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  1. hi - that sounds like a pain in the butt - now you got me worried also - i am about to build one the same way as you described too - dfi ultra with raptor for windows and i have a sata drive for storage - i hope i dont have this problem too - if i found anything out - i post it here -- if you figure it out please let me know in case i have the same issue the more i read around here - the problems i think i am going to face -- my sig is the system i will put together - hopefully next weekend i let you know how it works with the drives if i can get it going first :confused:
  2. hi - i am new to this - but i had that same problem with a logitech wireless mx duo also - and i have to use the adaptor with the usb to use the keyboard when i need to restore to a drive image - i can enter my bios but the enter key dosnt work to boot from cdrom or anything - i dont have a dfi but i think it may be a logitech issue - i just ordered a corded keyboard and keep my mx1000 laser - i am building my first system in a week - DFI nf4 ultra - ocz 2 gig dual channel - raptor - 6800 xtreme video - i dont really play many games so this would be fine for me - and x2 4200+ - i hope all goes well - sorry for getting off the subject here - try using the usb to ps2 adapter - i know it sucks -- mines sticks out too much and i dont like it when i have to use it for that purpose - please i am getting a keyboard that you can actually wash under water -- to keep it clean - corded this time - hope this helps - knowing it may not be the board or anything - just logitech wireless and usb drivers etc, -- but i have to say - i really like logitech the best -
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