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  1. it is an air filter (dust filter..)...hd´s are not vaccum sealed devices...
  2. i run my 3200+ venice at 1.65v and it is very stable.... do cpu´s wear out just because you run them 0.3v higher than they should? i dont think so..but i would like some opinions
  3. see my sig... solid as a rock and cpu temp never goes higher than 48C ..even on hot summer days with OCCT running...i set the 100% fan at 45C in bios to make sure it will never reach 50+, it iddles at ~30C i guess i can probably lower the ram volt. but it works so....
  4. i am working on my OC, so far it is pretty stable as it can take 32m pi, occt test and all 3dmark´s ...but i wonder if this apps have to run alone to better skeeze the system. i ran ooct "test", and rthdribl both at the same time (my favorite formula for stability testing), and it works fine but i wonder if running more than one stress test defeats the purpose since the puter has to multitask...any opinions?? i will try 3 primes, rthdribl and occt "torture" all at once and see if i can do 24h my temps are good too. cpu 28c iddle, 42c after 1h gaming.. thanks m.
  5. just the air-box...(the box that plugs inside at the back for the extra fan...) seller should ship international -look my location - i will pay only with paypal thank you
  6. in my HD´s manufaturer page they state less vibration in vertical mount...so i mounted vertical...but all servers i have seen have horizontal mounted HDs....any opinions about wich is better/safer?....
  7. i have the VF700cu in my 6800gt (leadtek...the one whith the big -and pointless- heatsink) and my temps drop from 54c iddle to 47c and 75c load to 67c !!(on 5v, i havent tried 12v yet ) there is a plus with this cooler since it blows air towards the chipset cooler, it helps a couple of degress there too...
  8. Enermax Liberty 500w silent, cool, convenient...i just dont like the mixed connectors in the same wire (sata power + molex)....cant wait until someone releases custom made cables for this PS.....
  9. well, it seems i can relax and keep using w2k until i get vista Interesting..thanks....but could you explain the 256mb ram "issue" a litte more, also what kind of mods do you do for your adv. server systems??
  10. I have been using w2k in my old computer for many years without a sole problem, but I have just upgraded to my sig system and when i tell people I use w2k everyone says w2k is really outdated for such a modern system... All the computer aficionados I know say I will get better performance/reliability/benchmarks with XP, but all I care is about stability/performance/noise/temps...and w2k is solid and simplistic I have installed few games, drivers and the system is rock solid at stock or overclocked speeds.... so I see no reason for moving "up" o XP :confused: ... Are there any good reasons other that the GUI for moving to XP from a bulletproof w2k system?
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