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  1. thanks - its the weirdest thing - i tried everything you mentioned - the only one i didnt try was disconnecting the drive - the cable etc. and back - its not the disc - because i used the same disc on a notebook and it worked - i always thought it was the discs - i can rip from cds - but cant burn to them - it plays dvds - rips dvds - certain cds it reads - such as a program cd i have for office 2007 - it starts to spin that one - i have it to boot - i can disabled that one for now and put it back - the cmos is not it - i recently just cleared it for a week - while i was waiting for a replacement psu - the reason it sucks now - because i had to send my plextor back for RMA - and now i cant restore a image since it wont boot from the drive - i have a usb key - maybe i can make a boot image there and boot from the key - or i have to wait till i get my plextor back - or worst case - i just buy another cd combo drive - i just would hate to buy another one and find out it wont boot either - then that would mean its not the drive - all well - i think its the cd part of the drive not working good - these drives are very cheap - you could get a new one for 20 dollars - anyway thanks - but i will try to disable the boot from cd first - and maybe heck the cable - i did notice thats it connected as a slave drive - its the only IDIE i have connected -- my hard drives are all SATA - and my plextor was also - now sure if that makes a difference - the drive being a slave rather than a master - i am not sure how to fix that - if i have to fix a jumper on the rear or connected on the wrong part of the ribbion cable ? i belieave it was connected the same way before when it did work - i remember it was a slave before - so who knows - i try it later - since i am running data life tools for my external WD drive - checking it out - started to give me some issues - and my system wont reboot with the external drive connected to usb - it works with firewire - but if i reboot with the drive on in the usb port - it hangs before it posts and shows the devices - if i shut it off - it continues - i am sure its a setting i have to adjust but i havnt a clue yet - thanks
  2. thanks -- i figured it out - i checked the bios - thats to make the memory run slower right ? so by changing that to 2T - and a divider - that may make me go higher with the cpu ? -- i think i hang on at 2.8 for a while at least - let me enjoy it i dont want to burn up my cpu - if i can do it with the same volts - maybe i try in the summer when i have the AC on all day - i dont have coretemp - i use everest home ultimate to check my temps - what is Tcase max temp ? -- i made another post with pics if you like to check out the screen shots and temps i had while priming - now i am having some weird issues - i have to reformat my exteranl drive - it gave me a bsod - driver error and i had to reboot -- very weird - because i had that hooked up to a notebook today - a friends i was updating it for him and restored to a image i had of his - and now i have a bunch of folders in my external drive with folders that say update - and i cant delete them -- file in use etc. - havnt a clue - but i am wiping that partition clean -- i hope i didnt mess up something on his notebook now i hate notebooks - such a pain if you have to reinstall OS anyway - and top it off - my plextor is out for RMA - and my CDRW combo drive dosnt want to boot for CD's now or burn to them - i can use dvds - rip dvds and CD's but cant write to them - very strange things happening
  3. i think i will enjoy this for now - since all my stuff is only a year old -- i can use it for a couple of more years - at least one more because the next build will be with a quad core by then - and i would need to buy everything new again so i wait even two years for that - now i got another problem - off this topic - my combo cd - dvd rom cdrw - wont boot off a disk anymore - and i dont have my dvdrw now - so i cant restore - i havent a clue what happen - it used to work - i put the disk in - reboot and it keep going - i hit enter - etc. i checked the bios and nothings wrong - normally once i reboot with the disk in the drive - it starts booting already with no input from me - using R-Drive Image restore - now nothing and i wont get my dvdrw drive back for at least two weeks - unless my drive is going bad - since i cant seem to be able to burn cds there either - i can rip dvds - but cant burn cds - - rip them yes - burn on that drive no - ? very strange
  4. yes your right - even if i make it to 2.9 which i am not sure with the volts - who cares - only benchmarks show it maybe 3.ghz -you see a little more - but for now 2.8 is just fine with me -- i just finished working on a laptop for my friend - updating it and clean it up - make a new image - and maybe tomorrow get to upgrade it to vista - anyway - going from a laptop to this at 2.8 - feels so good even though the notebook is a amd turion x2 - 2.0 ghz - harddrives are still slow on notebooks - and just no where near the speeds i am used to now -
  5. yeah its fun and can be a headache too ok but does your cpu go up past 10.5x -- mines is locked at 11x - so i use that -- i would think yours would be 11x also - thats a good vcore and get stable at 2.8 -- i need to raise mines up to 1.550vcore - unless i missed something along the way - i guess i could start from stratch and see if i can get the same 2.8 with lower vcore - but thats a pain in the butt - and my temps are good - so most likely i wont do it -- what is your stock vcore for the 4800 ?
  6. thanks - i think your friends 4200 can do it - if he gets pc4000 memory - thats set to run at DDR500 stock - all he has to do is get the right settings for the pc4000 memory and he can be doing 2.5 very easy - then from there - he has to work his way up - testing along the way what kind of setup does he have - in parts etc. -
  7. also i heard but i a not sure excatly why -- i heard its not good to use a half divder -- like x10.5 or x9.5 etc. i read it here somewhere to stick with the whole number divder for the CPU -- i really didnt understand why - but i followed it just the same --
  8. sounds good to me -- i dont think i will try for more either - i hope to use my system this way for a few more years till the dust settles with AMD etc. and by then hopefully get a Quad core from AMD and start a new system - this is plenty fast for me as it is - i am just curious to how high it can go stable - maybe in the summer when i have the AC on all day - and lower to 2T - with divider - i try it and see if my CPU can handle it -- what is your total vcore with the special applied ?
  9. dont get a cheap psu - you will regret it - mines gave out a few weeks back - its a hiper 580w - i got a new one - RMA - it was a year old -- my next psu is going to be pc cooling - at least the 750w silencer - forget about 500w or 600w -- also i dont like this dual - rails - etc.. -- if you over load one rail which how would you know - it crap out -- i will get a huge one rail high quailty high amp - on my next psu -- i think IMO - you be better off with one good rail -
  10. nice OC - i just finally made it to 2.8 - with my x2 4200 manchester core - what temps are you getting - also what vcore are you running - i had to get mines to 1.550v to get stable - how high do you think these x2 can go ?
  11. now my killed my plextor after i fixed the wires and added a fan over the memory and board -- when i booted - the plextor gave me blinking codes - i tried everything from the plextor help site - nothing worked so i went to reflash the firmware - and i forgot to close my firewall and antivirus - well that hung it up - froze my computer - i had to reboot and it messed up my flash and my plextor - lucky thing - my warranty expires next week on the 14th - so i got a RMA and getting a replacement -- i got lucky - i may get a little better temps on the cpu once i change the front fans on the RAD tomorrow - the ones i have now came with the case and are guiet but not high cfm - i will have a controller so i can lower the new ones if i like or raise them all the way and cool the Rad better - took almost a year to get 2.8 - i was stuck at 2.75 for the longest - because i was on air also -- now i got WC and started to play around more - but i think this is my max for my cpu - my memory is maxed out also - unless i want to go down to 2T - and divider - but even then - i dont think my CPU will handle much more volts stable - not sure if its worth it - and maybe maybe get 2.9 - 2.8 feels pretty good - with DDR510 1T - no divider thanks for all the help along the way - things have changed here - that sucks - but maybe we can keep it going and help outselves
  12. this is my max OC so far - maybe my Max Max - not sure if i can get higher - and not raise the volts -- here are my pics - i just added a fan right over the memory and covers the board also - works great to cool the pwmic board - plus i have a antec spot fan to help - keep the board temps in check -
  13. hi thanks - i am suprised myself - to make it at 2.8 - well my ram really dosnt OC much over the stock 250 it may go about 257 before it gives me trouble running with no divider - so i left it at 255 - x11 - gives me 2.8 - i tired a few other things - and nothing worked - i got 2 hours stable at 260 x11 - but i gave up - i have to put more volts on the vcore - i think it was 1.6 or a bit over - not sure - but i dont think my cpu is going to handle much more and get stable - i tried a divider for 2.9 and 3ghz - but not stable at all - at 3.ghz - i couldnt do nothing - and then one time - i tried to boot with higher volts and it just shut down - never posted nothing - everything went out - i though i blew up the cpu - board etc -- after that - i put it back to my stable settings for 2.8 - and i am fine with that speed -- no use trying to push it and kill it - because even if i could get it that much more - whats the use - i run it now all day at 2.8 - with 1.550v - which is the max in the bios - if i need more - i have to use the special control - i have two gig - two sticks not 4 - and cpc is what excatly - i am not sure now - i just hope this vcore of 1.550 is ok for my cpu - the temps are good - under 50c even at load - if its too warm in my room - i take the side door off the case - and then its much cooler - if i see the temps under 50c or around 50c i leave the case closed - if not - i open it - since my room is very warm - where is cpc in the bios and what excatly does that do if i have it enabled or disabled -- is that for the 1T and 2T settings thanks - i will try to link pics of the OC - i took screen shots because i dont want to run prime again - 8 hours stable and was using nerovision to make a dvd - and burning a dvd , browsing while priming - i was shocked myself when it keep going - too bad i started it late - or else i would have left it running longer - but it was almost 3am and that was it - i stopped it - 8 hours on the nose -
  14. i havnt a clue what my Ram chips are --i do know that is not a big OC'er -- it runs at rated speed fine - no problems i belieave one time i tested and the best it can do with no divider was 257- - i am close to my max really i think unless i use a divider - i am at 255 no divier - - so maybe i can push it to 257 - and test it there - i dont know much about your Opty - but from what i seen with others - they use less volts in general and get a better OC -- what you are doing is similar to what happen to me when i started - i followed some settings that were suppose to work etc. - and nothing worked out so - i started from the bottom again - stock settings and then worked up again slowly adding volts as it failed - i got it stable at 2.7 with 1.45v -- then 2.75 need 1.5v now 2.8 - 1.550v -- thats the max in the bios - then i can use the special control to push it up -- try to find your stock settings for your memory - or just load optimized defaults and start again - sometimes its easier to start over again - if you had a problem such as yours -
  15. hi - i am not on AIR -- i am running with DD WC - cpu block and GPU block -- its in my sig - - DD WC -240Rad - and my cpu temps are in the 45c area at full load with 1.550v at 2.8 -- i did leave my side case off because of my room is very warm - the hardest part to keep cool is now my pwmic - board -- my chip is the coolest of everything now -- my core temps are approx 10C about my cpu temps - around 55c give or a take a C - and i can drop them a little more once i change out my Front fans on the Rad to higher speed ones i have - i am hoping that will drop it 5c - then i can continue and try to raise my max OC - if i can figure out my secondary memory settings better -- i posted my settings - if you think something could be changed for the better -- keep in mind the memory i am using -- thanks
  16. @chubbyfatazn i am looking at your sig - and you have the opty which everyone has and gets close to 3.0ghz or 2.9 - with lower volts than i use i think - maybe lower your memory to a 5/6 divider or post your settings for someone to help you - i think i should post mines too would be good - here are my settings - we do have different memory also so may not help you - Stable 2.8 speed x2 4200 OCZ Gold OCZ5002048ELGE-K 2 GiG Memory - 3-4-3-8 FSB Bus Frequency.............................255 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio.......................4 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio.......................x11 PCI eXpress Frequency.........................100 CPU Voltage ..................................1.550 LDT Voltage ..................................1.30 ChipSet (NF4) Voltage ........................1.60 DRAM Voltage .................................2.80 +0.03 if not 3.2V ............................Disable Memclock (DRAM Frequency) ....................200 1T/2T Timing (Command Per Clock)..............enable CAS Latency (Tcl).............................3 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd).....................4 Min RAS# active time (Tras)...................8 Row precharge time (Trp)......................3 Row Cycle time (Trc)..........................11 Row refresh cyc time (Trfc)...................16 Row to Row delay (Trrd).......................3 Write recovery time (Twr).....................3 Write to Read delay (Twtr)....................2 Read to Write delay (Trwt)....................3 Refresh Period (Tref).........................3120 Write Cas Latency (Twcl)......................Auto DRAM Bank Interleave..........................enabled DQS Skew Control..............................Auto DQS Skew Value................................0 DRAM Drive Strength...........................Auto DRAM Data Drive Strength......................Auto Max Async Latency.............................Auto DRAM Response Time............................Normal Read Preamble Time............................Auto IdleCycle Limit...............................256 Dynamic Counter...............................Disable R/W Queue Bypass..............................16x Bypass Max....................................7x 32 Byte Granularity...........................Disable (4 burst)
  17. thanks - for the compliment - i havnt seen any 4200 at this speed - but i cant belieave that i am the only one that can get 2.8 - i am no expert thats for sure - and sorry about the ramble posts i have a tendency to write what i am thinking sometimes - not knowing that i am the only one who knows what i am thinking - lol -- anyway - i was responding to the post before yours - someone posted - for the longest i couldnt get past 2.75 - i just added the WC setup a few months ago - and found out now the board is too hot - so added a spot fan - and will add another in the next few weeks around that area - the chip was hot with just the hr 05 tower cooler - didnt do anything for me in terms of bringing my temps down - i was pissed - then i added a 80mm to it - and bingo - its the coldest of all of them - i am changing my front Rad fans to cool better - so i am getting my temps under control now - but have to figure out my max cpu and max ram - what i didnt do from the very start - i guess i have to do now -- i wont be too surprised to find out that i am at or close to my max with both - i be shocked if i could get more and stable --
  18. do you think my cpu volts are too high for 2.8 ? my temps are good - at full load when tested for 8 hours - i remember there was a link to explain how to test for max cpu and ram - now i cant find it - maybe i reached my max and i dont know it --
  19. hi - ok i am a bit lost - i have my chipset very cool running with the hr 05 with a 80mm fan on it - its actually the coolest of everything - i raised the chip set volts up one - because i though it was holding me back - but my mistake was that i raised the chip set volts and the cpu volts at the same time - i ran prime and got it stable for 8 hours - while i was doing nerovision - browsing etc. - so i know its good at 2.8 -- so now i am not sure if it was the chipset volts i upped or the cpu volts or a combo of both that got me stable - i have the ldt volts as before now that i am running at 2.8 -- my ram i have it at 255 x11 - no divider - i know my ram isnt the greatest OC'er - when i first started to OC - i didnt test to find out the max cpu - and max ram - i didnt know - since this was my first time - i started about a year ago when i put this system together - so now - i have to say - i did a pretty good job with the help from here of course and lots of reading and testing - i am 2.8 stable now i tried 260x11 no divider and upped the volts just a bit more - i got it running stable for 2 hours - then it failed - i just tried 300x 10 with 5/6 divider and it booted - but of course its not stable - maybe a few mins on stress -- i then tried - 290x10 with 5/6 divider and ran stress - failed in 15 mins -- i upped the volts on the ram at some point between 2.7 and getting to 2.8 -- it was having a hard time - i put dram to 2.8 and then worked fine - i am not even sure many x2 4200 even got to 2.8 - i havnt seen any around - i would like to see there settings but cant find anyone who did it - one of my problems is the secondary settings for the memory in the timings etc. -- i really havnt a clue there i put it back to 2.8 and running fine - happy with it just was curious to see if i could do better - i may have reached my max with cpu and mem ? dont know if you can check my settings and if you see anything different i can try - that would be great - thanks
  20. ok thanks - good luck with your OC - i think that might be for the HTTP bus -- not sure though
  21. yeah i try to keep it under - but i want to know also is in the bios - the LDT bus option - i upped the volts there to i think 1.3v - not sure - smart is telling me its 1.37v what difference does that make by changing those volts on the LDT BUS in the bios - ? does it help or make it worse - ? since i upped it a bit -- its running prime for a hour now so far - before it failed in a min. - before that it ran for 2 hours and failed - so i know i am getting closer - the only change i made since it failed is up the LDT Bus volts in the bios --
  22. theres a trend on here somewhere about the pwmic with pictures - you need to cool around where the 24pin power is - around where the heatsinks are standing tall - thats where i put my spot fan and it helped it 8c -- but its not enough under full load at my max OC - i have the case door off while testing and window open - i will put another fan somehow over that area and memory some what to see what happens then - try to do a search on here - you may find it -
  23. do you know what the LDT bus does ? since i pushed that up a bit - smart tells me its at 1.37v - in red - i changed that in the options so i dont see it in red
  24. i have 1.7 volts on the chipset - not the cpu - cpuz tells me this - 1.58v for the cpu - speed = 2.860 x11 fsb 260 htt - 780
  25. if it works stable at 280 with out a divider - why bother unless you want to go more - right now i am not using the divider to see how far i can go with out one - my ram is at 260 now x11 - it passed prime at 255 x11 to give me 2.8 now its at 2.86 - testing - if it passed the two hour mark i have a good feeling about it going the full 8 hours
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