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  1. Thanks a lot. I will try your safer method first then if I am feeling adventurous I will try the danger method. What were you findings? Was the Vcore closer to windows or bios?
  2. When you say ground do you mean Vgnd or Ground? What is the difference between the 2? Also if were to make a mistake how much dame could I do?
  3. I am going to try and use this picture below in conjuction with my voltmeter to try and check whether my bios or CPUz is closer to the actual Vcore through my CPU. The picture doesnt make it very clear where to stick the 2 probes though, do I just pick one of each of the three Vcore and Vground spots at random? Cheers
  4. Is there a way for the moderators to reward generosity like this as I think it is more than deserved?
  5. Thanks very much, I have made a slight mistake on the address so I will send it again to your email address. Dont worry about the shipping time, just get the cheapest shipping you can. Please could you tell me the cost after you have sent it so I can refund you the costs. Cheers
  6. I have sent an email to you with my address Kandoo. What sort of temps were you getting with it? Is it quiet? Thanks again for the generosity. Did you end up gettin a VCRE? How does this compare to the vantec in cooling/noise wise?
  7. Kandoo that is really kind of you. I am not quite sure how to get in contact with you so that I can give you my address (dont really want to post it on the Web), any ideas, thanks again, Mark
  8. Yeh, it is the first link in the second post
  9. I couldnt find it anywhere in the UK but Jabtech will ship to the UK for $18. So that means I can get a VC-RE for $26 or a Iceberq4 for $18ish. What is it to be?
  10. Hmmm...both the VCRE and the Jing Ting look good but I cant find either of them in the UK. Do you think they would be better than the Iceberq 4?
  11. Here are the contenders so far: http://www.eclipsecomputers.com/product.as...FV-CCBA4C&af=50 http://www.thecoolingshop.com/product_info...products_id=906 http://www.thecoolingshop.com/product_info...products_id=907 http://www.bigbruin.com/html/evercool-vcre.htm
  12. I am about to change the fan on my DFI SLI DR and I am not sure which one to go for. At the moment it is a toss up between the Vantec Iceberq's and the Evercool VC-RE. I am slightly swaying towards the Vantec Iceberq 4, but just wanted an opinion before buying it. Cheers
  13. Thanks a lot guys, great advice as usual. Works perfectly after I reinstalled the drivers. Cheers
  14. So, all you need to do is put the Jumpers in the SLI positions and it works? I thought you would need to alter a setting in the bios as well.
  15. Is there any way to use the 2nd PCI slot for your graphics card instead of the 1st slot? Would there be any difference in performance? When I plug the GC into the second slot, it doesnt seem to work properly, so I think I must need to change a setting somewhere. Thanks
  16. Hi, I have used Tmods cd, but I didnt think it had that bios on it. Does it? Thanks mark
  17. I cant seem to find a way to flash the 704-2bt bios. I dont have a floppy drive, but I do have USB drive and a CD rewriter. I have downloaded to BIN file, so what do I do now?? Thanks
  18. I havent changed my bios yet from the standard one. I am about to change it, but I am not sure which one to choose. Any recommendations?
  19. Yeh, with my old A8N mobo, my thermaltake big typhoon and the standard TIM, my load temps varied from 36C to around 40C. So the difference is around 10C at best
  20. I would easily accept the 5C rise in idle temps, but a 12-14C rise in load temps seems way too high just to be linked to the sensors. I really am stumped on this situation!!
  21. Right...I have spent the last couple of hours removing the HSF, cleaning the CPU and HSF with isoproply alcohol, reapplying a rice sized amount of AS5, then reattaching the HSF. I turned my computer back on and the temps are still not to my liking. I am idling at about 32C and loading at around 48-50C! (does a 20C change seem strange?) I don't know what to do now! The DFI expert has the CPU positioned directly in front of the exhaust fan like with the A8N, but I dont think I want to go though the hassle of selling my Sli DR (which I have owned for about 4 days) and buying an expert, especially if this doesnt solve the problem. What can I do???
  22. The problem with moving the exhaust fan is that the holes in my case would not be directly behind the fan, therefore it would not be sucking the hot air out of the case. I think I will reapply the AS5 with a smaller amount this time, maybe that will help. Although 47C isnt too bad, it is still too high for my liking.
  23. I have just changed my motherboard from an A8N Deluxe to a DFI Nf4 Sli DR and my CPU temperatures have increased by quite a lot. On the A8N my Idle CPU temp was around 26C, now it is 32C. The load temp on my A8N was 36C now it is 46C. Here are a few possible culprits which I think may be the cause: 1)On the A8N the CPU is positioned in front of the exhaust fan on my case, but in the DFI mobo, the CPU is shifted 3 inches and so is towards the bottom of the exhaust fan. 2)I changed my TIM to AS5 (which I thought would lower my temps!), maybe I applied it wrongly (although I thought I had done a good job at the time. 3)The temperature sensors are wrond on one of the boards Does anyone know what the cause/solution is?
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