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  1. Well I have increased my volt mod to 1.55v and I have added the pencil mod to increase the memory. I'm currently artifact free at 670 core and 1840 on the memory. WOW. I love these cards. The pencil mod was quite tricky. Definitley need a digital meter.
  2. My card would artifact/lock up at about 550/840 on 1.2v but now with the 1.5 volt mod I can hit 651/830 artifact free, completely stable. I haven't done the mem mod as my CPU heatsink gets in the way and I haven't got round to it. I may try it eventually but don't get your money back do the volt mod. Sounds like my card is the same as yours. Do the mod. It's well worth it.
  3. Mate they cost £20 here so I feel for ya but the results are definitely worth it!
  4. Have completed the conductive pen volt mod to take my core clock speed from 520 to 660! My 3d mark 06 score was 5493 and after the mod it is 6007! I fitted a Zalman v900 to replace my xfx 7900gt supplied heatsink which to be honest was quite poor. Just thought I would share this info to anyone who was thinking about it. It is really easy and can be done with just a conductive pen and connecting two point on your GPU board. Easy peasy. The link is here: http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.as...MVIEWTMP=Linear It is brilliantly written. I would recommend it to anyone. I have yet to do the memory mod as I have read there can be issues and to be honest I don't think it would make much of a diference. Was wondering if anyone else had done this too?
  5. Where do I get this conductive pen from? bearing in mind I live in england?
  6. from what I can see it is not going over 50c and the throttling only kicks in at 150c so I am assuming it is not that.
  7. 3dmark06 is a benchtesting app not a game so no need to disable core as it supports dual core cpus. No overheating is not an issue either.
  8. Ok so I have found my max stable settings on both the memory and core on my gpu however, I am new to the whole benchmarking thing. So I decide to use 06 and run the first test. I then run the same test again with exactly the same settings and I get a totally different score. For example the highest score I got was 5405 @ 546/1760 I run the same test again with the same settings and it comes out with 5271??!! Can someone explain what I am doing wrong? I know it's not mean't to be the same everytime but a 200 point difference? Maybe I should try 3dmark05 instead?
  9. OK good work eliatamby. This is a good idea although It does mean I will have to run prime for 8+ hours again to take a screenie but hey it's always good to see if the old girl is still stable. Have read stories of being stable for a few months and then falls over. So yes keep up the good thread and I am pleased a thread I started is still going strong. So I will be adding my settings to my sig as soon as I get home and look at what they are at - I forgot you see! So everyone will hopefully follow suit.
  10. All gone quiet? I get 2.6ghz on 1.52v and is about 42c on full load. I'm thinking about maybe selling and getting a 170. What does everyone think?
  11. Good work, looks like a strong stepping.
  12. I got the seasonic 600w and it's running smooth and quiet.
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