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  1. my heatware is venomous35 and ebay is quincy 833. i have a ton of ref. Athlon 64 FX-57 Ordering P/N ADAFX57DAA5BN Frequency 2.8 GHz Packaging 939-pin organic micro-PGA L2 Cache 1MB Memory Controller 128-bit, Dual Channel Supported Memory DDR400 SDRAM Hypertransport Frequency 1 GHz Core Stepping E4 Process Technology 90 nm, SOI Transistor count 114 million Die Size 115 mm2 Thermal Power 104W Max Temp 63oC Voltage 1.35V - 1.4V AMD64 Support Yes NX-bit Support Yes Cool’n’Quiet Support Yes
  2. yea but i want a 46oo+ and they are quite higher than that.
  3. new update. i got exteral bios cashe working with both sticks and it boot into xp and my benches and fps look normal so far. but the problem now is i cant run the memory in 1t timing. it has to be 2t or i bsod at boot up. but i can oc the the ram to 225 on a 1/1 divider stable. what will i be missing out on at the 2t timining? i read about 20% performance loss.
  4. with the newest nvidia graphic drivers and 1 stick of ram everything runs great. but it will just bsod or not boot to xp with 2 sticks. ive tried switching them around to the yellow slots and the same results. ive tested each 1 seperate and they both boot just fine. it has to be a bios setting somewhere. this is the same setup that ran perfect before i tried vista and flashed my bios to a stock 1. but now im back to tony's bios. well bigtoes now.
  5. i have a fx-57 that i want to trade for a dual core x2 or a opty.
  6. i have xp now, and have the same problem. but i figured it out last night why my fps and 3d scores are so bad. its cause of the external bios cashe setting was off. but when i enable it with the last 2-3 nvidia gpu drivers i get a bsod. but if i use a real old driver it works in 3dmarks and my score is close to what it used to be. ive read that that setting in bios slows windows down alot. but i don't know how to get the latest drivers and not bsod. it might be my memory timing or cpu volt settings. ill try to put everything on derfault and try it. thanks for replying.
  7. anyone? i install the newest tony's modded bios and same results. this is driving me crazy. i didnt change any hardware at all. and ive lost 3k with 3dmark 06.
  8. last week i went to install vista 32 and and kept getting bsod on the install. i tried everything first like taking out all my hardware but for the min. to to boot. and still the same problem. so i was reading about modded bios being the problem. so i flashed my bios to the stock 4/6/06 bios and tried that. will i had alot of problem getting it to post then, but i found out it was a memory timing issue and once i set the timing back to what its supposed to be i was able to install vista. well vista ran ok but for gaming. i plat WoW alot and i could only get 10 fps and i was getting 75-100 before in xp. i tried everything i could think of for 2 days and no change so i reinstalled xp. now i a fresh install of xp and the game and im still getting 10fps. i have tried 3 different drivers for video and made for sure everything is as it was before i strated all this bs. im at a loss. the only thing i could think it could be is a bios setting thats not right or i need to flash back to tony's bios. its not only wow that gets crappy fps, so does 3d mark 06 and evry other benchmark i have tried. remember every driver is up to date. the only thing thats different now is the bios. and setting in bios. i have went through the bios and tried different settings.
  9. i have not switched over to the new case and psu yet. im syill modding on it. im using the antec neo480
  10. yea ive read that several times. the problem i have is getting everything set back to the defaults from my oc i had with the other cpu.
  11. i think these fx-?? chips run a little hotter. im idling at 39-40c.and ive got a decent air heatsink.i think my issues are with the voltages. there were set for the 3700+ i had oc.i need to find out what the stock settings are for it and go from there. the ldt.vid,.....
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