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  1. *lol* Forgot to mention.... Installed a 620W Enermax today and still the same problems... Thats why i lost my temper. I´m not a newbie O/C, but not the best either. And when things give me trouble like this mainboard, I just want to trow the thing in the garbage bin.
  2. If I may say so.... I think this mainboard is CRAP. Alot of money for a piece of hardware that doesnt work with almost anything. I thought that I payed for stability, compability and the ability to clock the . out of my cpu and ram. I give DFI 2 weeks from today, if theres no bios to increase compability within that time I will simply break the darn board over my knee and never buy a DFI again.
  3. HAd the SLI-DR as my first DFI mainboard, saw an O/C article with the UltraD and twinmos SP somewhere. Applied same settings to my SLI-DR and it came out great. Later I changed to the UltraD mainboard, and as you know the settings worked great even then. But now I cant O/C my RAMs at all if I want the machine to be stable. Even at SPD settings but increased fsb and voltage it BSODs.
  4. Look at the rig in my sign. Everything has worked extremely good with my former mainboards (SLI-DR, Ultra-D). Was able to run my Twinmos @ Cas 1,5- 2- 2- 2 up to 260mhz @ 3,6V stable with both boards. Also ran my CPU @ 2800mhz (255fsb) with mems running 255mhz rock stable with timings mentioned and those boards. But now, after putting all the same H/W in my Expert card I cant O/C my mems at all. Or, I can... But get BSOD every now and then... No problems to O/C and run Prime, Sisoft sandra and so on... It can handle all benchmarks I give it. But suddenly when I open up INternet explorer and visit a local swedish site I get BSOD. First time it happened I just thought it was a little voltage problem. Inceased voltage on both cpu and mem... Same result... Ive heard that Expert cards are a little demanding regards to PSU and memory. My psu doesnt have the 24 pin or the 8 pin 12V. I use a 20----->24 pin adaptor but only have the 4 pin 12V connected. Could this be why my machine get BSODs? Or should I simply just change to another set of ram? Shouldnt my computer shut down when benchmarking if PSU or RAM is the reason why I get BSOD? I´m really pissed when paying 2100skr (300$) and all I get is trouble. BTW.... Heard that installing the Nvidia IDE driver is a big NO NO. Could that be the reason to my problems? Yes, I have installed it..... Hope you all can understand my crappy english...
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