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  1. Unfortunately, I DO have the 4 pin connector in place. I haven't metered power at the connector and am just ASSuming that there is power. DQ
  2. I will give the delete key trick a try. Thanks for the tip! As far the Modstream 450 + Ultra-D combo, I tried that combo as well as was greeted with slow boot times and random reboots. Now to stay somewhat on topic, the combo of Expert and Powerstream 520 shows very little voltage fluctuation under load, compared to Expert+Modstream 450 combo. I simply can't see a reason for the random reboot and the inability to restart. I will try whatever "tricks" you guys provide and tough it out a bit longer. Thanks, DQ
  3. I thought that the powerstream 600 was the one with issues, but seeing all the other quirky stuff on these forums makes me think you could be right about issues between the 520 and Expert. As far as getting a SLi-D, I think I will pass. I do own a DFI Lanparty Ultra-D and it has "issues" as well. My time with DFI may be reaching an end. Thanks again, DQ
  4. Well, I picked up a new powersupply and have continuing problems. I still have random machine reboots (like before), and I can NOT power back up unless I flip the power switch on the PS to off for about 10 seconds (until leds on MB go dark). If I do not do the power switch thing, the machine spins up then abruptly powers down. Any thoughts on where the problem now lies? Thanks in advance, DQ
  5. Now that we are delving deeper into this, I also experienced the same slow boot behavior on a nf4 ULtra D with a lesser video card installed. This is a single video card, factory clocked system. If the power supply was "inadequate", would I really have periods where everything works correctly? DQ
  6. I completed two passes of the built in memtest, no errors encountered. Its interesting to note that the normal reboot speed is back. Any other pointers? DQ
  7. I will kick off a memtest run and report back. The CPU temps are about 45C under load. DQ
  8. Oddball troubleshooting question - For about a week I had a system (see sig) that was working just fine. Suddenly, I noticed that during a reboot, the bios screen shows the CPU immediately, but the detected memory is really slow (on the order of 45 seconds) or so before its findings are displayed on the screen. The LEDs on the board show that everything is detected, a single red led is lit at this time and remains lit until the system boots. I also have started experiencing occassional blue screens, that cause an immediate reboot. What do you think is causing this? Bad memory? Bad memory controller in CPU? Any good trouble shooting methods to narrow this down? Thanks in advance, DQ
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