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  1. i make a mistake a few post up - the chip volts are 1.7 i kept saying 2.7 and confused a few - sorry for that i was wondering if 1.7v is too high for the chip - put my prime just failed at 2 hours - so i added a little more volts from 1.450 + 110 special - to 1.475 +110 special and it failed in a few mintues - now i left the volts at 1.475 + 110 special - put pushed up the ldt to 1.3v from 1.2v -- i belieave or from 1.3v to 1.4 not sure now - smart is telling me its 1.37v -- do you know what the LDT Bus does anyway - and does that affect the testing for better or worse ? i never knew what that did and left it as it is i belieave - i just pushed it up one now and its running - my previous attempt to get 2.8 stable also died at 2 hours - then i upped the volts to 1.550 and ran 8 hours solid last night - now cpuz tells me its 1.584 v --
  2. i just checked ocz site and the Ram is protected and under warranty up to Dram of 2.9v +/- 5% == thats the EVP protection - so thats good to know - i may have a little more i can use if i need to - trying to keep the mem running with no dividers -
  3. hi - i was talking about the chip volt in post #3 -- i have that at 2.7 -- my Dram is at 2.8 - it wouldnt pass super PI at 2.7 so i pushed it to 2.8 and thats my limit for the ram because its still covered under the EVP protection from OCZ -- i belieave 2.8 is the max - have to double check - it may be protected up to 2.9v -- not sure - but in post #3 - i was asking about the chip volts - i have it at 2.7v -- is that ok - ?
  4. thanks for the information - i dont mind if the lifespan is shorten to some degree -- i just dont want it to die in a few months with normal stock settings - what would the lifespan be ? and how much do you shorten it by if you OC with 1.6v etc. if i can use it for a couple more years - that be great - even one more year would be ok -- i bet my psu would die first since the first one did just a few weeks ago - after a year today is a cool day - i have my windows open and side case door off -- and temps are cpu 44c - pwmic 52c and chip 39c - the fan on the chip cooler works great with out it the chip was at 50c if not more - added a 80mm fan with tiewrap and its the coolest part of my system now - i plan on changing my fans on the Rad - to more cfm ones and that i hope should cool it a few more degrees the board is the hottest part - i had to put a spot fan - that helped drop it 8c -- put i will add another 92mm fan with a bracket to sit on top over the memory to the right some - will use the screw on the MB to hold bracket in place and one srew on the fan - hope that works
  5. thanks - what about the chip Volts -- i had to push it to 2.7 from2.6v -- but the chip is the coolest part now since i have a 80mm fan on the heatsink - i am now testing at 2.85 - about 20 mins running orthos i noticed on smart - the chip volts were in red - i adjusted it in options just not to see the red but just curious if thats ok to run the chip at 2.7 volts - thanks
  6. Hi - i finally broke my max OC - its stable at 2.8 now with 1.550V on the Cpu and chip was at 2.7 V - Dram at 2.8 -- x2 4200 it passed super PI 32m and 8 hours prime with ORTHOS my concern is how high can this processor handle in the volts - and how high can the chip handle -- ? the temps were all good - my chip is the coolest of them all at around 40c full load while testing - the cpu was around 43c full load testing and the pwmic was around 51c full load testing -- i had my side case door off -- since my apt is very hot to begin with - my settings were - 255 x11 DDR510 now i am trying for 2.85 - 260 x11 - DDR520 i have the volts at 1.45v +special at %110 giving me around 1.55v from everest and 1.52v from cpuz -- is it ok to have these Volts to get my OC as long as the temps are around the 50c mark ? the hottest part is my board pwmic - right now its at 54c full load testing - chip is at 42c and cpu at 45c - is this ok ? thanks
  7. never mind - i got stable at 2.8 - no one answered anyway but thanks - i had to push up the volts just a bit to 1.550V
  8. hi - i need some help with my settings - i am trying to get 2.8 stable and was only able to run prime for 2 hours before it got a error -- here are my settings i used to get it at 2.8 for 2 hours stable only - any ideas with what i can change in my settings to help it Testing 2.8 speed x2 4200 OCZ Gold OCZ5002048ELGE-K 2 GiG Memory - 3-4-3-8 FSB Bus Frequency...............................255 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio.......................3 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio.......................x11 PCI eXpress Frequency..........................100 CPU Voltage .......................................1.525 LDT Voltage .......................................1.30 ChipSet (NF4) Voltage ..........................1.60 DRAM Voltage ....................................2.80 +0.03 if not 3.2V ................................Disable Memclock (DRAM Frequency) .................200 1T/2T Timing (Command Per Clock).........enable CAS Latency (Tcl).................................3 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd)....................4 Min RAS# active time (Tras)...................8 Row precharge time (Trp)......................3 Row Cycle time (Trc)............................11 Row refresh cyc time (Trfc)....................16 Row to Row delay (Trrd)........................3 Write recovery time (Twr)......................3 Write to Read delay (Twtr).....................2 Read to Write delay (Trwt).....................3 Refresh Period (Tref)............................3120 Write Cas Latency (Twcl).......................Auto DRAM Bank Interleave..........................enabled DQS Skew Control..............................Auto DQS Skew Value................................0 DRAM Drive Strength..........................Auto DRAM Data Drive Strength...................Auto Max Async Latency.............................Auto DRAM Response Time.........................Normal Read Preamble Time..........................Auto IdleCycle Limit..................................256 Dynamic Counter...............................Disable R/W Queue Bypass.............................16x Bypass Max.......................................7x 32 Byte Granularity..........................Disable (4 burst)
  9. that happened to me a few weeks ago - same type of issue - power button is pushed but dosnt come on for a few sec. - 4 leds etc. -- it was my psu -- i RMA back and got a replacement - working fine now - i though it was my CPU also or board - or memory because of the yellow light also but it was the power -- try a new psu -- and higher watts etc. -- my psu i think barely runs my system unless i had a bad one - or just looses power over some time - i had mines a year -- my next psu will be 850 and up in wattage and i want to get a high amp one 12V rail - this dual - quad rails is confusing and i rather have one high amp rail - works better i think and every thing gets the power -- i would try a new or stronger psu first - its easier to change a psu than a board -- which may not be the problem - i though it was my cpu also but it wasnt -
  10. would anyone know what the ultra D nf4 dfi motherboard can handle in temps -- the pwmic area ? what is the most it can handle and be safe -- i know everyone just repeats - stay at or below 50c i like to know what the board can really handle - what does DFI say it can handle - safely - and max temps -- i been trying to find this out for a long time and no one really seems to know it -- i am having a hard time cooling that area - and dont want to stress test at 2.8 - gets to 60c -- so i have to do something to cool it better - with a spot fan its at 60c at full load -- do they sell a special bracket to connect right over it with a 92mm fan or 80mm -? if anyone knows for a fact what the specs are on the board in terms of temps and what can it handle steady and max -- thanks - i searched and cant find anything besides everyone just saying 50c -- i know its safe to stay at that temp -- but everyone repeats it - not really knowing for sure -- thanks
  11. i have a TT amor case and put in the TT smart case fans to replace the ones that came with the case - they have the blue leds - one is a 120mm and two are 92mm -- all have control for speed -- they are pretty strong - i am putting two more 120mm for Rad to replace the ones i have now - trying to cool it better - what do you use to cool your pwmic area - motherboard ? i have a spot fan and it helped but still not enough - temps are too high on the board when i prime for testing
  12. opps your right - i missed that -- thanks
  13. hi i got a maze 5 on my 6800xt with a dfi ultra d board works fine - not sure how your card is -- it dropped my temps around 10c more or less --
  14. i emailed tech support from the DFI website -- or i think theres a email for RMA - cant remember now - i got a email back in a few days -- dont expect to hear back in a day - i think it was 3 days before i got a email with a form to download - you would have to fill that form out and fax it back or email it back to see if its under warranty - i think my problem is solved with the new psu so i guess it wasnt my board or Cpu - i never used the RMA from DFI -- but i kept the form in case i would need to in the future -- always good to have - check the website - you have to look around for a while but it should be there somewhere or if not - just email someone there
  15. well you cant expect a certain OC or else -- i am stable at 2.75 and only stable for 30mins at 2.8 - i didnt try to push it with higher volts since i was at 1.5v already - there isnt much difference and not worth it just to get 50mhz more - i guess if you can send it back - i wouldnt want to go thru all that trouble if it didnt hit a certain speed - and the cpu may not even be the problem - it could be other parts of your system -- everyone is different - but on the plus side - i am sure you can get 2.8 since alot of those processors reach that and more - and about ebay - how would you know what you get from ebay - thats worse than buying from a big store with a real return policy - i received a broken camera once and he didnt want to replace - was told to contact manufacture - yeah right - i shipped it right back and cancelled the charge on my card - -
  16. i would say your ok - but i think there are 5 fan headers on my ultra d board in total - but looking at your sig - i would upgrade that psu if you system gives you trouble - they say with a DFI - min. is 480 Watts = i got a 580w and i dont think thats enough either - i just had to RMA mines - new one is working and priming now at 2.6 - with lower volts to keep the temps at 50c on the board - so far so good - almost 5 hours - and encoding dvds - burning and doing nero - browsing the web at the same time
  17. i am using a x2 4200 with the stock bios - 6/23 and it worked fine with my ultra D board - i am able to get my max OC at 2.75 with 1.5 V -- right now my board is holding me back i think - its the hottest part - and my psu maybe not sure - you should be fine with the dual core - just install the dual core optimizer from AMD site - about the hotfix - i never installed it - and dont have any issues with that - but everyone is different -- i am priming now just to test my new psu i had to rma - and want to keep my volts as low as i can - so i got it at 2.6 with 1.35v -- to use all the time -- i was using it at 2.7 at 1.4v - but when doing nerovision etc. - full load my board goes close to the 60c 62c -- i have a spot fan on it and it helped bring it down about 8c - not bad but still hot - would you know how high the temps on the pwmic board can go -- i know about keeping it under 50c -- but can the board handle 60c steady - if anyone knows for sure the facts - not just what everyone says about keeping it under 50c -- i cant find it anywhere in the manual or DFI site to find out the specs from them on what it can handle steady and max -- any ideas - your going to love your dual core -
  18. what excatly does that mean - is it ok to use them as long as its with in the max watt for all headers and amps ? my fans pull at max 0.48A and 5.7watts -- thats 2 of my fans - and then i have a 80mm fan which i am not sure what it pulls in amps or watts - and one more spot fan so even if the other two fans i have pull the same as the 120mm and 92mm fan - it would mean i am pulling a total of 1.92amps and 22.8 watts -- thats assuming the 80mm fan and the spot fan use as much as the other two - this would be in at or close to the max ? so i should be good then - the reason i decided to do this was to keep some off one of the 12v rails - since one 12v rail powers the cpu and board and the other powers the rest of the system - i figure this would separate the 12v rails --
  19. i have to say - i been using the MB fan headers for about a year and it hasnt given me any problems -- the only problem i just faced was a PSU which i had to RMA and got a replacement now - i think if the MB has the fan headers - then it was build to handle the fans connected to them - i may be wrong - but i dont see having them if you cant use them -- i have a 120mm fan to the board alone with one 92mm fan - then i have a 80mm fan for the chip and the antec spot fan all connected to the board -- 4 in total -- on the board - and i have 2 more 120mm fans to the psu for my Rad - recently as a few weeks ago - my psu died out - couldnt boot - 4 leds on board - struggling to stay on etc. -- i got a replacement and so far so good - only a day i been using it - the psu is the Hiper type R 580 - to be honest - i dont think i buy this one again - since it has 3 years warranty - its only a year i had it -- anyway - i also read to try not to connect much to the board fan headers - but you can try it - if it works for me - i am sure it can work for you also - so far so good with my board - i hope i dont jinx myself now i feel i am separating the load on the psu rails by not connecting them all to the psu - since the hiper has 2 12v rails - which to me is just confusing and i will get a single rail next one around - PC power and cooling - i think is the best bet --
  20. hi - ok i got the new psu back in and its running fine so far - didnt have any problems booting and not leds on the board which is great - but i am still wary yet - have to run it a while - i tried that psu calculations - - i dont think its correct - according to that - i need almost 900 watts i am watching the 12v now with smart and everest and what i did notice with the other one - was that is moved alot from 11.96v to 12.03v -- so not sure if that was a sign of going bad and not sure how long its been doing that - i just figured its ok to move a bit up or down - didnt really look like it was a big drop but i guess it matters now its at 12.03 and hasnt moved -- actually none of them moved - with everest - - i also got a psu tester and used it before putting it in my system to write down what the volts were brand new - so in case something goes haywire again - i can test it and compare it - i am happy its not the board - pain in the butt to take out and RMA that - i did call DFI and got the RMA form and called AMD for the cpu in case it was that - another thing i did notice with the other one was that when i powered it up - it took a sec or two to start and sometimes the yellow light on the board didnt go on right away - by the memory - took a few secs then kicked in - but didnt boot then - just 4 leds on the board - now the yellow lights are on right away and boots fine - do you know if i can still use my OC setting in reloaded or do i have to clear them out and enter them again ? i read to do that after a bios update - but not sure with the psu problem if i have to clear them or can i use them thanks - i hope this one lastes longer than a year
  21. i have the hiper 580w -- which i had to rma - i though modular would be ok but not too sure now and i dont like the dual or quad rails etc. - its too confusing and i think makes things worse - i did some research and my next psu will be pc power and cooling - i would go wit that one - but i dont think they make modular and for good reason -- for what your adding - i would think about the 1K model to be safe for sure with dual 8800 - and if you go quad core cpu later on - your be set -- i am looking at the 750w from them if i should need a new psu - better safe than sorry --
  22. would you know how much wattage and amps does the ultra D board use besides the cpu and other fans connected to it etc. -- i know my cpu is at 89 watts - 4 fans connected to the board are about 3 watts each and half a amp each at most - -- also how much power in watts and amp is my video card pulling ? its a 6800 xt pci e --
  23. i just got my new PSU in - its the same hiper - i RMA it back - so i hope to get it together this week and see if this fixes the problem -- i am ready to RMA the board or CPU if this dosnt work - or maybe both - i let you know how it goes - i was told by AMD to try to boot up with out the cpu in the socket to see if its the board or not - i let you know how this works out -- thanks
  24. yeah i got it know - its a bunch of bull and just confusing i asked Hiper this and got a email back saying that one of the 12v supplies power to the system - and the other 12v supplies power to the rest of the system - so from that i am guessing that i would need the board - and everything connected to the board to be under 18amp total - and the rest of the system needs to be under 20amp - next psu is going to be the pc power one - looking at the 750watt with 60amp -- for the price thats great -- i find out next week if the new psu was the problem - i was also told from AMD that i can try booting up without the cpu in the socket and see if the 4 leds on the board light up or not - to rule out the board or the cpu this way because if the psu dosnt fix my problem - then i have to rma something else - either board or cpu - or both maybe -
  25. ok i feel a little better now - one less thing to worry about since i connected a maze 5 block to it - i would have to put the orginal fan back etc. for rma -- they received my psu today and hopefully if they ship it out tomorrow or monday - i should have it by next weekend i still dont understand about the rails etc. and how can i spread the load out between all the fans etc. on my psu - there are 4 connections with 4 pins - i think 2 connections with 2 pins and one with 3 pins which i dont use - i guess it for the older motherboards i am thinking that the connections with the 4 pins are the 12v ones ? so two of them are one rail and the other two are the other rail - i just like to know how i can spread the load out so i dont over load one rail - the last post some one stated it was just hype they print about the rails and they are one rail etc. - - i didnt get that one - maybe someone can explain it in simplier terms - i dont even care to understand it really - i would to just like to understand how i can connect this psu to spread the load better between all my fans etc. --
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