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  1. whats the problem with IDE SW driver? greets
  2. ill try clearing cmos, but i dont think that that will work, couse bios boots with no problem, the problem is in booting windows. Thanks for your reply
  3. Hi, I uninstalled all drivers exept Display, from the nVidea driver uninstall menu, because i wanted to install the newer ones. But after i reboot, Windows didnt boot. In safe mode, it boots but there i cant use my keyboard (ps2) or any mouse (i ve tried with usb and ps2). With no keybord/mouse i cant loggon into windows so i cant install again the drivers What should i do? Thanks
  4. Hi, A friend just got his TWINX2048-3200C2 rev 1.2 Corsair sticks but we are having some problems in booting... His system specs: San Diego 3700+ no oc yet / Zalman 9500 DFI NF4-Ultra Rev A.00 Bios 310 (i think that this is the one that comes with this rev, we havent flashed yet) ATI x1900xt 2x1 GB TWINX2048-3200C2 rev 1.2 Hitachi 164 GB Sata II What bios should be the best one for this sticks?? This sticks have CH6 chips. This settings i found them in a corsair forum, but there only some bios settings (the rest it says to leave it default :confused: )... And the other thing that we couldn't get, was that the HD need some special installation, i found a bootable cd that comes with the supossed drivers, but should i install it before windows installation or during the installation? Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for the reply... I now that u can use usb, but if i can use IR is not necessary to buy the cable
  6. What is necessary for using the infrared port? Cause i changed cellphone and i need to send some stuff. I try looking in google and search in the forum, but there wasn't any relevant information... Thx
  7. didnt get any error with memtest, also tried this bios settings http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/sho...89&postcount=14 but nothing happens. I can boot with the two sticks in single channel only, in slots 1 and 2 (upper slots) but in Mi Pc- properties it shows that i have only 1 gb
  8. Hi, I cant boot up with the two sticks of this memos on (OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K). First I could boot with 1 stick in the dimm 1, the first yellow one, using any of the sticks. I tried using thisconfigurations with 704-1, 704-3 and 704-2 (actually using) and the only change, was that i could use the dimm 2 (not the one near to the cpu), but now doesnt work the dimm 1. I cant put 2 of them in any slot at the same time. When trying to boot with both, debug lights stays On-On-On-Off. One strange thing that ive just realized, that with cpuz it says that i am using slot 3 of the ram, and im actually using dimm 2. What should i do? Could be the motherboard not ok at all? thx
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