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  1. Fum, tried clearing the CMOS your way - no avail. Same deal.
  2. Tried one stick only in orange slot farthest from cpu as well. Same deal. Yes, all 4 power connections are correctly set.
  3. Antec True 550 Seasonic S12 380 Antec TruePower 2.0 450 These are all in running machines now; one of them is an SLI-DR as well. I tried the instructions above about wiping out the CMOS - I unplugged power connections from the board, from the power supply, took the battery out and reset the cmos for 24 hours. When I hit power all I get is the four led's blink for a second, then nothing. If I try to hit the power button again, I don't even get the four leds. When power is removed from the system, I can repeat this process. No post; just a good video card, power supply, one stick of ram in first (from the processor) orange slot, and all 4 power connections made. Any other ideas? How do I go about getting warranty help from DFI?
  4. Actually, it is outside of the case on an insulated foam pad. Two of the three power supplies were known good in another machine, and this is not a new install, just moving stuff around. I'll try the explicit steps to clear the cmos. I cannot RMA it to newEgg (where I purchased it), because they only warantees by the manufacturer on this board. It is warranteed by DFI for 1 year, of which I have a little over a month left on.
  5. Verified with two other brand new power supplies, 500W. Everything at stock. As I said, Power supply, CPU, memory, video card are all known to be good. I get the four debug led's on the board coming up for a split second, fans on gpu and power supply both turn for a split second, then nothing until I remove power.
  6. Here are the symptoms: Just the board out of the case with one stick of known good memory, CPU, and video card fails to post. I get the four debug lights all coming on for a split second (and the video card fan starts to spin), and then nothing. The little LED power indicators stay on, and any further attempts to turn it on have absolutely no effect. If I pull the power for a few seconds, I can get it to flash on again for a second, but then nothing again. I know the power supply, memory, video card and processor are all good. CMOS has been cleared, and everything is firmly mounted and connected. Any ideas?
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