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  1. Would a CMOS clear default the board to the origanal BIOS it came with? Because i did use the CD and flashed the bios and put another bios on it. I did a 10 min CMOS clear, did not do anything. Sorry i never messed with bios much before in past. I do not even know what a CMOS clear really is heh. I am pretty new at all this stuff. I just followed the directions on the walk throughs on this site. I will set my system up for a long CMOS clear and see if it des anything. And if I order a BIOS chip from Tmod, is it easy to install?
  2. Ya just tried to clear cmos again.... nothing is happening. I think I need a new MB now lol.
  3. Yes, i loaded optimized default, used CD, then cleared CMOS and won't post. I have a feeling i loaded the wrong bios for my board. anything i can do?
  4. Wow, i used the Tmods CD to flash my bios. and now my PC won't post. is there anything i can do or is my MB toast?
  5. Oh ya, I DEFENTLY don't see that. So I downloaded the amd X2 drivers and the Optimizer, what should i do now?
  6. I dunno, I might be retarded but I don't see anything in there about 2 cores. I installed the amd X2 drivers and the duel core optimizer. Anything else I need to do?
  7. Awesome! The USB support for keyboard and mouse switched from disabled to Enabled fixed the problem, thanks a ton. Now to figure out if my duel core is working correctly, any thoughts?
  8. Thanks I will try that right now. Also, when I hit alt ctrl del I see nothing about 2 cores. should I? How can I see if I am running 2 cores?
  9. Ok, I cleared CMOS, switched out the 3200+ for the opty 185. My system does not make it to desktop unless I unplug my USB keyboard. For some reason, when I unplug my USB keyboard, I make it to the desktop. Then I plug in keyboard and everything runs great. Did 3dmark06 and it did not crash, played Dark Massiah and EQ2 for a few hours and everything is running very nicely. Why is my USB keyboard preventing my rig from getting to desktop? I brings up a hard disk sweep to check for consistancy problems, then it restarts. If I leave in the keyboard it just does that over and over again.... lol I'm a noob.
  10. Ok I am going to try this before I try to flash bios. Maybe this will solve my problem.
  11. Also, are the drivers for the duel core opterons the same as the X2 processors, I found the optimizer on AMD website but only drivers I see are for the "X2" processors. Are they one in the same?
  12. Ok i been reading the Bios section and I am confused, there is a program you put on a CD, but can someone give me a step by step explanation on what to do? I have never flashed bios or installed bios or anything like this and want to make sure I do it right. What do I do first? How do I flash the bios, how do I install the stuff off the CD once I have flashed it. Stuff like that. I know that might be alot to ask about but if anyone has a link to a good step by step guide or if you don't mind typing out what to do here that would be great. Thanks for all the help guys.
  13. HAHA no not really, never messed with bios before. Never needed to. I could find out though if it matters. I was just wondering if there was some sort of bios options you had to set after installing a duel core to allow it to run properly.
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