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  1. yea its in norcal. well the board is dead i think, i did a more than 8 hour clear and it doesn't want to turn on anymore. i have another ultra-d on the way, but i guess i should find out if i can return this broken one to DFI, im not sure about their warranty though
  2. i unplugged it. i have a bad feeling though. When should I suspect the mobo is finished?
  3. ok im trying the cmos clear for a longer time now. by the rocker, do you mean the black switch with the - and 0? i have that set to 0 while im waiting for cmos to clear. and yea as soon as i get power im going to test for stability. the system was running fine up until now, then it just freezed
  4. Hi, I am having the same problem again. I followed the flash bios procedure that you linked to back when i started this thread. that worked. now its a month later. my comp froze. and it won't turn on again. i tried just taking out the battery, putting it back in , and power came on for a split second i tried the whole procedure again, but the orange led on the motherboard just gets bright for a second, but nothing happens. was my motherboard just slowly dying? i know for a fact its not my PSU because ive tested it.
  5. i turned it off in windows. now it won't turn back on. ive turned it off and on fine for months. the standby light is on. does that mean something? i tried resetting the cmos and it did nothing. the powersupply just wont go on. any ideas?
  6. ive googled and searched this forum, I can't seem to find out what it actually does. but is this the bios that lets you put 2 1gb sticks in the yellow slots for dual channel memory? i have gskill pc-4000, and the orange slot closest to the heatsink is being kinda flaky, at both official bioses(6/23 and 11/?)
  7. well, is there at least a way to tell windows to stop coming up with these 'hardware not found' screens everytime i boot up windows?
  8. well i installed the full CCC and still there are 2 unknown devices. also i tried doing an automated driver search of the DFI driver cd, but they didn't find a driver. i wish i knew what these things were, but it only says 'unknown'
  9. well everything seems to be working. the only thing i can think of is for the first time i didn't install the CCC with the atidisplay driver. just the display driver and ati tray tools this time. but that couldn't be it? ive installed the latest nforce drivers(6.70) and checked everything, but didn't install ide driver or nvidia firewall
  10. sorry to bump old thread, but this one is exactly my problem. i have 2 unknown devices in devicemanager, and i dont know what they are for. ive installed video, sound, nforce chipsets all successfully, yet at startup im nagged by 2 unknown hardware screens.
  11. ahh, it was my unattended windows xp dvd, argh! i installed with my normal xp cd and it worked. doh! thanks anyway though
  12. with rig in sig, it stops at the same place every time i try to install windows. about 3/4 of the way through the progress bar. no BSOD, no freezing, it just doesn't go anywhere while the 5 lights at the bottom keep flashing, indicating that setup is still trying to do something. any ideas? ive tried 2 different discs now. i haven't touched the bios yet, is there something in there that could be hindering this? i guess i assumed it would let me install windows first
  13. ive plugged in the 24 pin, the 6pin pci-express power, and theres a 4 pin connector on the m/b. my question is, since there are two possible connections the powerstream has for this, which one do i use? the +p4 or the p4?
  14. while looking through the OC database i see peoples screenshots with motherboard monitor. but i thought that they aren't updating it anymore, so how can it work with these newer motherboards? im building my comp tomorrow, and wondering if there is any special way to get MBM to work with an ultra-d
  15. what are these 'errata' settings you are talking about? thanks
  16. this is going to be an OCing rig and I want to squeeze every bit of performance out of it I can. im new to dual-core and 64 bit CPUs, im wondering if im missing any software some of you would recommend. right now i have: -windows xp pro CD with SP2 integerated -latest nforce chipset drivers from nvidia.com -latest ultra-d drivers(sound, LAN etc) -latest ATI catalyst driver from ati.com -dual-core hotfix for windows xp am i missing anything? im referring only to software that lets windows run as smoothly as possible with all the hardware(not apps like prime95, cpuz for testing OCs) thanks for any help
  17. between this and the sparkle 550w, what do you guys think would be better for a ultra-d OCing non-SLI setup w/ an opteron 165, x1900xt, 1 HD, 1 DVD drive? or anything you recommend for around the $100 pricepoint? thx
  18. crap. this is new info for me. i just bought an ultra-d and opteron 165 after reading a lot of stuff, thinking i could do memory dividers to reach high overclocks. i have gskill pc-4000 memory. so then how is it possible to reach 2600+ without dividers? what are MAL and RPT?
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