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  1. I've got my HTT stable at 246 with 1.4V right now. I loosened up my ram timings just a bit to 2.0-3-2-5 so I can get a little higher multiplier (5/6 right now). My FSB/HTT divider is set at x3. My problem right now is that running at 2.46 (compared to stock 2.0), I got a decent bump in Aquamark numbers, but when I run 3DMark05, my score dropped from stock speeds:confused: Would loosening up my timings any more so I can run them at 9/10 help any (playing with OC'ing the ram, there's no way I can get it to run at 1/1, unfortunately)?
  2. I'm in the middle of my first OC with a 170 that I bought a little over a year ago and am now finally getting around to OC it. I've got the CPU at a little over 2.4 GHZ (from 2.0) at 1.375v. I was getting around 2.6 at 1.525v but the temps were a little over 50 under load and I feel more comfortable at the lower voltage. I was expecting to be able to hit 2.6 at stock so I'm a little disappointed. Think I have a lame chip or is my PSU too underpowered? I know it's a little on the low end, but it's still a tough little guy so hopefully that's not it. My main question is, I was only able to get my ram up to 209 mhz w/out adding more juice or loosening the timings. Should I just use a 5:4 divider w/ a 250 HTT (Was able to get it to 305) or try work with the ram more? Remember, though, it's my first OC and I still haven't gotten the hang of adding more voltage and/or loosening timings on the ram so easier is better Thanks for the help!
  3. I have a v1000 as well. My idle temps went from ~43 to 39-40 after I put on the VC-RE. Not as much of a drop as I was expecting, but I haven't done much load testing so hopefully I'll get better results from that--at least it's a lot quieter than stock
  4. Good suggestions--thanks. Stupid question, though--what are diagonal cutters?
  5. I'm looking at getting a Evercool VC-RE but don't have a removeable mobo tray. I saw one post where someone was able to do it w/out removing the mobo--any other success stories doing this or should I not risk it. Can't decide if it's worth doing if I need to remove the mobo. Thanks
  6. I'm interested in replacing the fan but have a Lian Li V1000 w/out a removable mobo tray. Has anyone else tried replacing the fan while leaving the mobo installed? Did the plastic tips fall right out when you stood up your pc?
  7. Just wanted to give an update in case anyone else runs into this (I've been studying for a certification exam so I haven't had time to troubleshoot more until this wkend). Uninstalling and reinstalling nTune did the trick--thanks a bunch!
  8. I'm not sure if this is a mobo or a video card issue--i'm thinking mobo
  9. I was on my machine a couple of wks ago and happened to look at my NVMonitor screen at my case temps and noticed my gpu temp had dropped off. It had just happened w/in the past 30 minutes or so because I saw the line that was graphed before it cutoff. When I went into settings, the gpu sensor option was greyed out. I restarted my pc a couple of times, but no go. Is it common for a sensor to go bad or did something come loose? I built the system about 3 months ago--the card is working fine and the case temps are still good--just missing the gpu one. I also installed MBM5 and it's showing no gpu temp. Thanks!
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