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  1. dont look at my signature, that rig is working.... What I am trying to build is: P5k Premium Intel Q6600 Patriot Extreme 2x1g pc8500 Corsair 620hw WD 320gb I am trying to find a new rig to test them in... Thanks
  2. Oops, Pass 3 did not go thought... Could it be a problem with the CPU or Board... Having 2 bad sticks is quite odd no?
  3. Thanks, Seem that you are right, at least for one stick.... My ASUS Board was not putting the right voltage at AUTO.. I manually put 2.30v like specified on the patriot memory. Memtest is still running. Will let you know....
  4. Hi, I am trying to built a new rig with an ASUS P5K premium motherboard. When I run memtest on 2x1g memory I get errors. I tried them both individually and they both give errors. If I run memtest twice on the same stick, should I get the exact same errors? Thanks Fred
  5. I am connected through HDMI. I have played with the nvidia utility and it does the trick. But I was told that I had to use Powerstrip in order to get perfect mapping 1080p. Can you send me your powerstrip settings, or screenshots? Also, I have trouble playing games on my tv because of the overscan... in nhl07 for example, I can't see the score on top... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Fred
  6. Thasp, I have the exact same TV as yours... Nice TV... But I am curious to know which resolution you are using. I am having a hard time configuring it perfectly. Can you please help me? Thanks Fred
  7. Wooohoooooo!!! It is working.... I used the ide/sataraid directory and followed the instructions... And It works!! Thanks all
  8. Look at this link guys.... trying it... will let you know... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...&st=0&p=356029&
  9. I am trying to find which driver AceGobber was talking about... At least, I need the SATA driver for XP to detect my sata hd during installation.... Which one would that be? (I have no floppy)
  10. IDE / PATADriver? Which one is that: AudioDrv (doubt it) Ethernet (doubt it) legacy sataraid sata_ide SMBus thanks a lot
  11. Ok, I have found that the problem is when i incorporate Nvidia 6.70... All the directories... I really dont know what is going wrong... Let you know...
  12. Hello all, I am trying to optimize my windows xp installation by using nlite. So far, i am having constant reboot problem when xp reboots for the last time (not on the first time after files have been copied). I get this situation when nvidia 6.70 drivers are slipstreamed together with RyanVM hotfixes 2.04. It looks like my system is crashing after loading mup.sys. Oh, also, I am integrating the uxtheme patch at the same time. If i use a slipstream with only sp2 everything is fine. Anyhelp is welcome!! Thanks Fred
  13. Thank you all for helping. smids is right. Windows sees it properly. Thanks again
  14. thanks, my hard drive are wd se16 250 sata2 16mb.... they are detecetd in the sata slot but shows as lba, ata-133, 250gb... wierd...
  15. And to answer your question, yes, sata is enabled
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