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  1. Note to self: Never touch anything DFI again What good is getting an extra 100-mhz or being able to run 1T timings on high bandwidth ram if simple things such as this go overlooked during development? It's almost comical how bad (or rather how simplistic) these issues are (Onboard sound is instable, can't boot into windows with a USB device attached etc)
  2. I recently purchased a cowon x5 30gb mp3 player (which the pc recognizes as an external HD basically). When connected to the motherboard the PC fails to boot into windows. I was told by Cowon support that there should be some type of disable external USB hardrive option in bios. I can only see an option for USB park mode though and it's currently set to disabled. My boot device order is just Hard Drive and CD-Rom. I disabled removable media and it still fails to boot into windows with the cowon attatched (It just hangs at the DFI lanparty boot screen)
  3. Onboard sound is major suck on these boards IMO. I dont know if it has to do with the karajan module not being 100% compatible with nvidia but.. I had nothing but issues with it. Took me forever to figure out how to get spdif to work (if you do a search not even the forum mods know how...) games crackled, lossless music sounded very compressed and crackly etc. SPDIF isn't compatible with the Realtek drivers so I wonder how much testing went into the actual karajan module and it's implementation. I replaced it with a chaintek AV-710 card (which is a $20 budget soundcard). Which theoretically should be no better than onboard. Games actually run better now, allow more channels in playback, don't crackle, don't BSOD anymore... etc
  4. According to Nvidia No it's not enough. I had an antec 550W PSU with two 7800GTX 512 cards (they draw almost the same as the 7900 GTX cards at the same performance level) and my games were stable (except for Oblivion) but I replaced it anyways because Nvidia said it wasn't stable with these new cards. Aftrer emailing antec support they told me they were unable to say it would be stable so I just went ahead and bought a SLI certified PSU (see sig) I also have plans to add more hard drives, maybe water cool, and add a PPU card so I need all the power I can get.
  5. I received my epsilon 700W today and have not experienced the cold boot issue. The only thing that troubles me slightly is the 5+ readings and memory vdimm readings are lower with this psu than with the antec 550W Truepower 2 I had previously. I guess I judged DFI too quickly
  6. It's a mechanical problem with the mouse. Some say it happens when the sensor gets dirty. It started happening to my first copperhead after 3 months with general/light use (I tried lifting up the button and cleaning it etc and it didn't help) I had to send it for a replacement and to Razor's credit they handled that pretty well. It does seem like a fairly widespread issue with their mice (mouses?) though.
  7. I still really want one of these. I guess I need to salvage my one remaining PC slot for either a PPU or one of these.
  8. According to the DFI sensors my idle temps are 22C 38C load PWMIC 27C Chipset 46C Obiviouly mine is reading low. What are the odds yours is reading too high?
  9. you are complaining about tearing in CS at 640 x 480 using a 7900GT and you want to replace the motherboard? I'm not trying to be a smart butt just trying to figure out the complaint. If you want the tearing to go away without V-sync put the resolution to the max your monitor will allow apply some anti aliasing and some anisotropic filtering. It will still tear from time to time occasionally though.
  10. I'm fed up with these lockups and reboots in oblivion so I just went ahead and purchased a Fortron 700W epsilon PSU. I will let you know how it turns out once I get it. If I also experience these cold boot issues then there is no chance the issue only effects 6% of the people out there as the mods claim. I am keeping my fingers crossed I won't have to RMA this motherboard.
  11. Crash is a black screen where the sound loops like the OP mentioned. Sometimes the looping sound will be slower and the game will come back after 30 seconds like nothing happened. One time is has CTD with an error message. It always seems to happen when entering doors I used O&O defrag so my hard drives never get above 15% defragmented.
  12. Steel Dragon what revision is your motherboard? Wouldn't happen to be AA0 would it? How long ago did you purchase it?
  13. Video cards are not overclocked. I was using the 12/07 bios previously and now the 11/02 bios. I am using the onboard karajan audio. I have looked at the IRQ's and neither video card is sharing an IRQ with anything else. All my programs are completely stable in windows and I have not experience the issue with the limited amount of time I've had with other games (Playing the Condemed Demo, Cally of Duty 2, and Red Orchestra) Then again I have only played them for maybe 1 hour at most. Oblivion can crash anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 1/2 hours into it, always while entering doors as well.
  14. Antec has been good to me for my last couple of builds though I do think they are overpriced for the quality. Voltages don't really seem to fluctuate all that much, actually, they seem pretty solid . With the massive load I am giving this Antec none of the voltages are reading below normal in bios or in windows. No heavy fluctuations either. I am testing out one more thing to try and fix the lockups (using both PCI-E connectors when previously I was using one PCI-E connector and a regular 12v molex with PCI-E adaptor) Oblivion will lock up any where from 15 minutes to 3 hours, always happens when loading an interior zone. Sometimes it will completely lock up and I have to reset, other times it will go black, lock up 30-60 seconds then come back as though nothing happened. If this doesn't work I will just bite the cost of a Fortron 700W.
  15. No luck with 110 on the PCI-E frequency. I have a feeling going any higher would only cause more issues. I'm going to try a Fortron Epsilon 700W psu and if that doesn't work I am not sure what else to do.
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