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  1. For sale as a package, or trade for a X1900XTX Ram http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...CZ%20Technology mobo http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...manufacture=DFI proc http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...manufacture=AMD PSU http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...ure=THERMALTAKE video card http://shopper.cnet.com/ATI_Radeon_X800_Pr...9-30871768.html $500 shipped, or trade.... thx!
  2. If it is in Canada I only accept EMT, anything outside of Canada would be wire transfer or money order.... sorry, no pay pay msg me for my 109 positive heat! FX-62 and an M2N32-SLI Deluxe, 800 Shipped. I can do it via ebay if you want more security....
  3. Kakarot

    FS: Conroe X6800 EXTREME

    Had this installed for 3 days, games are blazing... video encoding is amazing. These chips RULE! 3.5 gig stable and I am new to intel $1000 bucks canadian, or X1900xtx and cash only. Thx I will only do EMT or wire transfer, money order etc.... NO PP - sorry. Msg me for my 109 positive heat.
  4. So, before I start... is there any major differences in overclocking the 170 vs my fx60? Any does or do nots max vcore? etc Not the greatest stepping but I was told 2600 easy, so I will see what I can do ccbwe 05465pmw thx all
  5. Kakarot

    7900GTX overclocking

    Yea, but in the post it says, single card still testing I think it maxed out... my final numbers with a SINGLE card is.... I dont get any errors/glitches etc... just lower scores. So until I get back, this is my best so far *already posted. 24,633 12,088 6657 Going to Edmonton today then off to San Diego!
  6. Apperently RIVA tuner does not support this card yet.... So, how in the hell can I overclock it and push it far.... (on the 7800gtx I could disable the test feature). But now I cannot! Thx
  7. Kakarot

    7900GTX overclocking

    do you see a reference to 2 7900s anywhere? Or the reference to a single 7900? lol
  8. Kakarot

    7900GTX overclocking

    Current scores: aqua mark 114,439 03 24,633 05 12,008 06 6657 single 7900gtx and opteron
  9. Kakarot

    7900GTX overclocking

    cause I havent updated my sig, naturually :dog:
  10. Kakarot

    7900GTX overclocking

    Just seems, now matter how far I push the clocks... it doesnt effect the scores much.
  11. Kakarot

    7900GTX overclocking

    will do, thx
  12. Kakarot

    Dual Prime won't hit 100%??

    hmmm i use 800 megs each core...
  13. Kakarot

    Cant get into Windows.....HELP

    take sound card out and try again? Run windows repair of the cdrom, wont affect anything BUT the windows dir... works like a charm. You would still have all your emails, programs etc.
  14. For idle or even full load it is high.... because it isnt a "true" temp (can be 7-15 degrees off). So, first thing I would do is clean of the proc and fan (alcohol) and then add just a dab of as5 (too much does does make for higher temps) then do some cable management then have your case fans equal (as many blowing in as out)
  15. Prefer a canadian deal, because I will NOT do paypal. Will consider trades of high end ram/hard drive and cash Heatware is 93-0 proc $860 CCB2E 0548SPMW BBA pci-e $225 Headphones $55 (SOLD) thx
  16. Kakarot

    170 opty arrived tonight!

    agreed trying to get 2750 right now with 1.55v If not, I will clock down until its happy. Once again, once I run my benchmarks and hit my bests.... I will go to something decent thx
  17. Kakarot

    fx 60 @ 3 gig, x800 pro, dsp-500 headphones

    Then you guys should buy it email me for pics, bump for drops and added steppings! Have a 170 running close to the same speeds.
  18. Kakarot

    170 opty arrived tonight!

    From a friend, I think all optys are good. Just some better then others. As far as the voltage goes, I fully agree.... I just want to see what she will do stable, then I will go to a happy medium for 24/7 always have the fx60 as a back up Maybe another opty also. Once I get my 7900gtxs, and break my personal best scores... I think I will take it easy thx all
  19. Kakarot

    170 opty arrived tonight!

    Yea, but even then 45c at full dual load isnt that bad? Thx, I may have to settle for 2750 then.... or try in between
  20. Kakarot

    170 opty arrived tonight!

    2750 is stable as seen above... but I dont think I can go any higher... without more voltage? Max recommended? I think the guide says 165! Dare I try!? Also, I took that pic the second I stopped the tests... temps were at that!
  21. Kakarot

    170 opty arrived tonight!

    whoa, 1.6? I am on air? Running 10 x 260 right now, testing before moving up.... temps are crazy nice though 19c at idle @ 2600, lol
  22. Kakarot

    170 opty arrived tonight!

    lol, yea I know that much... I just havent researched it like I did the fx60.... oh well, find out nowish I guess bbl
  23. Kakarot

    OCing options on a SLI-DR/Expert

    I cant give distances because I am lazy, but I have 2 monster 7800gtx 512s in my rig... and theres lots of space inbetween. Nice layout, great board.