with 2.5-2-2-6 timings and 2.6V. I was considering an uppdate, I know 704-2BTA is good for ballistix mem but i would like to know how good is the new official or 0406BTA compared to 704-2BTA ? wich bios is 704-2BTA based on ? is it better to go for older 704-2BTA or new official?
  9. Hi i have a SATA 2 disk (Hitachi Deskstar T7K250 250GB SATA2 8MB) but it seems it uses SATA 1, i get ~125MB/s burst speed. How can i enable SATA 2? it also says SATA 1 in device manager
  10. I would also realy want to know that. I have 2x512 PC3200 ballistix and i am using bios 623. the mem max out at 240 with 2.5-2-2-6 timings.
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