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  1. im after a tuner card and need some advice on which one to go for. features anolog&digital , timeshifting, remote cntrl. etc. One feature im actually after is the ability to watch one program and record another at the same time, or record 2 programs at the same time ect. thanks..
  2. ayeayre

    Java SATARaid

    if i uninstall it will anything happen? im sure im not using SI3114 anyway...think i installed it by accident
  3. ayeayre

    Java SATARaid

    is it supposed to pop up everytime windows starts? i faught i set up my raid on nf4
  4. ayeayre

    Java SATARaid

    I have this program called Java SATARaid, dont know what it does, cant remember how it even got here but its been cumming up on startup recently, theres a dos screen that runs attached is the screenshot. the program itself also runs in the taskbar (the clock part bottom right hand corner) forgot wat its called. anyway im not sure what it is, what it does, and why and what its trying to tell me. so some help please.. thanks..
  5. my current bios is 12/07/05 seems a bit outdated, should i flash to a newer version? if so which one? Also any links on 'spoonfeeding' bios settings? lol, eg. what should and shouldnt be enabled/disabled. Think i have some options a tad wrong.. also some nice ocing guides..intended for noobs tho.. i am a dfi/oc noobie so yea. hav to start sumwhere.. thanks..
  6. i use nod32....sorry to go a little off topic...but anyone have or heard of issues with nod32+msn messenger? when i have nod32 installed and running my messenger crashes...latest versions of both. ta
  7. same thing happend to me when i tryed to run hmonitor...any fix for that?
  8. hrmm yes my comp also restarted after trying to run hardware monitor from my start menu...wierd..
  9. any ideas or conclusions to what or where the problem is? ie. bios , sensor?
  10. my board is also reporting incorrect temps..the cpu temp is the lowest of the three..by miles..before reading this thread i was excited..lol..thought i did a really good job..lol.. anyone know of a fix?
  11. tell me about it..im really confused...the windows cd is rec. media...itis on the nvidea controller.. could it be a problem with just say my router/modem? just to note i have a dynalink 1335 adsl router modem, 1.5mb adsl. but then again i did download the same files from the other comp from the same modem same connection at the same time..so it really cant be..
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