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  1. hi- well it seems to install ok - but when i go to start it it says its missing a file - etc. .dll - not sure which one but in the folder - the file it says is missing - is there !!! then vista askes me if it installed correctly or reinstall by vista to make it work - i let vista reinstall it and still same problem so i dont know how everyone gets it to work - or maybe i need to download a new smart guardian -- would you link me to download the smart guardian you are using that works with vista - thanks - i am 98% done Downloading the 64 bit vista now and want to try it out - but want smart to work - also what internet antivirus firewall setup do you use that works - ? how do i set it to Xp Compitabilty ? thanks
  2. very nice - i have another way to hold the Rad in place standing in the front of a Case - i just installed mines in the front of my TT full case standing up front and what i used to hold it in place was Velco - i put it on the bottom and on top with Velco under my dvd drive right over the Rad and it holds in place so tight - nothing will move it - turned out to work very good - no tie wraps etc. - i am going to change my front fans since the ones i used are low Cfm - and this time i wont screw them in - i will use small pieces of velco on each corner of the fans to hold them in front of the Rad so in case i have to change them - it would be easy - now i have them screwed in and guess what - i cant get to the bottom two screws because its close to the front and i have to cut a small part of the case inside to get to the screws now - its not a big deal - but better with out them now - also - i noticed everyone runs there loop from the Rad to the Cpu - which makes sense - i think i am the only one who followed the guide and what DD told me to do - which was go from the Pump to Cpu then Gpu and back in to Rad and out of Rad to the Pump - thats what DD told me and the guide says that also - yet i think it may be better the other way around all well - my first WC setup - my fans are too slow and are not cooling as good as i expected - i hope with the new fans - it will drop the temps down a bit more - i will post some pics of my System as soon as i get some time to download the pics and resize - i still have to tie a few more wires up and add a spot fan for the board -
  3. hi - i am not sure if this is the right place to post this question - i have been having no luck with vista and many programs - one being Smart Guardian - it dosnt work with vista - i tried it 3 times - with 32 bit and 64 bit version MBM 5 dosnt show my Motherboard when i install it - i would really like to use smart gardian -- i seen a trend that shows all working programs with vista and smart guardian is there - but its not working for me - what other good software for the MB and fans i can use with vista 64bit -- i dont like speedfan either - -- with out smart installed -- everything runs much hotter - what is everyone using with vista - i have the utlra d board thanks
  4. thanks - i did and found it - i ordered it - i think that would work great for the pmwic area - and i can plug it in the chip set plug on the board -
  5. thanks - i could use that fan for my pwmic area and plug it on my board where the chip fan would be plugged in and point it at the pwmic area which is close - should work good i think do you know where i can buy one of those ?
  6. thats pretty cool - i never seen one of those - do they really cool enough ? also how do you connect it - does it connect in a 3 pin on the board or a 4 pin power supply ? do you have a link or a site which sells them - that may be good for me for the pmwic area if it cools enough - would keep my case cleaner and neat inside
  7. i try it out - it should help either way - more air on the ram and board - i am slow at getting pics on here - 1) i never posted so not sure how - i do have some pics that i have to transfer to my computer on my new Case and WC setup i still have a few wires to tie up - and i take some pics once i get it on - but i think i want to try to put a fan on the pwm area since thats still running hot at load - what is a spot cooler ? - is there a special setup for that area that i can get - i really hate to add fans in the case now since it looks pretty neat and open with the WC - but i may have to if i want to load at full speed -
  8. i ordered one of those OZC for the memory - should be getting it on the 13th - next week - i hope i am able to clip it on my memory and works good - it looks very nice - and didnt cost much more than a couple of good fans anyway - which you get with leds - so it was worth a try -
  9. ok - well the problem i have now is not too much the cpu its the pwmic and chip - i just put on the hr-05 sli - and it dosnt sit too tight - i have to try to strap it down better now because i am not taking the board out again for that - it sits at about 45c - but hasnt gotten over 50c - i dont have a fan on it - i also think the fans i have on the Rad are not that high in Cfm's - so maybe i might change them sometime in the future to higher speed with control - they are the fans that came with the case - i thought they pushed 60 or 70 Cfm but now i think its only 54Cfm- hard to say since i cant get any information on them - the manual dosnt say - someone says not the install the rubber gasked on the hr-05 sli - that comes with it - i installed it - not sure if that helps or not - if feels as if it helps to keep it on better but i am not sure now - its a bit loose on mines - and i think thats whats keep the chip temps a bit high at idle and load in general - hope you have better luck with that cooler install -
  10. well i dont think i will be taking off the gasket because that means i have to take out the board - which i dont plan on doing unless its a must - i am just about done with cleaning up the wires now and few little things - but i will try to clip it down better or use a tie wrap to make it fit closer to the chip and see what happens -- my chip idles at about 43c - so far hasnt past 50c even at load - but i would have liked to see a lower temp there - also i used the stock fans that came with the TT amor case to mount in front of the Rad - but i think they dont push alot of CFM - now its mounted and the way i put it - cant get to the front bottom screws to change the fans unless you take it apart or - i have to cut some plastic at the bottom inside the case and try to remove them that way - i will try that way first - i think it can cool better with fans that push more CFM -- i didnt check - i though they pushed around 60CFM or 70 -- but now i think they are pushing 54 CFM - the manual dosnt say - and cant find the excate model number to look it up - they are guiet though - thats the good part -
  11. thanks - do you know how high is too high for temps i know everyone says stay below 50c - how high can the pwmic take and be stable without damage and chip also - the cpu i think i can manage below 50c now depending on how hot my room is at the time -- i will check my room temps just to know what they are - have to find something to check it - also i just put this together - maybe it get a little better after a few weeks - for the paste to settle down - i hope - in the past i havnt noticed much a big difference once its settled down - but maybe its different this time -
  12. thanks - i feel a little better now - knowing my temps are about normal for my WC and my room - i have to get a gauge to check my room temp just to see what it is - but i think its closer to 80 F - i know its very warm my apt and my room - i was getting worried that maybe my Rad is not as good as DD told me or if my fans are not good enough to cool it etc. i think i was told a 60 Cfm fan is good - and i belieave mines are rated for 79 Cfm - not sure - i have to double check my manual - because i used the stock fans that came with the Case - they matched in color for the Rad - and i hope i am right because the way my setup is mounted in the front - i would have to remove the Rad and Dvd burner to change those fans - they are running full speed connected to power supply and are guiet which is good - the noisy fans are the other ones i have with a controller but i seem to need that air flow inside - i might try adding one fan inside to blow around the board - i am waiting on the memory cooler from OCZ also - that may help a bit - i am a bit disappointed but then again my room is very warm so hard to say whats keeping me from getting lower temps - how can i tell if my WC is running good and working correctly - i know my Video is for sure much cooler down to about 40c at idle compared to 52c before Wc - being thats the case - i would think my WC setup is working good right ?
  13. the room temps make a difference even with WC ? also my gpu is around 40c - which is down alot from normally being 52c idle with the stock fan -
  14. hi - i dont know for sure what my room temp is - but my room is very warm - i can stay in my shorts in the winter - that i have to say - but i just expected my temps to be a bit better than what i get - right now - i have it at 2.7 1.4v running dual sp2004 - and the fans are all full -- i have 3 fans on controller - 1 120mm rear which i turned to blow inside the case - one 92 mm rear to blow out and one 92mm on top to blow out - my temps are right now - cpu 38c pwmic 51c chip 43c sp2004 running only 5 mins now -- not looking to do a full prime - just check for load temps i have no fans in the case - just 2 120mm in front in front of the Rad - so not much going in the case - alot of others post much better temps - so i am not sure if my temps are normal for my WC setup
  15. hi - i am finally using my new setup with DD WC -- but i am not sure if my temps are good enough or at least not as i expected - what should my temps be more or less with my setup in my Sig - - i dont have a fan in the case - what i just did was turn the rear 120mm fan to blow in the case over the board - it helped some - but under full load - the pmwic still hits 60c - but it went higher before i turned the fan to blow in - my gpu is around 38c to 41c idle - chip is about 44c 45c - which i need to check the cooler and make it sit firmer - its a bit loose with the clip they give you - but my cpu is now idle at - 29c at 2.6ghz - stock volts - does that seem a bit high to anyone - ? i am wondering if anything is wrong with my cooling - Rad or maybe the fans in front of the Rad - etc. - any ideas - ?? thanks
  16. i did install the little rubber gasket on the bottom - but i think it should fit a bit tighter and closer to the core of the chip - plus its leaning on the side once in the case and the weight i am sure is taking it off the core just a bit - i have to see what i can do to make it sit closer without taking it apart - because that i am not doing -- everything it good so far - i turned my rear fan to blow in and it helps the board area pretty good - not great but much better than before and may be able to leave it this way unless i want to go full load at max OC - has anyone have any ideas how to tighten up the chip cooler HR-5- SLI once its installed - with out taking the board or anything out of the case - i know i have to remove the Video card for sure - i am thinking of trying to tie strap it down somehow or put a wedge under the clip to make it sit better - any ideas ? thanks
  17. thanks FXed -- i am using my new system now - actually same parts just new Case and DD WC -- i still have to finish tying the wires better - i did take some pictures - and want to take a picture of it at the end once i am done with the wires - i am busy because of having my apt. painted - so its a mess but once i am done - i take some more pics and then figure out how to shrink them and how to post them here - which i never done - i did get the Fluid xp green and added a couple of drops of green dye also just to be sure it glows this case is much better than my last - all the air bubbles are gone now - and it glows nice at night - even the day but best at night - but i have to fix another issue now - air flow in the case - since i dont have any now - and the pwmic gets hot if under load - the gpu is cool at 38C at idle cpu is around 28c -30c idle - the chip is much higher but dosnt seem to move much at full load - around 45c - my loop dosnt look as good as some others i seen on here - all well - i am not looking to reloop it now - i have the 240mm Rad up in the front standing up - two fans in front 120mm each - thats all the flow going in the case right now - all the rest blowing out - so i will turn the rear 120mm to blow in over the board and see how that works - i am trying not to add more fans in the case to cover the board etc. i will if this dosnt work and i have to - but want to give this a try first - i keep the fans on low and its nice and guiet now - the loudest part is my hard drives now - i never heard them before - but now i hear them alot - and i have them mounted in the rear top of the TT amor full case - everything went smooth - no leaks - nothing went wrong - i like it - dont think i go back to air cooled for my main system anyway - cost alot to WC more than one my apt is so hot - i am in shorts in the middle of the winter and window open half way at least - not complaining but not good for the computer - thats why i wanted to WC plus looks cool - i am waiting on my OCZ Ram cooler this week - will take some time for my pics - but i will post them when ready - mostly ask for help on how to size them and post them - thanks
  18. ok that sounds about what i get with my chipset - what cooler do you use - i am using the HR 05 SLI tower for the chipset i tested with prime for a hour yesterday with my window open it was cool outside - and it didnt go over 45 or 46 on the chip do you know how high the board can go before being damaged - the pwmic temp - i know under 50c is what everyone says - but can it handle more - whats the max temp the pwmic can get with out damage to the board ? i am going to try something - turn my rear 120mm fan to blow inside which would go right over the board -- i would still have one 92mm rear fan blowing out and one 92mm fan on top blowing out - i am hoping that would solve my pwmic area and keep it cool - under 50c at load i may put a fan on the cooler for the chip - but i want to see how it cools first with out it at load - i want to test it once i turn the rear 120mm fan to blow inside and then put my system on my Max stable settings from my sig and run a prime for a hour at least to see how high the temps get is a hour long enough to test for load temps ? thanks -
  19. i just installed that one also - i installed a new Case and WC all in my sig now - the clip wasnt too bad once its clipped in - it has a little bit of movement ifyou touch it but not enough to make me worry that something is wrong - i wish i would have seen your pic before i installed mines - i would have done what you done with the screws to hold it down a bit better - my temps are not that great at idle - it starts up at 34c and sits around 42c at idle but at full load - i ran prime for a hour to see - it dosnt go over 45c - so i am not sure if that good or not - i expected lower idle temps - but if it dosnt go over 45c or at least stay under 50C with my max OC under full load - thats pretty good - also its very warm in my room and i dont have any fans blowing air in the case right now -- i need to blow some air in the case for the pmwic to stay cool - thats the only thing that gets too hot now that i went to WC -- i plan on turning my rear 120mm fan to blow in the case rather than out and see how that works - since i have 1 92mm blowing out on the rear also and 1 92mm on top blowing out also - has anyone tried that and did it work ?
  20. ok so at least i know my WC is working - my idle is right now at 28C for Cpu and 38C for Gpu - i cant do a prime to see the load temps because my problem is the pmwic area - gets too hot - that what i need to cool before test it for load i have a 120mm and 92mm in the rear - plus another 92mm on top all going out of the case - my chip is not that cool at ideal its 41C - i think i have to add a fan in the area for the chip also - so i am disappointed with that - what are your temps for your chip - which cooler are you using - i am using the HR 05 sli tower for the chip - no fan on it now
  21. how cool does that 80mm fan keep the area ?
  22. thanks for the picture - i really needed that picture and others for ideas - i guess i will have to put a fan around there too - the pmwic gets too hot now - i dont have any fans in the case really - just two in front of the Rad in front of the case so not much if any is getting in that area - do you have any more pics - different angles - for that area -- i also have pics - but have to figure out how to post them here - but first i have to finish this setup - fix the wires and cool that area and maybe another fan near the chip on the cooler or floor of the case - thanks again - this is driving me crazy - like to keep a clean case but i have no choice now but to add a few fans in case for the board and chip -
  23. Does anyone have any ideas how or where can i mount a fan in the case to blow on the board to cool down the pwmic area which is the best area to place a fan - i just finished my setup with DD WC and i was expecting a little bit more in temp drops - i am not able to test too much because my board temps go too high - i need to add a fan inside blowing on the board - any ideas which is the best way to make a difference i am using a TT amor full case now with cpu - gpu WC and chip is cooled with the HR - SLI version tower - no fan - and its not keeping it as cool as i expected its steady about about 43C on the chip - i think thats a little high without full load - any ideas would be helpful - thanks
  24. the bubbles are about 90% gone now - only a few in the T line tube for the fillport -- i am using the new setup right now - have to adjust a few things and do some updates - but so far so good - its nice still have to fix up the wires tomorrow and then i should be done - i am useing the fan at the lowest speed and the temps are not too bad - cpu - idle 27c - pmwic 42c chip - 41 with the fans on full - cpu - 25 or 26 pmwic 40 c chip was 34 c this is stock setting and all fans low - plus i dont have any fans in the case 2 blowing out the back - one blowing out on top and 2 in front of the Rad in the front of the case standing up -
  25. hi - your may be right - but for once i want to try to keep a clean looking case -
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