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  1. Does 30-32C idle sound about right for an X2 4400+ with a stock heat sink? I think it must be close...the stock heat sink seems to be of a very good quality. Load temps are about 42-45C.(no artic silver yet, stock thermal pad)
  2. That is the bios i am using, couldn't hurt to try.
  3. My g15 works fine with my expert. As a matter of fact, i think i could type and stuff before the drivers where even installed. After the drivers, everything worked...lcd, etc.
  4. Yeah, i am real happy with my purchase choice. to anyone reading that is thinking of purchasing this board for there next build, spend a few days here reading before buying anything, and follow the guides on here when setting up and installing your OS. Lots of great info and people willing to help here.
  5. I just finished my build, and my computer runs perfect almost right out the box. I read for about a week, followed most of the suggestions already here. About the only thing i didn't do was to slipstream service pack 2 into windows, and it didn't seem to be a problem. I updated to the 12-7 bios because i see most people are using it. Am i one of the few poeple who had no problems? The only thing i think i did wrong was to install nvidia firewall and another thing on the disk that i shouldn't have. It caused some stuff to crash, but i just formatted and reinstalled, and no problems at all. I have run prime 95 for almost 18 hours, and gamed for a few hours at a time, not a hickup. I usually wait a few weeks to overclock, but i am eager to see what my combo can do on this board. I am using stock amd cooling, temps are about 30c idle, and about 44 load. Anyone have any settings i could use as a cheat sheet to try and get started?
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