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  1. Ok, i agree with that, and have done that, but the router is in another room where it isnt exactly easy to get to. I guess i could buy a long a$$ ethernet cable... but thought it would be cool to do it this way..
  2. Hey guys, The back of the board has 2 LAN ports on it and i was wondering how to go about having a cable run from the router to my computer( already done and working) and then share the connection with a lap top sitting next to my tower (using the 2nd port) Is this possible? and if so, how do i do it? Thanks!! -Z
  3. yes, I did. Still nothing. Tried everything I can think of. Good thing the drive has a 5 year warranty
  4. CD drive is set as cable select. Will disconnect drive and see how it works. Dont have another rig to test on, but this worked on my previous comp and used it when setting up this rig to move files around. *EDIT Unplugged CD drive and still nothing. Also tried switching between primary and secondary channel of MoBo. In BIOS all IDE is enabled.
  5. Hello, I have my systems up and running and has been for about 6 months. I decided to throw in an IDE HDD drive i had laying around (160GB Seagate) but can't get it to work. I have the jumper set to cable select and have the drive sucessfully powered (i can feel it spinning). I have confirmed that the IDE cable works by testing with a CD drive and then plugging it into the HDD. Right now it goes: HDD-----CD Drive----MoBo the CD drive shows up fine in BIOS, but the HDD doesnt. I have also tried using it on the primary and secondary channels, as well as switching between master and slave. I am at a loss as to what is wrong, except the drive is FUBAR. Anyone else got any ideas? -Z
  6. Thank you. I figured it out and got the rig up again. Still confused on the whole IDE thing, but i will update BIOS and clear CMOS and hopefully it will work. Thank you again for your help! -Z
  7. the HDD is on its own cable and i havent touched the floppy either. Im not so much worried about seeing the drive as getting my rig to work again. Ive tried the optimized defaults option hoping that it would un-f*$% something I did, but it didnt... csn you think of any problems?
  8. OK, i plugged everything in and whatnot, but still can't see the drive, and now im stuck at post. It says "BOOT DISK FAILURE - INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" But my system disk, the raptor is visible in the BIOS. im so confused. Thank you for your help. you are a God -Z
  9. OK, not a bad idea... Just need to figure out how to get my older IDE drive working so i can copy all the data from my SATA onto it to make the RAID work. You think you could help woth that too? I have the drive powered and the juper set to master and am using the end of the IDE cable and its plugged into the primary IDE channel on the MoBo, but it doesnt show up anywhere.... -Z
  10. Its a red circle with a white line through it on the array - and its "offline" and when i try to reactivate it, i get a warning : "the operation did not complete, check event log for details" Thank you so much for your prompt replies!! *edit* here is the error from the log INTERNAL Error - No valid disk belonging to the disk group was found (C1000096). -Z
  11. I tried the F10 way, but when I get to XP and go to the disk management thing in My Computer, the array has a stop sign thinggy on it. I know, im using the technical terms I installed the drivers when i first set up my rig so i should be able to use the NVIDIA controls, but where are they? Thanks, -Z
  12. OK, I have the Raptor on SATA port 1 and my other 320s are on 3 & 4. I have data on the one of the drives and want to make a mirrored RAID array but cant figure out how to get the array to show up. I get up to the array showing up as "healthy" after POST, but I can't see the drives or array in XP Pro. Any ideas? -Z
  13. Wow, Thank you so much! Such a simple fix, and now my life isnt over Thank you so much!! have another Q, but need a new thread... Thanks again! -Z
  14. OK, Here is my issue. I had XP Pro on my raptor and data on my other drive. Then realized that i didnt have the RAID set up properly, so i went about fixing that. In the process, I moved the SATA cables to the 2 320GB drives would be on 3&4 while raptor was on 1. Then restarted into BIOS and BAM! my HDD dont show up. I have tried everything I can think of, as well as scouring the forums but to no avail. Anyone got any ideas? Its as if my SATA ports disappeared. I hope I can get this figured out.... Oh, and I dont have another rig to test stuff in. And i've been using this machine for a good 6 Mo w/o problems.... Thanks in advance, -Z
  15. I just put my rig together (in sig) and was installing Speedfan, but when i went to run the program, my entire computer crashes. I have no idea what is causing it... Any ideas? -Z
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