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  1. thanks -- i have to look for it - i think i saved it - i mounted heat sinks on the memory also - so i have to remove those - clean up a little - i put some more past on the fan if i find it -


    and see what happens - i really hope its the video card -


    when i unmount the water block - i dont have to remove the tubes from the block right ? this was my first water setup - so not sure - i can just unmount it and leave ?


    i really dont want to take off any tubing - even though it could be changed but i am tired of playing around with this -


    the tubing got discolored when installed it after a short time - with fluid xp - but didnt know i didnt have to use the other coloring to make it Uv more - and that turned it red - on the inside of the tubing so - dosnt glow anymore - just looks red


    but works fine - keep it cool - i watch it to make sure with Everest - i gave up trying to keep it looking cool - now - its as long as it works :) plus it got so dusty in there -- i had a fan over the memory and just removed it - threw it out - it build up so much dust over the memory and MB - i dont think it was worth it -- once i went to WC - then the case stayed hot -

    i have a swivel fan facing the board at the pwc area - i leave that one only - hopefully once i get it going if its just the video card -- i check the temps - or just lower my clock down -


    either way - i got a back up comp. now - laptop - very slow compared to my main comp. but better than nothing now -

    i have so much room on my desk now :)

  2. hi - i wonder if anyone can tell me whats going on with my system -


    i have a 4200 dual - dfi ultra - 2 gig - watercooled - xfx6800xt card --


    a few days ago - system got stuck - crashed - blue screen etc.

    i didnt do anything or add any new hardware or software -

    i noticed it said something about nvidia driver etc. --

    the screen gets all messed up - lines all over - etc. - its a video issue - but i though it was just the video driver - so i installed it again from nvidia site - but wasnt able to get it to post -


    sometimes i noticed on the board - one red light still on - i forget what that means - operating OS etc. --


    so i shut it off - flipped the switch to clear it - after a few hours - it posted and i wanted to restore to a different image i had - i got it to boot from the cd and ran the restore to a image and again it didnt reboot back up - nothing on the screen - no post nothing -- my screen power light is just flashing - i think that means its not getting a video signal -

    so i think its the card -


    i shut it down - cleared it again and left it overnight -

    next day - i tried to boot from the cd and install windows fresh

    but as i am doing it - my screen is all messed up with lines across the screen up and down - and garbage -- but it installed at least i think - then it came time to reboot and

    again didnt post or boot up -- so i gave up - everything was fine up to that moment -- but at times before this happened

    i noticed a flicker here and there - but didnt think nothing of it -

    i am running vista 32 ultimate -- i cant really troubleshoot much - because of the water cool and the other pci slot is not useable - the chipset heatsink and fan is blocking it -


    i would have to remove everything out of the case to try that option -


    i remember my card is warranty for life - so i called xfx and will be doing a RMA and hope they either fix it or replace - if its even the card -- i am not sure 100%


    does anyone have any idea what it can be ?


    also - do you think xfx would replace it even if i removed the stock fan ?


    i think i still have it - but if i dont and just send it in and tell them it was watercooled - so dont have the fan -


    would they honor the warranty ?

    thanks --

    system is about a little over 2 years old - really not old at all

  3. I don't know how far fromt he source you are, but I suspect tha tperhaps your TV is still in cable mode rather than antenna. You need to switch the tv to antenna, then do a search for digital channels... my dad bought a 46" xbr4 and had the same issue until i notcied that.


    hi - thanks - that sounds like it could be something - i havnt a clue how to put the TV in either mode - there is just one RF to screw in to - you can either connect the cable line to that or a Antenna - if you want to connect both - you would need a A/B switch - i tried it both ways - but like you said - maybe i have to do something to the TV to put it in Antenna mode ?? would you know what i have to do - i dont have an Antenna to try it out but if i see that the TV can be put into Antenna mode somehow - maybe i go get another Antenna and try it again -


    if you know how i can put it in Antenna mode - write back

    i read the manual and didnt notice anything - i dont see anything in the Tv menus that mention Antenna mode etc. - but maybe i missed something --


    thanks - and if you know which setting to go in the menu

    let me know

  4. hi - i just got a xbr4 32 inch for my bedroom and i tried a hdtv antenna - i picked up nothing at all ?? once i ran the search for Digital channels and picked up 3 i think - which all looked horrible - i returned the antenna and never tired it again - so for me a hdtv tuner in my tv is useless


    dont know if its the tv tuner or i just dont have a good signal path / antenna -

  5. hi - it may be your memory - i have different memory

    your volts are high - how did you get it to boot at those volts and are you running at those volts all the time ?


    what are your temps with those volts ? i heard that going to 1.6v and higher does take a toll on the cpu - not sure if it matter whether the temps are good or not - i am not sure - i tried to go to 2.9 and 3.0 -- i was able to run at 2.9 for a while - before it failed prime - but i had to raise the volts alot more - not sure what there were - but at one point - it started to boot and then just shut down period - everything - i though i blew the chip - board or everything - i put it back to my stable 2.8 and left it -


    i figured it wasnt worth it for me - i am good at 2.8 1.55v

    my temps are at around 40c under load if i raise the fans to the max on the Rad - or else it gets to about 45C with the fans on low - - the board hangs around the 49c to 51c and the chipset is one of the coolest now at around 42c at full load - so i feel pretty good about the temps with the volts i am pushing -- but i had to push too much more volts just to try to get 2.9 stable - and then i wouldnt run it 24/7 that way even if it got stable - so whats the use -



    you may want to start fresh with the OC and see if you can get higher this time around or try a divider - see if that works out better for you -

  6. You may be right about Sata and IDE - i been using Sata for over a year and havnt had any issues or have them work more or less than a IDE drive - so i am not saying they are better performers - maybe they are or maybe they not - it just makes me easier with the small thinner cable to plug in and looks neater in the case - also the Sata drives are a bit shorter so it dosnt stick out in the case as much as a IDE drive - but either way you go - the end result is the same i belieave - all i am saying is I havnt had any issues by using all Sata in my system - maybe others have - unless i run into a problem thats coming from me using a Sata drive - i wont ever go back to IDE if i can help it - just getting rid of that big fat long ugly IDE cable was reason enough for me to go Sata :)



    but everyone is different and what ever works for you -

  7. i would get the samsung out of those three just for the sata - or else get the lite on sata version - i think its 3 dollars more :) over the ide version - makes things easier inside the case - but you have to decide first if you want to go sata or stay ide - then you can narrow it down - its not a huge price purchase so i am sure anyone of those would work fine

  8. what kind of quirks are sata having compared to IDE drives ? i been using Sata drives for over a year now and i havnt had any problems with Dvds - burning them or ripping them etc. - what kind of problems would a Sata have over a IDE ?

  9. i just got the liteon LH20A1 Sata - i used it today first time

    its not bad - burns pretty fast - price is good and comes with the Sata cable - i also got a plextor 755Sa which was returned to me from Plextor after i burned up my 716Sa model - i messed up with the firmware upgrade - and i killed it - but i didnt say anything :) so i sent back RMA and they gave me this newer model even better - once they received mines - i got the new one in two days - i put them both in my system today - i got all Sata now - finally got rid of that big IDE cable - i really like the plextor even though alot of people are saying they are not as good as they used to be - i dont know if thats true or not - but you do pay over double for the plextor -

    but i think you will like the liteon - its the latest one 20x -

    i just started to use it today and burned dvds only - its pretty fast with that - have to see how the Cds are - etc.


    i got it at newegg - 48 dollars shipped - got in two days :)


    comes with the black face installed and extra beige face and cable -

  10. ok so if i put my HD to boot first - and cdrom sec. and third - then i boot right into windows with the External on


    i dont want to boot from the External HD -


    if that works - thats great - then i just have to remember to put it back to cdrom first if i have to boot from a disk


    i did try something like that in the bios - not sure what it was called - but i wasnt able to move anything - even with the + - keys - i cant remember what option it was

    but i seen the external drive and another drive - but either way - i wasnt able to move any of them -


    i try that tomorrow just to see if that works -

    also - if i did want to boot from a usb thumb drive -

    i can use the esc key to try to boot from the thumb drive

    i like to set my thumb drive up to boot from in order to restore a image if i needed to - just so happen my plextor i had to RMA and my cd combo drive just dosnt boot from any cd anymore - so i was stuck with no drive to boot from - i felt as if something happens now i am stuck - so i decided to get a liteon dvd burner - the new one to replace the cd combo drive - and its a sata so i can get rid of the bit ata cable - the cd combo works for dvds - but for some reason dosnt burn cds anymore or boot from them - i though for the longest it was picky with the cd media - but i guess not - and warranty expired last week - if i knew - its been a while that way -

    oh well - i know now :) --


    but thanks for the tips - i give it a try tomorrow with the HD first boot - but whats weird is if i leave my usb thumb drive in - it boots as normal - only the external HD has a issue with the usb cable and drive on -

  11. thanks - but i dont want to boot from the external HD -

    i just want to boot into windows with out turning the drive off each time --


    if i have the External drive on and i have to reboot - i have to turn it off first - then reboot and turn it back on


    if the drive is off - its not a problem -


    with the firewire cable - i can leave it on or off and reboot

    dosnt matter - it works -


    so i am trying to figure out how i can boot with the drive on with the usb cable - whats hanging it up - and how can i fix it -


    but in case i wanted to boot from a usb thumb drive - i can use the esc key to set that up ?


    i want to be able to do that also now that you meantioned that -


    thanks - but the main issue i want to figure out is - how can i leave my external HD connected and ON - with the usb cable and be able to reboot etc. with on hangs -

  12. hi - i been trying to figure out why my system wont boot with my External hard drive in the usb port - but with firewire it boots fine no problems --


    but with the firewire cable - i cant use WD date life tools -

    but the WD date life tools work when its connected with usb cable -


    so with the usb cable plugged in - and i reboot with the drive on - it just hangs at post before it shows all the devices - if i shut off the drive - even when it hangs - it just continues to boot -


    so something with the usb is hanging it up - but i check the bios and dont really know what excatly i need to change to make it just boot up -


    i have it set to boot from cd rom first and second - and third is HD - which puts me in windows -


    has anyone had this issue and how can i fix it -


  13. ok so your saying - it dosnt matter if it dosnt show up in device manager ? in XP it shows the nvidia sata controller etc. and now with vista -- it dosnt show it - i installed the latest nvidia drivers for vista 32bit - i dont have a problem with my drives - i just though it would show in device manager - belieaving it should run better with sata drives installed -



  14. thanks for the pictures - so i guess i am not running in Sata mode - mines dosnt show the Nvidia controllers and in storage controllers - it only shows the microsoft one


    so how do i get it to install the nvidia sata controllers ?


    i have downloaded the latest from the nvidia site for vista 32 bit - i believed that has the Sata in there -


    maybe i should try installing it again ?? if that dosnt work - what can i do ?



  15. Hi - i installed the latest nvidia drivers for vista 32 bit

    but when i checked device manager - to see if my HD's are running Sata - it shows Standard PCI IDE Controllers -

    does that mean my HD's are not running Sata speeds ?


    on the nvidia site - it shows IDE Sata drivers as part of the package - how can i tell for sure how my Drives are running and if they are running in IDE mode - how can i get them to run Sata ? thanks - all my HD's are Sata and both my DVD's are now Sata - - also - the nvidia audio codec dosnt work yet with vista - even though windows update shows it as a update - it crashes windows - i been using AC97 Real - and working fine - no problems - in case you have problems with your audio driver -



  16. yes it has to be something in the bios thats making it hang on boot - but only when i use it with the usb cable - if i use the firewire - it boots fine - but i changed the cable because i was having a problem with the drive - but i think i fixed it maybe i put the firewire cable back - and leave it - about the cdrw combo - i am not going to get too crazy about that - like you said - 30 dollars and 2 days later from newegg and i got a new one :) - just so happened that i was stuck with no drive to boot from - i have a image with R-Drive - so i tried to make my thumb drive bootable - i made a partion on it - but not sure if its working right - i wasnt able to make it bootable for some reason with R-Drive - so i just installed the whole program on the thumb drive - then i ran it to restore a image - and it said it had to be rebooted because of a locked drive etc. ? i am guessing because i am in windows and it cant restore while your in it -- so i rebooted and it started the process of restore - and it worked :) so thats good - but what i need to figure out is how to make it a boot disk on the partion - that would be good - then just reboot with thumb drive in usb port -

    i also have Acronis drive image - i will try to make it a boot with that one - see if it works -- and also data life tools for WD drives - wouldnt work with my external if it was connected with the firewire cable - then i used the usb cable for other reasons and tried it again and then i was able to run Data life tools -- you would think WD would add that pieace of information when you download that program to test the drive with - so i ran the test and drive was fine - i messed something up yesterday when i had the external drive connected to a notebook i was working on and updating everything - for some reason i ended up with update folders and files on my external drive and couldnt delete them -says in use -- etc. - even after i disconnected the drive from the notebook and rebooted a few times - so i wiped out the drives - formatted again - ran tests - etc. - what a pain and still dont have a clue how that happened - so i changed the cable to usb - maybe my firewire cable or connection either on the drive or my MD is flaky -

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