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  1. Im going to be buying a DFI SLI-DR mobo is the Hiper 580w Moduler a good power supply to use with this board. Also whats a good brand of 1GB PC3200 400 to use with this board. Also will an nvidia 7900gt be compatitble as well.
  2. So the 3700+ would work fine with the DFI-SLI-DR as a new build right out of the new boxes? As im new to the DFI series should there be any problems i should be aware of as ive moved from gigabyte, asus with no problems? Also what brand of memory should i use i know what type PC3200 400MHz?
  3. Im looking to buy the DFI-SLI-DR this week with a AMD 64 3700+ will the BIOS need to be updated to allow me to use the processor.
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