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  1. Ok I may need your help guys. I tried powering on my PC, but the only things that happens are as follows - Lights flash for a about a second, fans spun for about a second and thats about it, tried pressing that damn On button a few more times with the same result. I even switched surge protector, plug in the PSU directly to the wall, but no go. Seems like I'm not getting enough juice, I unplug everything except mobo and vid card, but getting the same exact result...just lights flashing and fans speening for about 1 sec Ok all 4 diagnostic LEDS comes on (amber red or orange red) when I try to power on the PC. I took out the ram and still no go... unplug everything even the Video Card only thing that is left is the mobo. Still getting the 4 diag led, but its just a quick flash. I also did a full BIOS reset and still no go. I also notice that if I put my ear near the PSU i can hear some sort of ringing buzzing or hissing noice. It is not loud or anything, but fairly noticeable.
  2. Sup dude, sorry I haven't been keeping up with you guys. Work has been abit of a thorn in my side lately. I was having the same issue as you so I decided to give this a try http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_download...betadriver.html. Let me know if that helps.
  3. 3.0 man thats the magic # I'm chasing. I'm glad to see someone reaching it. :drool: :drool:
  4. Each CPU has a voltage limit, there's a thread in HardOCP I think I linked it in my first post in this thread. They pretty much explained what each letter and #'s means in your CPU ID (ADA3500DAA4BP). That's just an example, ok since it will be alot easier for us to actually look at it here. I copied and paste the ID Codes. Identification to break things down, the first line on your heatspreader or cpu should look something like this: ADA3500DAA4BP AAABBBBCDE1FF AAA = which line of cpu's ADA = Desktop AMA = DTR AMN = Mobile BBBB = PR number C = which socket and lid type A = s754, lidded B = s754, unlidded C = s940, lidded D = s939, lidded D = Voltage rating A = variable (1.3-1.4v) Q = 1.2v K = 1.35v I = 1.4v E = 1.5v C = 1.55v E = Temperature rating. basically, your cpu is rated stable at stock speeds + voltages up to this temperature A = variable (51-71c) X = 95c P = 70c K = 65c I = 63c 1 = L2 cache size 6 = 2048kb 5 = 1024kb 4 = 512kb 3 = 256kb 2 = 128kb FF = Core type AP = C0 Clawhammer, s754 AR = CG Clawhammer, s754 AS = CG Clawhammer, s939 AX = CG Newcastle, s754 AW = CG Newcastle, s939 BI = D0 Winchester, s939 BP = E3 Venice, s939 BN = E4 San Diego, s939 BU = E5 Newark, s754 BX = E6 Sempron, s754 LD = E0 (?) Lancaster, s754 BV = E6, Manchester, s939 CD = E6, Toledo, s939
  5. Oh Yes! Better memory makes a big difference when it comes to OCing. As for your PSU 450 is fine with what you have.
  6. I agree, more often we all upgrade to the next best thing. I am already looking forward to what conroe has to offer. If all the benchmark is as accurate or better, when it is release I can only imagine the performance increase when we over clock that bad boy. Then again we have to see how overclocking friendly conroe can be. For now most games is not dual core or CPU bound, it's all about MHZ. Until games take full advantage of Dual Core, we wont see any dramatic increase in performance switching from single to dual.
  7. Your Vcore is abit high for me, have you set a goal for your CPU? It is good to find the average OC for your chip and set a # for your self. This way you are not OCing blindly, also Thunda and Angry posted alot of help stuff in here. Do some more readings and research and thus will lead to safer and better OC.
  8. Yeah seems like you do need better cooling. 55c that is very hot, also try not to go over 1.50 on your vcore, I read that some X2's doesnt like higher vcore. I found my sweet spot at 1.40 with a special of 102%, dfi still manages to under volt it. I dont advise removing your IHS just because you are still on AIR. You will see little to no difference. Save that if you are in Water as it will benefit you more. My X2 doesnt like lower mutlipliers, I tried using x9 with 312 seeing that it yeild an extra .8 I am not sure if that cause any stability. X10 @ 280 is the most stable I was able to get this cpu - 10hrs of x2 prime large fft.
  9. You are right 4400 and 4800 seems to be weak when it comes to OC. I did read a thread in [H] about most of them only reaching 2.6. Oh yeah, if you go to [H] they did a review comparing dual core and single core system for gaming. I initially thought that dual core should have the advantage, but the review shows no to little difference to single core. Best bet is still higher MHZ, I think Thunda or Angry mentioned it here, higher MHZ is still the best way to go.
  10. My good guess here is your memory timings. I was rock stable @ 2.8, ran x2 prime 95 in place large fft for 10hrs. When I played fear or BF2 after uhmm 30 mins of playing my system would restart. First I suspected it was the CPU, I decided to isolate the CPU and lower all my mem timings. VOILA! no restarting what so ever. Prime95, super pi, memtest and OCCT doesnt reflect real world performance or activities.
  11. I do apologize about that, I think he mentioned that he was on air, but I can be wrong. For the most part this thread is pretty helpful, each and everyone has contributed ideas and thought process when it comes to OCing their X2 3800. I see that you are at 2.7, how far have you taken her? @ 2.8 does she boot up to windows at all? try to find out your limiting factor. Did you OC your CPU and Mem separately?
  12. No go for 2.6? I heard the 4200's are harder to OC.
  13. Milk, dont trust the temp in these xpert mobo. Rule of thumb from what I read add about 10c in your idle and load. Also if I cant reach 3.0 under 1.50 I would just leave it at that. As far as stability as long as you can run Prime95 for about 5 to 7 hours you are good. I read some where here that the safest voltz is under 1.50 anything more than on a daily OC is pushing it. IMO 2.8 is not the limit, but it is for daily OC. I think we all should be proud and satisfied with 2.8, X2 5000 is not even out yet and that is rated at 2.6. Cheers..
  14. Ok firstly if you bother reading sigs you will see that I am running water. Secondly if you take your time to read the whole thread it will give you a good idea what we have done to get to 2.8. As far as AIR if you even bother searching these forums you would see that there is a good amount of people well and able to run 2.8 on AIR. I will assume you do not have the BASIC core of OCing. *pls read the disclaimer I have on the first page of this thread* General Rule for OC'ing - Not all CPU's, Video Card, Memory Chips, and hardware will work or perform the same. Cheers..
  15. Thanks Milk, took a bit of time to get this guy to where I want it. The only thing that is missing is my OCZ 4000, this should eliminate my bottle neck. How's the OC coming along? are you sticking to what you have in your sig? or is that still in a testing state? Keep us updated.
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