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  1. Its not putting the bits into the motherboard i will have problems with, Its more setting up the actual bios to make sure everything runs sweet. I would not want to get things wrong and go through the complications of trying to get it right hour after hour after hour. Anyone be able to give me the things i need to enable/disable etc etc etc??
  2. 1GB Kingston PC3200 DDR400 Powercolour Radeon X1800XT 512MB Hiper type r 580 watt PSU But when i install these, i will have no clue as to what to set the BIOS to, I will only want to set it to standard for the time being. Someone help Craig
  3. Ok people, so heres the final bundle(to be collected on saturday) DFI Lanparty Ulta-d (939) AMD Athlon 3800+(single core) 250gb IDE HD
  4. Take a look here.... www.overclockers.co.uk I buy most of my stuff from here, good service too
  5. overweight could be ok though, will put more pressure on the thermal grease
  6. http://www.thermaltake.com/product/cooler/...57/cl-p0257.asp i was also looking at this one too
  7. Hi all, just wondered your views on the following cooler?? http://www.thermaltake.com/product/cooler/...86/cl-p0086.asp Regards Craig
  8. No i dont use mic and headphone, i wasnt aware that if you connect the front audio the back does not work... If this is the case i think it would be best for me to just connect the USB connectors. Upon first startup im kinda nervous regarding the bios set-up, dont wanna mess it all up. I know you can clear the cmos, but first time sounds more appealing.
  9. There is also a molex connector coming from the front section of the tower case as well, what is this for??
  10. You are rite, page 11 is correct. But even looking at these, i still cannot make out which one needs plugging into which connection. I dont know if you can find page 11, but they appear to have different names for the connections.
  11. I do have the manuls for the motherboard but as yet im still having no joy as to where they plug into. If i can take a photo from the manual and post it on here, would this help out more?? Cheers guys
  12. Hi folks, im currently working on my first build(nothing installed as yet. The problem im having is that the ATX case im using has 4 main cables coming from the front of the case...... Each cable has a number of 1 pin connectors on it, these are as follows: 1st cable- MIC IN- MIC POWER- and Ground 2nd Cable- L-OUT- R- OUT- GROUND- R-RET- L-RET 3rd Cable- VCC1- VCC2- DATA +1- DATA +2- DATA -1- DATA - 2- 1 GROUND - 2 GROUND problem is, i have no idea where in the motherboard these have to be connected. Ive looked through the 2 manuals i have but still im none the wiser! Any type of help on this would be appreciated. The motherboard im using is DFI LANPARTY NF4 Ultra-D Cheers Craig
  13. Hi guys, im currently on a friends Computer. He seems to have set the keyboard layout to US upon installation of Win XP Pro, just wondered if there is anyway this can be changed in the OS or bios or something to set it back to the UK? Cheers Elli
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