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    Photoshop ETC

    Hi, When i load Photoshop or Illistrator... Guitar Pro 5 .... it will take a long time to load and it will go (not responding) then finally come in, with games there is no problems loading them or playing them at all. booting is fine as well. just a few apps load really slow for some reason .. :S is it system files? sumthing wrong with my hdd? eek Thanks in advance.
  2. cant boot with usb mouse/keyboard sensor in usb port, i ue to be able to do this, now i cant, is it a screwed mobo, or is it jsut my OS, and a format will fix it? i have cleared cmos and stuff too. lmk what u think. :dog:
  3. http://www.gideontech.com/content/articles/298/1 http://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/ple...ercasehowto.php case makign tutorials.
  4. id love to mkae my own case, is ther ny tutorials for a cheap one? sumthing nice also tho.. ?
  5. Okay well... i need Zalman GPU cooler Conductive paint Heatsinks What heat sinks to get? what sizes? and how many ?
  6. looking for a case that gives nice cooling etc. pics needed Thanks
  7. ok thanks, is taht prety basic easy to do?
  8. http://www.coolpc.com.au/catalog/product_i...roducts_id=1312 So that there is exactaly waht i want, do i need to remove the STOCK cooler before ican put this on :S?
  9. well iv seen 100 different pics on it, i recon i could do it, but im not confident, i need moreinfio and stuff i guess, thansk again.
  10. thanks alot YuKoN, yeh i am stock volts. VF900cu cooler ic, ill cheak it out
  11. i kno were to get stuff, a place called Jaycar. k circute writer [en, ill go shopping soon:D
  12. yup, and paint or pen, which to get, and what to make sure of? what is it to be made or, brands? etc?
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