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  1. Hi hoping someone might be able to help. Have this weird problem with connecting to internet via my nvidia network to router. When on interenet the speed is fine but when loading any game whilst have network cable connected it takes ages to load. found this happening initially the other day whilst at a lan party and have found it again now i have bought a router. Is there a fix for this or is this just the way it is? Thanks again.
  2. Just built my system the other day and as can see from sig includes an x1900; no problems at all with installing it. Not sure if makes any difference really but read that pcie should be set at 105 rather than Nvidia setting which is 101-102.
  3. Have you set your pcie to 105 rather than 100. Know that Nvidia like 101-102 and ATI 105.
  4. Hi am unable to oc my 146 above 2.7ghz although on previous msi board i managed to get to 3.0ghz easily; have been told that I should flash the BIOS to 623. Present BIOS is 3/10/2005. What i'd like to know is do people agree with this and also as I don't have a floppy drive is it safe to use Winflash to flash the BIOS - would also like a detailed guide to this as have never flashed a BIOS before and am a little scared of becoming the owner of a very dead motherboard. Cheers
  5. Your wrong about divider - the memory will run upto 260ish fsb on a 200 memory speed. This is PC4000. Know the cpu will do 3.0ghz and at a 166 divider I know that the memory will do 300+ so am unsure what is holding it back.
  6. Hi built this rig this week and although had the cpu and the same memory in previous system at 3.0ghz I can't get it past 2.7ghz on this ultra-d. I have tried same settings as on previous board with same volts etc but no go. Am running the pc4000 memory at 166 divider 3-4-3-8 at 2.8v and the cpu at 1.52v; thought with the reputation of the dfi it would be easy. I am using a Thermaltake Typhoon so cooling is not the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  7. Is this true with every BIOS version etc?
  8. Hi am wondering if someone can tell me whether I should trust the BIOS reading of 1.51v for my cpu or cpu-z which says 1.488v. Am overclocking my cpu so is quite important that I get it correct. My last board I needed 1.52v to keep the cpu stable at 3.0ghz; am having trouble getting it stable at 2.7ghz on this board - any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks
  9. Well, found a cure to the Fear problem - removed all trace of it, re-installed and put latest patch on and all is well. Have managed a little bit more overclocking with cpu now at 2.6ghz - lowered the cpu volts and tightened a few timings and is stable so far but is 36c idle with a big tyhoon attached. Want to get it to 3.0ghz which had on previous motherboard. Are having too high volts just as bad as not enough as needed 1.52v on previous board to reach 3.0ghz stable but after lowering it from 1.52v to1.4 something it was then stable at 2.6ghz. Any overclocking advice would be appreciated.
  10. Could someone also tell me what the cpu thermal throttling does and the best setting for it - presently on 50%. many thanks
  11. Hi there did a new build today with new motherboard and a new x1900xt. Everything has gone pretty well overall but would like a bit of help on a couple things please. Installed game Fear and no matter if patched/unpatched or cpu clocked/not clocked the game acts strangley from begining by skipping cut scenes and crashing. This game worked fine on previous build with clocked cpu. My other thing is that although I have had my opteron 146 clocked at 3.0ghz for sometime on previous system which was an MSI Neo2 I cannot get past 2.5ghz on this Ultra-D which I thought would be able to do it fine. I have tried with same setting used on the msi: mem: 3-4-3-8 at 2.8v 300x10 at 166 CPU: 1.52v If someone could give me some pointers would be really grateful. All best, Malccy
  12. See, your worrying me now lol. Have been fine so far with my noisetaker 485w and 4 drives - surely an x1900xt will not make a drastic difference? Mant thanks again for all helpful posts.
  13. Many thanks for reply. Have had my OCZ working fine for while so know it's safe - can I install both at once? - and which slots for dual channel? Not planning to raid my h/drives - how come can't connect all four straight off? Really appreciate your help - thanks again
  14. Hi this is my first post here so hello to you all. Am getting a second hand dfi ultra d in a few days (as well as 520w OCZ PSU and x1900xt) and have a few questions regarding it which I hope someone could help answer. apologies if the answer are in other threads or stickies. 1. Will BIOS recognise my Opteron 146? 2. Is it true I need to use optimal settings, only 1 sata drive (have 4) and only 1 stick of memory when installing windows first time? 3. Will a Big Typhoon fit ok on board? 4. Will x1900xt work fine on board (anything i should be wary/careful of)? 5. Should I update BIOS straight away or 'if fine leave it' type thing? Sure there are many other questions I will need answering after build etc. As can see from sig I have an msi neo2 which although a good overclocker has only few options. Would it work if I just used the A64 Tweaker settings I have on this board and transfer over to my new dfi board? Many thanks for help in advance.
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