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  1. Help! Everytime I open nTune it gives me this message: Warning: Your PCI clock is currently set to track the HT bus. If you adjust the clock for the HT bus, the PCI bus clock will change as well. Please consult your motherboard manual to determine how to disable this behavior before proceding. NVIDIA is not responsible for data loss or hardware damage resulting from ignoring this message. The message seems to be valid because whenever I raise the Memory bus above 380Mhz the PCI bus goes to 38Mhz and my wireless and sound card dont work untill I lower it back to 380Mhz. I scowered the manual and the forums to find somthing like this but have been unsucessfull. I also got the most recent BIOS for my motherboard and the most recent drivers for NF4 and the most recent nTune. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated. And I will hail you as the god of all that is computers, a PC Viceroy if you would. Anyway, thanks for reading.
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