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  1. The fans don't actually have lights in them either. They have small lengths of Fiber Optic inserted into holes drilled into the fan blades. Behind the fans is a small bracket with several LED's grouped together pointing at the fan and wired into the PSU. As the fan spins, the LED's shine through the Fiber Optic but notthe rest of the fan blade. Could be done on your own if you have the fiber optic and ingenuity to build the LED device but PCMODS.com would be an easier solution and it would work the first time !!! Go PCMODS
  2. Linux, I haven't sanded anything, it has a perfect edge on the window with no sanded smoothness to it at all. I discovered the slot cover while looking for a screwdriver, I wasn't prepared by having a screwdriver already sitting there and once I got the window in the 1st time, the only thing I could reach was the slot cover and wha-laa it worked great. Bass_freak, do me a favor and email them at [email protected] about your problem also. Their outlet store is down the road from me and they want $20 to put the window in even though I already have the hole cut to their specs. Maybe they'll give me a break if more people are having the same problem. I realize and am sorry this doesn't help you but.....scratch my back bro !!!! I am about to go insane listening to these 120mm fans I got running in my case, sounds like I am sitting in the middle of a WWII airfield with a million old prop driven planes taking off all around me.
  3. I got it completely in 2 different times, installed just like you said also (happens to be almost exactly like my instructions). Its almost like something is pushing the window out from the inside but i don't even get a chance to put the case side on my case. The rubber molding seems like it isn't gripping the case side or something. I stopped by PCMODs and looked at their case sides and mine is installed the exact same way. Thats when they told me $20 to put it on for me. Just may end up paying them.
  4. Installing a round PCMODs window into a
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