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  1. Got em up and running, mostly all timings on auto. put them in system in sig. so now things are @ stock2.4. What would the correst timings be? Have been unable to register w/Mushkin product http://www.mushkin.com/doc/products/memory_detail.asp?id=193 found this out. HP3200 uses Infineon BE-5 chips this is what I have so far Memtest&OCCT passed 200 1:1 DRAM Dr. Strength A CPC E DRAM Data Dr Strength A Tcl 2 Max Async Latency A Trcd 3 DRAM response Time Fast Tras 5 Read Preamble 05.0 Trp 2 Idle Cycle Limit 256 Trc 7 R/W Q Bybass 16 Trfc 14 Bypass Max 7 Trrd 2 32 Byte Gran D Twr 2 Dynamic Counter E Twtr 2 Trwt 3 Tref 3120 Twcl 1 any other tips would be appreciated............
  2. daslickone

    Top 10 Lan Games?

    I always liked C&C and Red Alrert...
  3. Onboard sound disabled? Sure your using XP64 Pro Drivers? http://us.creative.com/support/downloads/d...ype=0&x=33&y=13 I tried XP64 for about 2 weeks,,,,Back to 32
  4. Just got a return RMA board, did the same thing. 4 led is no cpu detection
  5. How many red LED's are on when you power up?
  6. Hmm, Anyone tried to use this on Ult-d? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16827249006
  7. Did you install any new software/drivers? That happened to me once when I installed Easyshare. I just used system restore to a point before i changed anything and they worked.
  8. I learned to print out rebate form right when I order, Espically from New Egg. It may seem like the same rebate has been going on forever but they change the dates on the form all of the time! gotta put the stuff in the mail ASAP to catch the postmark date. Ever since then I have gotten my rebates. Sometimes it takes a long time but they show up
  9. only happens @ random cold boot. . I just have to flip PSU switch, let sit a sec and power up. I ran 3 diff psu and swapped all other hardware. Gotta be the 6800 series.
  10. Yeah.....I looked around, not the best stepping but i'll have plenty of time to try it out........
  11. Gonna order this.....Not too happy with 64 .....cheapest i've found it http://www.oem-softwares.com/product.php?cat=1
  12. 4 LED's means Cannot detect cpu!! I just had Similar problem with Ultra-d, Tested CPU other board = Fine. Just RMA'd board. Bought a new one anyways cuz i didnt want to wait for RMA.. Mine was a BIOS freeze http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=53655
  13. Just wondering if anybody else using this CPU. Just running mine stock for now. Prime TT 12hrs Just to help set AS5. Only running 3 days. Wonder what I'll get outta this.... Idle 25c load 35c. Cooler weather now ( midwest ). Gonna have to break out the window unit in a couple months!! Couple issues w/xp64 but thats another post. Occt and Prime run... When to begin?!?!?!
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