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  1. Hi, Note: I do have all of the 4 power connectors connected .. If I turn my PC off with or without disconnecting the power lead afterwards I have to go through the following to get it started again. Press the power button - the power light on the case will usually flash once after a few goes at this press the power button again a number of times without any further action resulting! Then after a dozen or so presses it might start or it might need a dozen more presses - it has not totally failed to start and this procedure has always eventually worked ... Is this likely to be the mobo or the PSU ? Can I do anything about it? I tend to leave it on to avoid this hastle!
  2. Hi - will CrossFire (2x HD3870) work on the Lanparty Ultra-D seeing as it has 2xPCIe ???
  3. Hi, I know that my CPU can do 2.9ghz comfortably 24/7 and stay under 1.55v and get to 2.95 @ 1.6v (making me a wee bit nervous though!) with temps still in hand. 2.9mhz is with 3-3-3-7 2T and I gain 100 or so in 3dmark06 on this indicating that mhz is winnng out in this case slightly ahead of the tighter timings at 255mhz in my sig rig that I run normally to give a bit of headroom ..... can someone help me get faster ram at the higher fsb? I want to do this because I know that my rig HAS gone faster as when I got this kit way back in May this year I benched it at 218 2-3-2-5 (IIRC), the same settings as my 1GB 3200CPT to get just over 7000 in 3dmark06 with the CPU score being the deciding factor (see below) but now it just won't do the 140 divider to achieve that ram speed to get cas2 - any lower than 150 and it won't POST! I just updated the BIOS to no effect (at least there was no ILL effect!) At 218: 3DMark Score 7027 3DMarks SM 2.0 Score 2693 Marks SM 3.0 Score 3016 Marks CPU Score 2585 Marks At 255: 3DMark Score 6780 3DMarks SM 2.0 Score 2653 Marks SM 3.0 Score 3016 Marks CPU Score 2178 Marks See: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=298351 Cheers
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