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  1. I own a x1950pro video card , and like everyone else i had issues overclocking it with 7.1 drivers . ( even the 6.9 cats but it did however allowed me to use overdrive ) now i used omega drivers and now i can overclock the card using RivaTuner 2.0 . now my question does Omega drivers Support crossfire ?
  2. ok i got a question i am running a 975x mb and i currently have 1 x1950pro and 1 x1600pro overclock . i do know this board supports crossfire as i ran 2 x1600pros on it . i read that you can use 1 powerful video card as your main video and 1 lesser card to run the physics ( 1+1 ) how is this done ? do i set the secondary pci-e to x1 and use the lesser card in it while using the powerful card in primary pci-e ?
  3. I am currently thinking on upgrading my Computer again ... my question is Can this board go into Sli ( 2 nvidia sli cards ) if so how would i beable to get the sli bridge connector ? or is this chipset strictly for ati crossfire video cards ( amd video cards now )
  4. have you tried clearing the cmos ? removing the battery , and tring the cpu inanother board , or a different cpu in that board .. troubleshooting is a classy lady ....also when you clear the cmos make sure you unplug the psu from the main house power cable ...
  5. 3dmark03 is sensitive to gpu overclocking as well . i had a similar issue and i found out it was my video card was to wound out even tho it passed 05/06 it wouldnt pass 03 or 01
  6. hows the temps ? have you tried upping the volts any higher ? but thats a good overclock
  7. i say go for it . both ati and nvidia cards alike .... but make all of them Moddable as well as they do their Mainboards ...
  8. i liked the unified drivers 8.22 , it is best to go into safe mode while using drivercleaner ...
  9. firstly , disconnect the e: drive . then allow c: to boot compltly up , then rehook up the e: drive enter bios and set the hard drive boot priority to c: ( if you are using 2 physical drives ) if you are using 1 drive thats partioned into 2 drives simply put the windows xp disc in let it boot up using the cdrom , then press enter , f8 , esc and then highlight the e: drive and delete the partition ( DON NOT DELETE ANY OTHER PARTITION !!!!!! ) then remake the partition ( DONOT FORMAT THE DRIVE ) after you made the partition shut down pc ( hitting the power button or reset button reboot into windows then format that drive thru windows ... as for the fsb not goin below 200 it cant bc all 754/939/940 cpu's are based on 200 ( 400 fsb ) the only thing that can be dropped below 200 is the actual speed of the memory .
  10. i tried 5.11 and the 8.22 unified drivers . i never had any issues before until now . but you are right the onboard doesnt even come close to the audigy 1 , but i still like to turn em off in the bios ...
  11. reason y i ask is bc recently my onboard sound took a turn for the worse . everytime i try to install the audio drivers themselves my comp would lock up and not boot into windows till i booted to safe mode and uninstalled and emoved them from the registry . i then went into the bios ( i am using the most updated one ) turned the audio from auto to disabled i restart but i get nothing till i cleared the bios .. i am currently using a Sound blaster audigy 1
  12. quick question , how do i turn off the onboard sound ? i try doin so in the bios and then comp dont reboot until i clear the bios ...
  13. once windows is installed on the ide drive , use you sata drivers thru the device manager .
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