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  1. try changing your flat cable...this happened to me last month ...
  2. I have tried the hd jumpers but it wasn't that ,thanks pgaur82. Lensman , I have already tried to install with one mem stick but when the computer restarts ,the same problem happens
  3. pgaur82 I will see the jumpers thanks by the advice and AceGoober I don't have a floppy here so the pioneer is 1st boot device and the 2nd is the hard drive. I did the complete Memtest86 and the tests 5 and 8 five times .There was no errors ,and the mem sticks only worked in the orange slots in 1T.When I tried in the yellow slots the computer didn't boot. Thanks
  4. Thanks by the answers ,the windows xp CD is in good condition .I will run the memory tests tonight .
  5. Hi I have just built this config in my sig ,the system boots and the installation starts.I format in NTFS and the files of the Windows XP are copied to the hd ,and then the program requires to restart the computer to continue the installation.But when the system restarts it shows a message like this "Disc error press ctrl+alt+del to restart your computer" .I have deleted, formatted and tried to install the win xp about 4 times but I recieved the same error .I tested my seagate barracuda in another computer and it worked .I tried the memory in the yellow slots and the computer didn't boot so I let the sticks in the orange slots and this problem happens. I appreciate any kind of help for the solution ,thanks.
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