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  1. Well, i've played with all them before, im not saying we can beat them, i just wanted to see if anyone would be interested. im sick of just playing online. i didnt mean just 1-2 scrims a week, i ment matches. But yeah, seeing whos interested. Plus its off season too so its the best time.
  2. Hey guys, i was curious to see who here that plays source has any background in competing. I've been playing CS since Beta 3(sept. 1999), and have been competing since beta 7. Im looking to start a pro team and thought doing so with the street may be a cool idea. Would consist of going to lans and competing against top teams in the US. Playing online in CAL(Cyberathletes Amateur League) and moving up. There would be practice weekly, probably 3 times a week, and matches 1-2 times a week depending on the level of play. This was just a thought, seeing who may be interested.
  3. Sw4y

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    Thanks for the invite guys. Your all gonna get me in trouble today =P. Ill be doin laundry and studying while gaming i guess. I vote for CSS but BF2 or DOD works for me.
  4. Sw4y

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    Well, i would like to join. My XFire is Sw4y1313 I used to play CSS competetively for many years. Been playing CS since beta 3(1999). Played in leagues around Beta 5 but have since gotten to busy for them. Thought i would join the DFI Street community in playin games. Its always fun ownin Angry =P
  5. I put him into the boards just a little to hard this time... Just playin, but yeah... im even surprised to see that. I must see whats up =P
  6. Well that looks like an ok tv. I dont see anything on the Contrast Ratio's and whatnot. I used to install home theatre systems here in boise and I had to know quite abit about different tvs. If hes going to spend 1900, i would recommend a DLP(Digital Light Processing) projector. Those things have the best picture IMO. They also have a better price to size ratio then LCD's. They also go for about 100k hours vs the LCD that goes like 40-60k hours. Also the LCD puts out heat and has a horrible visibility angle(forget correct term). Also with the DLP's, if you can see the screen, the picture is crystal clear, unlike LCD's. I have a 42inch LCD at home up on top of our fireplace at about neck level(im 5'7) and when you sit down on the couch, it sucks. The DLP's also have reduced in depth. they are about 11inches deep. EDIT: Look at the price of this compared to what you just posted from dell. http://electronicsworldwide.stores.yahoo.n...5252dlptew.html A 52inch vs 37inch @ $1,900 Just go to any Bestbuy/Circuit City/Electronics store and look at the differences. Check out the viewing angel, the contrast/brightness. Be picky, ask them to play a dvd for you. You will see a big difference. I wouldnt buy a tv from them, i usually had my customers go there and pick a style they like. And i would get it for them 10-30% less.
  7. They do make solid state harddrives. Check em out at newegg. They are pretty expensive for anything over 30 something gigs. That should reduce the heat in your case a lot too because there arent any moving parts.
  8. The WRX STi is the car i will be getting when I have the money. I watched/saw a couple reviews on the STi and Evo and they are both equally as good. I personally thing the overall difference between the two is the comfert. The STi is better for driving around town as well as going speed/handling. Also i believe it has a controller that allows you to change the ammount of power to the wheels. I think it goes from 30/70 to 50/50. To me, that car turns heads more then any BMW/Audi and you dont need to do any mods for them to burn rubber. The Evo is 5 speed, the STi is 6 speed. That makes the evo faster in 1/4 mile but STi has a faster 1/2 mile. Also the STi doesnt come with a stereo because of Rally requirements, it is over weight. But for like 1k extra you can get a pretty decent one from the dealer. EDIT: I forgot to mention that the STi has a 2.5ltr engine which gives it more power on the lowend. The evo has some boost lag, i believe its 3k rmp's when it gets its true power.
  9. I agree bigr. I bought a 86 Vic for $1000. The thing runs great, and its fast too. Its the 5.0 not 5.8 but oh well. The suspension that comes with em are really smooth and allow you to corner like no other car i have driven. Even though its a boat, the thing sure doesnt drive like it. Its also an Ex Boise Sheriff's car =P The engine and interior is spotless.(The Exterior could use a paint job from them removing the sheriff's logo).
  10. Yeah, he is looking mostly at the CPU score. Thats what im going to give him. But you are right playdead, also the change in memory controller can effect your scores a bit, but i doubt a huge change would happen.
  11. Sorry man i zoned out the past couple days, iv been really tired. I will post my scores today. I have a screenshot of my 05 score i can just pull up. My ram i currently @ 3-4-4-9(there is a mistake in my sig but i will change it when i put my OCZ Gold GX in today) which my timings will be 3-4-3-8 instead. I dont think your ram timings will have too much to do with your cpu score. I will run 3d05 today @ 2.5ghz 1:1 and post a shot.
  12. nice choice KaCaBUla, you should be quite pleased.
  13. fariss i know dude, just getting it out there. If you need some type of reference point i can try and come up with something, as an example but it would be horrible. I need to get PS back on my machine first. You could include Hockey stick hitting a puck or something kinda like that, but unique.
  14. We would like to keep this original fariss. If you use something you have seen before to come up with an idea, thats awesome, but we dont want to take something not designed from someone we know. I cant wait to see your designs cronocrash. We appreciate the effort.
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