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  1. Are you using an original Win XP CD? Or using one made with nLite or another program like that?
  2. Do you need to load your SATA drivers for you HDD? Maybe if they are slightly wrong it is blue screening due to that. HDD is definatly working fine? Do you have any PCI cards or anything in the machine?
  3. Have you run a memory test? We get this at work. Machine will start to install windows and reboot randomly during the setup. Might be worth a go!
  4. Right, Had a random lock up during the day while i've been at work. Going to take out the sound card and see if it helps. Edit: Just had a look at the logs and it seems there's a few issues with the network that are causing errors on the logs. Not being able to renew IP address and disconnecting seem to be the problems. Got 3 network cards on this machine, anyway of idenitfying which one it means?
  5. Right going to have a go at removing the sound card and testing once I clear some room! Looking at the patch now lets see if this helps me out! Edit: Patches are installed doing various bits to see if it crashes.
  6. Well my memory is running at standard speeds etc. I can see the point in upping the voltages slightly but surely it should run fine on standard settings. I have seen a few dual core patches but I haven't used it before. Any links to them? Edit: Thanks shifty22123 be good to see if AMD have any explainations!
  7. Nope everything is at stock other than VGA card which is overclocked slightly by BFG. This machine has always run at stock speeds to
  8. Hmm not tried that yet. Though can't remember if this machine locked up before I installed that. Worth a try I guess!
  9. Just done that on Friday! Running quicker now but still locks up
  10. Just run Memtest for 2 hours. No errors have come up so far. This memory has been tested before as I have had this problem for a while. Any other ideas?:confused:
  11. The machine just locks up. No BSOD or reboot nothing. Just windows freezing up. Mouse doesnt respond and the keyboard lights won't go on or off (Num lock etc). All the power connectors are plugged in and the PSU is fairly new so hopefully not that! Will run the Memtest now and pop back in a few hours!
  12. Hello, Well as the title says my SLI-D is randomly freezing. Well I think its the board anyway. At first it seemed to be locking up after doing nothing for a while and as soon as I tried to open a few programs at once it would slow right down then freeze. I have tried a new HDD as my Windows drive was a bit crappy. The machine has been running for 2 days on the new HDD and froze last night. I am hoping that its not the board so I don't have to RMA anything! Any idea's I can try? Or does this sound like a MBD change? I am guessing from what I see at work that it maybe a MBD issue. Going to run Memtest on my memory asap. Cheers
  13. My machine is running on stock speeds. It has never been overclocked. I will have a go at rebuilding it with minimal components
  14. Right, My new PSU arrived yesterday and I have fitted it. All was running fine during the day. Before I went to bed I decided to copy my data off my external drive back onto my newly created RAID 1. When I got up this morning I discovered that Windows had crashed. I rebooted to find that the RAID was 'Degraded' again. I rebooted again and the message was gone. It booted to Windows fairly slowly and everything was crashing. I went to My Computer and the RAID array was missing. I have no disabled the RAID and the machine is running slightly better than before. As I have tested both the drives with Western Digitals own diagnostics ,they have passed, I am not leaning towards the idea of the MBD being faulty. Any ideas on the matter?
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